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OMG! All these births *and* the Feb DDC is up! YIKES! The babies are coming! :
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I know!!! So exciting! The only downside for me is I'm due June 26th, and so for us at the latter part of the month, it starts making me very itchy to be holding my babe! I know I have lots of time though (more than likely!)

As my hypnobabies program says, "I will be lovingly patient".

I hope!
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It is SO exciting to have all the babies arriving! But, I agree, it makes me more and more impatient to meet my little one! France uses 41 weeks as the due date so it is set at June 16th but really the baby could come anytime now and I welcome him or her...

*channeling your lovingly patient vibe*
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It is exciting, but it is making me jealous!
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I can't believe we've gotten this far!

That's interesting that 40 weeks is not a universal standard, too, I just never thought about that.

Come on babies!
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