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Congratulations!!!! : : That's a great number! No advice here on how to tell dh, mine just called the message service that gave results at the same time as me. :
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Originally Posted by MrsReady2bMama View Post
Any ideas on how to tell him tonight? I told him he had to wait until tonight to hear the news in person
You could have your dd wearing a "big sister" shirt when he gets home from work. Im already planning to do something similar to announce #2 to our families (yes, I plan WAY ahead! ) I saw some cute ones at BRU the other day...

Good luck with the announcement, however you decide to do it! Hope ya'll have a fun night celebrating!

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Originally Posted by MrsReady2bMama View Post
WOO HOO!!!!!!!! They just called and I'm preggers!!!! Beta was 106. I'll be heading back in on Friday to check for doubling.

I'm so excited! I just kind of *knew* it, ya know?! Hurray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My EDD is March 17, which also happens to be DH's bday. Any ideas on how to tell him tonight? I told him he had to wait until tonight to hear the news in person

Thank you ladies for all your support!!! I'm off to the March DDC...!

~ Gina

Hey, congratulations!!!:

You got the same EDD that I had for my twins. This must be a lucky time of the year for an embryo transfer.
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: Oh, YAY!!!! So happy for you!! Have fun over at the DDC!!!
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Aw - thank you so much for all of the well wishes! It was wonderful to have your support all along. Isn't it funny how we all follow each other's stories and end up truly getting tied up in the outcome? I love it! :

CRM - thank you. Hopefully your DDC is just around the corner... I'll be following your story!!

CrunchyFrog - St. Patty's due dates have to be lucky!!

Sarah - I totally did the big sister shirt! We actually had one I had made for her to wear back in March before I m/c, so I just put her in that. I just sloppily scratched out the back where it said "november 2009" and wrote "march 2010". DH was thrilled when I had her greet him at the door! It was cute.

Julia'sMom thanks!! I am pretty happy with the 106. Very anxious for 2nd beta tomorrow though. Always nice to see them doubling...

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Ok, 2nd beta is 194... Not exactly double (first was 106), but very close. The nurse said there is nothing to worry about, it is very close, they like to see it double in 2-3 days and mine was barely 48 hours. We're going to check it again on Monday. It is going to be a looooong weekend!

Make me feel better about my beta please!
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Originally Posted by MrsReady2bMama View Post
they like to see it double in 2-3 days and mine was barely 48 hours
Listen to the nurse, this is a totally okay increase. Breathe, relax, get outside.
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I hope it's okay that I'm crashing but wanted to chime in- I had early betas drawn for my 3 kids' pgs and none of them doubled in 48hrs. Close, but not double. And those little beans are now 9, 6 and 4

So happy for you!! :
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Thanks women. You totally made me feel better!

I'm also feeling a combination of nauseous and crampy so I think those are all good signs. Could be just that I'm nervous but I really do think we're fine!!

Keep fingers crossed for me on Monday
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: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hi, I am just crashing in...I am an FET vet.


My clinic says your beta should increase by 66% in 2 days. By those standards you are doing great!!! : Good luck!
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Sri Rahda!!!!!! Your ticker!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG, I"m so happy for you! :::
(Sorry, MrsReady2BMama, she's been away from the boards for a while and we were cycle buddies once upon a time).
Please give us (your sure to be totally fine and on target) update on Monday. Keep chillin'.
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Well I was feeling pretty good about the 66% in two days thanks to your posts - thank you ladies!

Today though I got a 350 - that's in 72 hours, from a 194 on Friday. So, still not double, but also still rising?! The nurse is having me come on Thursday for another draw to see if it will double. She says they can't do an u/s until it is over 1,000 so just more waiting and waiting. Please keep everything crossed for us. We are really hoping for this baby!!!!

Thanks again for all the kind words and hope
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: and more 's
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Just a little update on me - just posted this to my other thread re: doubling betas...

I actually called my clinic this morning and asked if we could move my next test to tomorrow instead of Thursday and they said yes. I just think it will give me more peace of mind and help my attitude if I can see the numbers continuing to rise. Also, we are headed to Maine for a long weekend on Sat and I want to have the chance to do 2 more tests before we leave if it is necessary, so this way we could do Wed and Fri. The nurses said this was absolutely fine - they are so sweet.

So, another day and a half of worrying to get through Thanks again for the support!!
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good luck tomorrow, gina. i'll be thinking of you!

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Originally Posted by crazyrunningmama View Post
: and more 's
And again.
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MrsReady2bMama- Good luck! I hope you have good news.

CRM: HI!!! How are you? Thanks so much. I hope you get your BFP soon! I think the pineapple did it for me this time. I started eating fresh pineapple the day before the transfer and then everyday for the next 5 days. It can't hurt to try. I also just sat around the house for a few days even though my clinic says you don't have to. Maybe none of those things made a difference, maybe it was just luck!
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Gina - Thinking of you today and hoping for peace. If it helps, my betas didn't double in 48 hours and I'm now 17 wks along with twins.

Sri-Rahda - I too want to send my congrats! It's always nice to see someone graduate.

CRM - You're next! Now try and fit in both Chinese food & Pineapple, as well as everything else you're doing. Sometimes I do feel like we girls are a bit crazy.
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Hurray!!!!!!! Got my beta back for today and it is 739!! That is more than doubling in 48 hours, which is the first time that has happened this pregnancy. I guess this little one has taken our talkings-to seriously

My u/s is scheduled for 7/27 - can't wait to see a heartbeat!!!

Julia'sMom - that is really interesting that you are having twins and never doubled! I think that's amazing. You just never know what is going on in there, and every body and every pregnancy is so different.

CRM - back to you. You're the best!

SriRhada Congratulations on your pregnancy!! I think we're in the same DDC with March babies
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