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I think the bad sleeping is just a phase--and we are moving out of it currently! Willa still does the cluster nursing in the am for the 2 hours or so before we get out of bed but other than that is only waking once to nurse during the night! SO, she goes down pretty easily at 8-8:30 then wakes usually somewhere between 2-3 and then is up again about 6 for her cluster nursing until about 8 or so.
We are working on sitting and its getting better. she is starting to out her hands down for balance and can do ok for a minute or two. She is also doing an inchworm/commando crawl that can get her across the room--slowly! Its very exciting. She will be 6 months on Tuesday and we will try some solids sometime this week.
We are also dealing with some stramger stuff though it is not as bad as her brother was!
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Maia decided the other day that she wanted to sit up and that was it, she started sitting up. For a few days it seemed like she was constantly falling over, but she only fell over twice yesterday, so, that's nice. It still kinda blows my mind to wake up and see her sitting next to me.

She's also pretty much crawling. Slowly and a bit awkwardly, but she can lift one hand, move it forward, and move a leg forward. It's pretty impressive. Looks like she's just going to bypass the whole "army crawl" thing altogether.

Ever since she learned how to push up on hands and knees, 2 weeks or so ago, we've been having some sleep issues. Most nights she wakes up at some point on her hands & knees and won't go back to sleep for another 1.5-2.5 hours. It's exhausting, especially when paired with the fact that for the last two nights she's decided that going to bed after 11pm instead of before 8pm would be fun.

Can't wait for this crappy sleep phase to pass.
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Hi ladies-
I was technically in your DDC, but not too active. Then my little guy decided to be a late January (1/27) baby instead of February, but I thought I could maybe get away with joining you

We've been sleep regressing lately, too. He was STTN, like 8-10 hours, since about 2 months old. I felt like the luckiest mom in the world. Then about 4 weeks ago, he started waking up every 1-3 hours again. Now he's back to sleeping a 5-6 hour stretch, again. So, I'm thinking like some of the rest of you- just a crappy sleep phase.

Our big milestones are sitting up (and then toppling over after about 30 seconds) and constantly rolling over on his belly (and then crying because he still can't figure out how to get back over on his back). I don't think we're even close to crawling, yet. Lincoln's pretty laid back and happy with wherever he is, so I guess he's not too worried about learning to get anywhere else.

Oh, and we tried a little bit of banana the other day. He did end up chewing it up and swallowing it, but he made some really disgusted faces, and then didn't really seem interested anymore. So I think we gonna just take it real slow with solids - maybe try a few other things and see if he likes them any better, and if not, just wait a while longer.
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I don't think my guy is close to crawling either. He really wishes he was, but I don't think his arms are strong enough. He loves practicing standing holding onto things and doing deep knee bends, so his legs are really strong but his arms haven't caught up yet. I feel sorry for him though, because he really wants to move!

Does anyone's baby make sounds that are remotely like English yet? I kind of thought babies were supposed to babble, like mamamama and babababa kind of sounds, but so far mine only squeals and croaks.

We had a few weeks where he was very difficult to put to bed, screaming for no apparent reason, but sleep seems to have gotten a bit better lately.
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The only babbling sounds we've heard so far are ah-ah-ahhhhhhh and mm-mm-mmmmmmm, and sometimes he'll combine them to make ahhhhhh-mah, ahhhhh-mah (the first time he did that one, it was so close to mama it almost made me cry ). But mostly he just screeches loudly and does raspberries.

My baby's got stronger legs than arms, too. He loves standing (with help), but can't even lay on his belly and hold his torso up with his arms yet.
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I just remembered that each of my big kids went thru a phase of poor sleep and extra nursing right before a developmental leap. Rolling, crawling, talking, walking, all preceeded by round the clock nursing.
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Is anyone else's baby late on the rolling over?? Mine has rolled tummy to back a few times but nothing lately and no back to tummy. No interest really. She rolls to her side but doesn't try to go further. She gets plenty of opportunity.

Today is a big day for us. Makenna just had her first solid food. Sweet potato. I'd say she liked it. She ate a good amount, kept opening her mouth for it and was very smiley. For those that offer water afterwards - do you use a cup, sippy cup or bottle? In addition to getting solid food today Makenna is going to sleep in her crib in her own room for the first time tonight. I'm not sure I'm ready but we'll see. She's been in the pack and play and she's going to outgrow that soon when she starts pulling up so either she goes to her own room or we move the crib in our room. DH is eager to reclaim the bedroom as our own even though he loves having her near.

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Esmé isn't in a big hurry to be mobile either. She's starting to sit up over the last few days, and can roll when she wants. She's not on the floor a lot, so that might have something to do with it. She LOVES standing of any kind. And she's still sleeping great ... which I hope continues, from what I hear from the rest of you. She'll be six months on the 31st!
She started swim lessons last week, and went under quite happily. She loves the water! We just spent the day at the dyke baseball tournament here, where she was the belle of the ball. She's conked out now, napping.
As for solids, she's been eating them for a couple of weeks now. Sweet potato, avocado, mashed blueberries, and yogurt for the first time today! She loves food, and is still happy at the boob ... which is great. I'm a low supply mama, so we're aiming to boost her weight with solids. Here's hoping!
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Delia has learned to sit and can do so for several minutes. I think she's on the verge of crawling because she can push herself up off the floor with her arms belly and all. She can get her legs under her but she just can't get it all together yet. She's ready to move. She can scooch backwards on her belly. I left her on the floor and went pee and came back and she had scooched under the couch lol.
Haven't started solids yet waiting for that 6 mo mark. We were going through a crappy sleep phase that is slllllooooowwwwwlllyyy improving. It's been hot here so that has something to do with the crappy sleep. She's still swaddled and I'm unsure of how to break that habit. I've tried doing naps "free" and she only catnaps and then she ends up way overtired by the end of the day. I'm hoping she gets more sleep 'maturity' as dr. sears calls it soon.
I've been back at work for 4hrs a week for 2 weeks now. It's nice to get out. Delia still won't really take a bottle though so it's usually kind of stressful for dh. We need the money though.
As dd gets more smiley and interactive I feel like I'm falling more in love with her. We're definitely 'attached'.
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Hi! I wasn't on mdc when I was pregnant (I was on another forum) but would like to join in here if that's OK.

My DD was born Feb 26, so today is her 5 month birthday. She has just started sitting unassisted for a few minutes at a time, and can roll over, mostly back to front, and she pushes herself up with her arms. She loves standing holding onto things and blowing raspberriers. We are thinking about starting food soon as she is reaching for our food now and sitting, but I think I want to wait a little longer until I can just clearly feel that she is ready. She STTN from 3 months until last week, and now she is waking 1-2 times/night, but usually will just nurse back to sleep. I'm wondering if it's the heat that's getting to her, or if she's having a growth spurt, or if she's not eating as much during the day because she is so interested in the world right now, but hope that whatever it is passes before too long. She mostly sleeps in a side-car but sometimes sleeps in our bed.

Regarding an earlier poster's question about DTD and how your parts feel, we just did it for the first time since dd was born, and it went great. I had a lot of anxiety about it around the 6-week mark when I had heard your body is supposed to be ready and I SO did not feel ready. DH didn't pressure me and I'm really glad we waited because I feel so much more healed now. I had a 2nd-degree tear and it definitely still feels different down there but dtd was actually enjoyable, which I had been worried about.

Thanks everybody else for sharing!
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Welcome newmomrose!

So Makenna slept in her own room last night for the first time! She slept great! 7:30 until 4:15 and then back down until after 7!! Normally she is up at 2 or 3 then only back down until 4:30 or 5 and I end up nursing lying down for an hour or so to get more sleep. Not sure if she slept better bc her crib is more comfortable than the pack and play, bc we weren't rolling around making noise or bc she had some solids yesterday. I on the other hand slept horribly! Kept trying to hear her breathing on the monitor. DH is going to move the monitor closer to her today so hopefully I won't have to have it blasted and won't hear all the other creaking noises so loudly.

She rolled tummy to back twice in her crib this morning...I guess it's easier in there.

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I got a job offer today!!!! It's field I want, it's close to home and the pay is good! It's contingent on the background check but I don't have a record or anything. I'm excited and nervous! As much as I want this job(and NEED it), I am unhappy that I won't be able to spend all day with DS anymore. DH and I tried to find ways for me to be able to stay home but nothing was happening fast enough and it seemed like more and more obstacles were popping up.

Any moms that went back to work have any advice for me?
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When, oh when does the puking stop?! I'm soooo tired of my clothes and my baby smelling like sour milk all the time!

On a good note, Owyn has her two teeth on the bottom now. I thought we'd get a break from teething because I can't feel that her top ones have set in at all... but I think we're at it again. Very sleepy during the day, restless at night, running a fever on and off. But it's her bottom gums feeling swollen, I think she's getting another on the bottom. Weird.

Without the teething, she is down to nursing once a night. The pacifier has become our very best friend. She can't find it and put it in her mouth herself yet, but she can keep it in her mouth pretty well and get to sleep with it. Now, she's not attached to my boob all night long! She still eats when hungry though, she refuses to go back to sleep with the pacifier when she's hungry and will just suck on it and wiggle all over the place trying to find the boob. But that only happens about once a night. I feel like I'm getting a lot more rest than before!
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We just returned from a 3+ week visit with family. Fiona was amazing. We started the trip with a family reunion camping trip. Her uncles took her for walks to visit all the family camp sites in the morning. She loved visiting with everyone and was happy to be passed around among the family. Her cousins were great with her and she loved watching them play.

She's working on her 3rd and 4th teeth right now but doing well with it. I really recommend those amber teething necklaces! She's rolling a lot but often content to kick on the blanket on her back. Not sitting on her own yet but loved sitting up in the highchair at my moms. I have to get one of those things!

She'll be 6 months on the 1st. I let her start playing with food a bit which she LOVED! i was going to wait until she was 6 months + but it was so nice to have access to such fresh produce. I let her lick a piece of watermelon one day. She smiled, grabbed it out of my hand and shoved it in her mouth! That was her official first food! She tried cucumber, peach, and nectarine as well. Mostly just sucking on them but really enjoying it. She is always trying to drink from my glass... I tell her coffee is yucky but water is good! She does better with water from my glass then with water in the stupid sippy cup I got her.

We are happy to be back home now to our own bed and own routines. I enjoyed catching up on the feb Mama news!
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Aleric can roll all the way over now, and he has been eating solid foods (he will be 6 months on the 7th, he fed himself off my plate so I just decided to give in and let him have food) He has had yogurt, avocado, peaches, he loves peaches! and now prune juice and carrots. He is "talking" up a storm, he loves to hear himself he gets louder and louder as the day goes on. He is also sleeping pretty good, he has huge bumps on his bottom gums where his teeth are trying to break through, they just haven't done so yet, I hope its soon because he is so angry when they hurt. I really want to get him an amber teething necklace but I am struggling to find a site that sells them, I don't want to buy a fake one. So if anyone has any recommendations for me it would be very helpful. And he LOVES my animals, he chases the dogs in circles in his walker in the kitchen, its so cute, he just wants to pet them but they are scared of the walker, he does lay on the floor with them and he reaches out to pet them, same with the cats but with them he more grabs a handful and hold on for dear life... poor cats... good thing they are very calm. He is such a great baby everyday I am more and more amazed by him!
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There is a link for an amber teething necklace. My favorite baby store!
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Originally Posted by Mal85 View Post

There is a link for an amber teething necklace. My favorite baby store!
I LOVE that store!!

DH and i were marveling over the fact that we have been parents for over 8 years now. 8+ years of snugging to sleep with a baby (toddler/preschooler/big kid) between us. Anthony fits so well into our family that i can't imagine life without him. :
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My guy won't be 6 months until the 14th, so I haven't fed him yet (unless you count helping me pick broccoli in the garden - but he doesn't swallow anything from raw broccoli). He's certainly interested, but I think more in the bowls and things (so fun to grab those and push them off the table) than the food.

He's figured out the rhythm required to bounce in his jumper thing now (one of those that swings from the ceiling), and is bouncing and croaking all over the place - like a little frog.

I'm amazed at how strong he is - he grabs at everything, and once he managed to carry a 2 lb bag of carrots!
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welcome to you newmomrose!

its wonderful to see how all of the babies are growing! Aubrey is right at 5.5 mos. now and trying desparately to sit/stand/eat everything except food. She can roll over but doesn't like to, and still hates being on her belly for more than a minute. But I'm not pushing it, so if she walks before she crawls that's fine with me. As for food, we've only tried rice cereal and bananas so far, and she's not interested in either. She likes to put things in her mouth, but gags herself to keep from swallowing anything. But its fun to make a mess, so we keep trying.

kssinca, congrats on the job! My only advice is get a good breast pump and make time for yourself and your baby when you get home. The dishes/dinner/housekeeping can wait. Good luck!

She is always trying to drink from my glass... I tell her coffee is yucky but water is good! She does better with water from my glass then with water in the stupid sippy cup I got her.
Yeah, Aubrey is the same. She doesn't get the sippy cup but loves to try to take a glass of water away from us. Then when it gets close to her mouth, she gets nervous and turns her head away. Since we're starting (trying) solids now, do we need to give water? B/c Aubrey won't take it--in a bottle, sippy cup, regular cup. Just not having it. What are you guys doing?

egarding an earlier poster's question about DTD....
Still not going there. Just not in to it. Wish it were otherwise. Does BFing affect one's interest in DTD?
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justKate: Yep, BFing totally affects the drive. We're doing so so in that department. Definitely took a big jump up this week since we moved DD to her own room though. That was DH's idea of course.

DD rode in the BOB stroller today without riding in the infant seat attached to it for the first time. This is a big thing for me...she is facing out and I can't see her. I don't like that! I ended up wearing her the whole way home bc she melted down. In fact I ended up walking over half a mile while nursing her in the bjorn. It felt really weird to be walking around people and lots of cars with my boob hanging out. Such is motherhood! LOL! And it worked - DD fell asleep right away.

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