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Anyone with a good mirena experience?

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The titles says it all. But really, I would love to hear both sides of things.

The things I'm worried about are weight gain, loss of sex drive, and the little thing falling out/not being installed correctly. I actually read somewhere that very rarely a women will have to have the thing surgically removed. So anyone have any issues like these?

I'm going tomorrow for my annual exam, and may opt for the mirena. I'm on the fence and I have nooo idea if I will actually go through with it or not.
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Yes yes, very very good! I love to tell about the Mirena. I had zero weight gain, zero loss of sex drive, no problems whatsoever. I originally got it because I had polyps in my uterus twice, and had to have D&C removal of those. My doc suggested the Mirena because many women don't build a thick lining while using it, so not much place for new polyps to grow. Better than other options! Anyway, it worked, no polyps, and no periods the entire time. I know I was lucky to have no side effects, and just want to share that it is very possible. I expected some problems since I normally am so sensitive hormonally, and physically just a wimp. But I could never tell it was there, and getting it out was a breeze. I would use it again in a heartbeat.
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so far I have had no negative symptoms with the Mirena. I think the small amount of hormones locally actually made me feel more "normal" while I was breastfeeding. I love my Mirena...good luck!
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I loved my Mirena! No weight gain, and I think I may have been moreinterested in sex because I wasn't worried about birth control (I was horrible about taking the pill.) I did have very light spotting for the first few months (not bad, just needed a panty liner) but after that I didn't have a period. I definitley plan to get another one when I know I will not want to get pregnant for a few years.
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So far, my experience with Mirena has been great: I don't have any side effects except for the disapearing of my periods (most of the time). I've had light spotting a few days a month, and sometimes for a week a month, but it was never enough to need a pad or anything, so for me that's a big plus.
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It seems more women who had side effects to hormonal birth control, have side effects with the Mirena. I know many women do love it.

Mine was awful and had an infection - I've always been sensitive to all hormonal bc.
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I just had mine out this morning! I had an OK experience with it -- no pain (except going in and coming out, and even that wasn't much), no particular loss of sex drive, no weight gain (well, some, but I don't think the Mirena is to blame).

I did find the spotting annoying, but it wasn't a big deal. Had it removed only because we've decided that it's time to go for #2.
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I haven't used one personally, but I do know 5 women IRL who did have one. None of the 5 kept it in for very long. I'm not real impressed with its record among the women I work with/know for that reason.

Of the 5, one had to get it removed due to an infection. Three had it removed because it wasn't placed properly, and therefore extremely uncomfortable/painful and it couldn't be corrected. Meaning it was placed too low and couldn't be moved higher due to the size and position of their uterus. Those three were all short (meaning less than 5-3) and were told (by different OB's, not all the same OB) that they may just be too short to have it b/c their stature makes their uterus either shorter or bend in a different way than a taller woman. The fifth woman couldn't handle the constant spotting she had with it. She also had issues with it b/c of the hormones.
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I have a mirena and I haven't had any physical problems with it, but I'm questioning it morally. At the time I had it inserted I didn't realize that it may not prevent conception, only implantation. This may not be relevant to you but I thought I'd mention it.
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I have one. It's been great no issues at all.

MysteryMama - I asked my doctor specifically how the IUD worked and she said it prevented conception, not implantation. I think if you do some research you will find it is not medical doctors that are saying that it only prevents implantation.
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The IUD doesn't normally prevent ovulation, so it can't prevent conception. Take a look at the product inserts.

Here's an explanation of how it works from Contracept.org:

Mechanism of Mirena IUS

Mirena is termed an "intrauterine system" by the manufacturers because it has multiple mechanisms of action. The hormone in the IUD may sometimes stop the release of an egg from the ovary, but this is not the way it usually works as ovulation still occurs in most women. The Mirena system may prevent sperm from reaching or fertilizing an egg. However, some sperm may reach the egg anyway, resulting in fertilization. When fertilization does occur, Mirena is also thought to act as birth control by preventing the embryo from implanting in the uterus. It is not known which of these mechanisms is most important for preventing pregnancy and most likely all of them work together. All mechanisms of the IUD are not completely understood.
There's all kinds of good information on this page.

Something I didn't know is that it can make it more difficult to conceive the next pregnancy and is therefore recommended only for women who already have kids.
After removing Minena, 20% of women trying to get pregnant were still unable to have a child a year after having Mirena removed.
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