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ideas for vegetables for self-feeding

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My 9 month old daughter is very interested in solids but completely uninterested in pureed foods being fed to her. She has been eating chicken, scrambled eggs and some fruits, but I am out of ideas for vegetables that she can feed herself besides peas, carrots, and baked sweet potato fries. I'd like to get some leafy greens into her-any preparation ideas? Could I just cut up kale and spinach and stir fry it? What do you do?
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Broccoli is PEFRECT!
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Check www.wholesomebabyfood.com for some spinach recipes. Also, DD loves zuccinibread and cut up cucumber. Maybe that is an idea too. Good luck.
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I cook fresh carrots, celery, green beans, bell pepper, yellow squash, zucinni (sp?), butternut squash, baked potato squares, sweet potato squares, brocolli, cauliflower, and asparagus.
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How do you do your broccoli? Do you do the stems only or the stems & florets? How long do you stem the broccoli?
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I steam it for only a few minutes. And I give her a good stem and floret together - it's the perfect 'handle', like a lollipop. A brocco-pop! She noms the florets right off and usually leaves the stem (most of the nutrition is there, anyway).
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Asparagus! One of DD's favorites. She also likes broccoli - we do the florets and she noms away on them. Makes a wonderful mess. :

We steam the broccoli for like, I guess 6-9 min? Soft but not too mushy.
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My 7 month-old daughter loves artichokes. It is one of the first things she successfully ate by herself. Lots of fun!
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really anything that can be steamed or boiled. I have a 7 month old shoveling in diced carrots as we speak.
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sautéed zucchini spears was a favorite of my daughters yesterday. same for broccoli and carrot "sticks".
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