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Originally Posted by heinz28 View Post
AVeryGoodYear: Maia is adorable, even with the shrieking!
Thank you!

I just wanted to let all of you know that I'm hosting a Blog Carnival on July 1st to honour the Babies of 2009 If you are unfamiliar with the term, a blog carnival is when several bloggers write about the same subject and then a host blog (mine!) links to everybody. It's a great way to get more visitors to your blogs and find other people that you have something in common with.

If you'd like to participate or read more, please swing by my post about it: http://averygoodyear.net/?p=1580. I'd love to get to know all of you whose babies are close in age to my own a bit better!
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Hey girls

AkIsland- you know, personally I use ours as a change of pace, but I don't think there's anything wrong with being uncomfortable with them at all. I hate bumbos, I think they're developmentally inappropriate, and I don't feel bad! If you feel leery about it, then go with that, your baby is not going to miss out at all. I also used my exersaucer (which is a barebones one) early because Ramsey loved it, but as someone else said, if your child is uninterested than what's the point?

Hair! We have all hardwood, no rugs or carpet in our house. We have 1 dog in the 'foyer' and a cat. I LOVE my swiffer VACCUUM. It's a regular dry swiffer with a small vaccuum in it, and it gets all the hair! It's great for wood stove ash too. It has a re-chargable battery which works fine with our solar, and it's so easy and quick.
I have found that crawling is harder on hardwood, more for the slipperyness than for discomfort. I do put down blankets and stuff; I just hate rugs other than small mats or ragrugs.
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Hi there,
I just found this thread. I was never too active in the DDC, but just wanted to say, "Hi." to everyone and thought I'd have a look to see what the other February babies were up to.

DD says, "Hi," in response to people smiling and saying, "Hi" to her. It's so cute. She also gives kisses. She'll dive in with her mouth gaping open, smack you in the face with her open mouth, then pull back grinning and gabbering at you. It's awesome!!

She is getting stronger and can scoot around on her belly a little bit. She loves our animals and sits in her stroller watching what I'm doing and checking out chickens walk by while I milk, or work with the horses. I prefer to have her in the Ergo, but it's been over 100 ever day, so it hasn't been quite comfortable. So, I dug out the stroller and have been using it for barn chores.
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VNE: Wow - she says Hi? So soon!

Anyone else already jealous of prego women? I know it's way too soon but it's been on my mind so much lately. I think I should wait another yr to get prego though.

DD has stranger anxiety these days. I went to get some dental work done and DH was late meeting me there so the ladies offered to hold her while they got started. Didn't work. She wailed like crazy. Always has to see momma.

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I don't think she has any idea what she's saying, just that she's shooting back what she hears. It was an interesting progression. When she started babbling, it was at random times. Then, she would babble in response to you. Then, an "eh" when you said "Hi" to her, and now, in the last two weeks or so, it's a definite "hi". Beats me. If someone else told me about it, I doubt I'd have believed them. But, even other people say, "Did she just say 'Hi?'" with this dumbfounded expression. It's pretty funny.

DD is pretty mama centered. She's fine with anyone, strangers included, as long as there is good stuff to keep her engaged. But, at home, when it's 'dull', even DH has a hard time keeping her happy if I'm not right there. DS was never like this. It's really strange to me, even though I know it's totally common.
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Owyn is also getting the stranger anxiety thing. She is fine if I am not there at all, but if she can hear me or knows I'm nearby but someone else is holding her, she freaks a little. She'll be good for a few minutes and, seemingly, out of nowhere just has a meltdown. Sometimes people try to comfort her on their own, which bothers me a little. I know she just wants her mama back but don't want to, like, shove them out of my way to get my baby.

She is rolling all over the place and pulling her knees up under her trying to scoot. She hasn't made the connection with her arms, though. So, she just spends a lot of time with her legs tucked under and her butt in the air. It's pretty funny to watch!

She is entranced by her hands and becoming very social. She loves to hear the sound of her own voice!
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So wonderful to hear the updates on all the wee babes!
Esmé went to her first Unitarian Church service this morning (we just moved to a city that has one after living in a tiny town that didn't ...) and she was the belle of the ball! She had a wonderful time flirting with all the little old ladies.
She isn't sitting up on her own yet, but has fired the bouncy chair as it's not sitting up enough for her liking.
She's LOVING our dogs and cat, and they are being so good to her, even when she pulls out a hunk of fur with gleeful abandon.
She's also playing strange with folks, with the cutest pout that precedes the all out wail for mama. She's such a cool kid. She rocks!
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Saying hi? Wow!

My guy does the butt in the air thing too. Rolls onto his tummy, gets his knees under him, then plows his head into the ground (and fails to do more than move an inch or two). Very funny looking.

He had a week or so around 2.5 months old where he was shy around strangers, but now he's our little flirt. Gives great smiles to everyone.
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Anthony is such a love bug. He gives hugs and kisses (open mouth, with a little mmmaaa sound at the end). No stranger anxiety yet, hopefully he waits to start that until after my parents visit. They were here when he was born, and can't wait for them to see how much he's changed!

Anthony isn't really trying to move much. He can roll from back to front, but has only done it a couple of times. He's not crazy about being on his tummy unless he's sleeping. He does really like to stand and bounce, either in our laps or in the exersaucer.

This is such a fun stage! (though really, I think that about almost every stage )
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i was originally in the march ddc, but dd decided that she wanted to be a feb baby, so here we are!

she's a dream baby. sleeps well, naps well, and is generally cheerful while she's awake. rarely cries, and is very easy to figure out so she typically calms down within moments to her usual giggly self.

developmentally, she's rolled from belly to back a few times, loves to stand up, and can sit unassisted for a few moments. she's also starting to get really shy and give "kisses". drools everywhere. everything goes to the mouth.

she also thinks she's hilarious. she will just lay there and laugh at absolutely nothing. thinks mommy is the funniest thing in the whole world
when she figured out how to do raspberries a few weeks ago, she made the connection that by doing them, others would laugh, so would do them, look to make sure you were smiling, laugh with you and do them again. absolutely warmed my heart to see her little brain functioning that way.

me personally, i'm not doing too bad. the fatigue of almost 5 months of interrupted sleep is beginning to set in, but i know that many mamas have it far worse than i. my hair is falling out at an alarming rate, i just finished af for the second time, and i miss my pregnant body, mostly because my belly didn't look like a deflated balloon. i'm contemplating tattooing a bowl of green jello on my stomach at this point . i've been getting back into my pre-preg workout routine but this weight is not going anywhere. most importantly though, i feel strong again, which is a good thing!

doing the deed. sigh. in the past year, i have only dtd once, and it was with my estranged husband, while i was still pregnant, more than 6 months ago. this makes me sad for a myriad of (obvious) reasons.

i'm wondering, when one waits so long to dtd postpartum, is it still as uncomfortable as it would be closer to the birth? hopefully this isn't too uav, but i have a, ahem, prospect and would like to know what to expect so that if things go well, i can at least prep him a little bit.

also, another very personal question - has the appearance/sensation of your lady parts been altered by your birth?
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Hey everyone! Glad to hear all the updates!

DS is doing well. He can sit like a pro now, which makes going out to eat a lot nicer as we can put him in a high chair. He's not crawling yet, but is pulling his knees under him and definitely *wants* to go places. He get's frustrated when he can't. He also seems very ready for solids (less than 2 weeks to go!), he reaches for my plate and get's frustrated when I don't share. He also hugs me all the time - when he get's excited or when I first pick him up he just clings on and squeezes while pressing his face into me. It really melts my heart. He is pretty social and doesn't get too upset when other's hold him - unless he's sleepy or hungry then all he wants is me.

DH and I had our first date since before DS was born last night!! My mom is visiting so she watched him while we went out for dinner. It was so nice. I wish we had family in town so we could do that more often.

Re pregnancy envy - Um.. Me . I am so excited about the next one. We are going to wait until probably March to start ttc again.
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Is anyone else's baby completely uninterested in sitting? He's doing great at rolling, loves to stand up holding onto my thumbs, wants to crawl, etc... But when I try to prop him up sitting, the second I let go he dives forwards, then kicks his legs out so he's on his tummy again. I thought sitting was supposed to come after rolling over but before any of the other physical things?
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Maia's not terribly interested in sitting yet, but I find that the less I try to "teach" her to sit, the more likely she is to do it. For example right now she's sitting in my lap and grabbing at my hands while I type, and although that means she's lunging forward, she's also balancing herself and keeping her spine straight while doing so -- but a few minutes ago I was trying to get her to sit up on the couch with me to look at a book and she wanted NOTHING to do with that, kept flopping forward and kicking out her legs like you describe your DS doing.

She's also very interested in trying to crawl and can propel herself forward when on her belly. It's so funny because I'll very often find myself saying, "How did you even get all the way over there?!" after she squirms around for a bit and ends up on the total opposite side of her blanket from where we laid her.

Sleep is really weird lately. In the last ten days she's slept through the night twice, but on almost every other night she's woken up a lot and decided to stay awake for two hours for no apparent reason - like right now :P She's super talkative, active, and happy during these two hours, but I'm not particularly thrilled to be awake myself!
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My DS isn't even rolling yet, let alone trying to sit. Our ped. says bigger babies sometimes take longer to get moving because they have a lot of weight to move around. Lucius is over 20 lbs. already.
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monkaha, my litte one gives me kisses too!!! DH didn't believe me until one morning, DS did it to him! It's wet and slobbery but I love it!!

eewieew, hello! I have to keep reminding mself that DS really is a mellow baby. He does get bored easily. And I have to limit my caffiene intact to every couple of days. It really affects his sleep.

He enjoys sitting - more so if he can sit on my lap or DH's lap. He's rolled over a few times but still not consistently. He is definately teething. His favorite items to teethe are fingers, diaper and Sophie. He doesn't lke any of the other toys I got him.
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So willa does not really sit yet--she also flies fwd. She does likw to roll everywhere and can roll clear across the room. She rolls with purpose . She is also working on her 3rd and 4th tooth which prompted me to buy a teething necklace today. We will see how that works out. I am really enjoyong being home with her (and ds) but will need to find something part-time when school starts back for ds.
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How are all the February babies doing?

My little guy decided to learn to sit all of a sudden a couple weeks ago (it really did seem like it was overnight). Still completely incapable of moving himself, though he's really cute when he tries to "inchworm" forward, burying his head on the ground and trying to push with his legs. Has just learned to grab moving objects as they swing past over his head. Just starting to get separation anxiety - strangers sometimes scare him now. A pity, since his great grandparents are coming to visit soon. And he seems more whiny and needy the past few days - I'm wondering if maybe a tooth is coming? Or if it's just a developmental stage...
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Makenna will be 6 mos on Wednesday! She can sit for a few minutes at a time but still eventually topples over. I think she might be getting her first tooth. I feel a teeny bit of something in there but can't see anything. Not that it's easy to get a clear look in a baby's mouth. We're starting solid food this weekend. Sweet potato. I'm excited. :-) Oh and she's found her feet. She's always grabbing them and they've made it in her mouth a couple times. LOL. She loves to drink from a cup and grabs at our cups when she sees us drinking but she usually forgets to close her mouth so it dribbles back out.

Makenna has a some stranger anxiety and some people she doesn't mind. We visited with DH's whole family this weekend and she really didn't want her grandma to hold her. I felt bad. I think I'm finally ready to start leaving her with a sitter here and there so DH and I can have some nights out but I'm super nervous about how it will go. I think we're going to have our neighbor in the house attached to ours watch her so hopefully she can spend a good amount of time with her before we leave her.

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I'm so glad this is still here. I am always thinking of the other February Mamas and wondering how their babies are fairing.

We are doing well. Clara (2/8/09) is a little smiley butterball who laughs and giggles and shows her dimples often. She's cuddly, loves her mama and daddy, and is everything that I ever dreamed of in a baby.

She's been rolling all over the floor, shoving everything she can get her hands on into her mouth (I am constantly struggling to find safe items for chewing on--I do not permit her to chew on the edge of the carpet that she managed to flip up today!), and drooling constantly.

I finally got my washer and dryer (we moved), and I took the plunge and started CDing! Yay! I finally understand the CD love and the stash pictures from pregnancy days. It's so addictive! We are doing mostly prefolds (cloth-eeze) and covers (as economical as we can get right now), but I hope to add other things that people recommend as we go. Too fun!

Right now, though, I am finally wondering if I need to get more serious with No Cry Sleep Solutions stuff and try to help all of us sleep better at night (and her during the day). In side car-ing and co-sleeping, we are digressing in getting LESS sleep than we were at 2 months! She no longer goes 5-6 hours in a stretch and the last few hours of the night, I feel like I am constantly sticking my breast in her mouth just so I can have a few more minutes of sleep instead of working with whatever real issues are at hand. She is also not falling asleep well at night (despite trying hard to create a night routine) and even naps fitfully during the day (even when I can tell she's tired). I do live in Alaska, and there is a lot more light around in the evenings and early mornings, but that didn't seem to really bother her until recently, so I don't know. I'll ask around in night time parenting, but are any of you other mamas experiencing this? Is this a developmental thing I should be taking in stride? Should I just expect her to grow out of this? Is it time to start solids?

Sorry to complain. Things are really okay here. I love being a mama and really actually have learned to function pretty well on inturupted sleep. I realized that I haven't slept longer than 5 hours since February 5 (mostly less)--it's pretty amazing! If I ever got a full night's sleep--I would feel like Wonder Woman.
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I think the bad sleeping is a phase. Really. That was me last week. And now, the last couple nights, I've slept long enough and well enough that I've been dreaming. (knock wood, lest I jinx it!)

Anthony has not been napping much though. Little catnaps, less than half an hour.
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