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I am pretty sure luv was referring to her older daughter that is almost 2...

Willa is a thumb sucker. We co-sleep. She only wakes 2 or 3 times during the night and usually only about 10 minutes. Then she rolls over and sticks her thumb in her mouth and goes back to sleep. During the day she will sometimes go 4 and 5 hours between feedings. I offer more frequently than she eats.

Mal85- I hear you on the leaking...I am over that as well!
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Originally Posted by thepeach80 View Post
So who does well baby checks? We do even though we don't vax. I love our ped and enjoy our relationship w/ her so I have no reason to NOT do them. It's not like we wouldn't see her anyways, my darn sick bf kids, lol. Olivia is on EI #3 right now, or #1 and it just won't clear so we're hoping she's o.k. till at least her appt on the 11th and then we can decide if we need to go see our ENT (who we love).
We do some vaccines on a delayed schedule and we do all the well baby visits. I too have a ped. I love and she is really cool about helping us with our vaccination decisions and respecting our wishes. We'd see her even if we weren't vaxing at all.

Btw, my little butterball had his 4 month visit yesterday. He's 16 lbs. 14 oz. and 25 inches. Holy cow.
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We don't do WBV's as I have a GP who I despise. I really feel like I should but it stresses me out soooo much I just avoid it. My son was never really sick though and we never had a reason to go. We don't vax either. I have to weigh dd again she's getting even more rolls if that is even possible.
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I do well baby visits, we have one on monday, but I like his doctor so I don't mind going even though we don't vax. And yep I have leaky boobs also, but only when I nurse or when he goes most the night without eating. But I don't wear pads at night only in the daytime at night I just don't care anymore.
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My kids have all enjoyed them, it's nice to be able to set them down for a second and not have them on their backs. (I don't like bumbos) We don't have too many baby 'contraptions', just a swing and an excersaucer, oh and a little bouncy seat. I find Ramsey really loves it even though he's a little young because he loves the physical challange, loves being upright and is getting interested in the toys. I have a smaller one, though, not too many attached toys and it's round. I agree with Monkaha though- free or 2nd hand!

Water- no, not if breastfeeding. I agree with Monkaha below (again!) and was really impressed with my daughter how her nursing changed when it was hot. Shorter, frequent drinks. I don't know why my son didn't do that as much- oh, he was a bit older in the summer.

Originally Posted by monkaha View Post
If you guys are breastfeeding, you don't need to give extra water. If you're using formula, I don't know, but bf definately no. The amazing thing about bf is that it changes composition thru the feed-more watery at the beginning, more fatty towards the end. They'll get all the fluids they need if you're nursing on demand. And they need the calories from the milk, don't want them to get full on water and then not eat.

I had 2 babies in the AZ desert, so I researched this to death. Just make sure YOU are drinking enough water.

Hot: well, being in Southern Ont it hasn't gotten too bad yet. However; we head out! If it's unbearable we'll actually go to a store b/c we don't have a/c. But otherwise the Beach! the Park! wherever there's a cool breeze, some shade and a chance to cool off. I echo the diaper/t or just a dipe. So cute.
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Originally Posted by mamamillet View Post
I am pretty sure luv was referring to her older daughter that is almost 2...
Oh, okay!
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My cat spilled water on my laptop so I've been out of touch!

DD had her 4 month visit last week. 12 lbs 14 ounces and 24 inches. 50% for height, 40% for weight.

DD loves her exersaucer. My sister taught me to take a blanket and pad it around her so she isn't wobbly in it. we got ours second hand from my good friend. We finally put the batteries in yesterday...she's enjoying turning the pages and pressing the buttons to make the sounds. She smiles up a storm in that thing!

No talking here but the raspberry stage just ended and now she is learning to shreak...bu they're happy shreaks of delight so they make me smile. My house definitely is getting noiser though!

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Oh, a blanket around them! Duh. Great idea!

I'm still having trouble with the Ergo. Anthony only tolerates sitting in it (legs around me) for a little while. And I can feel him squeezing with his legs the whole time, like he's trying to bring his legs together. He will go in froggy-legged, but seems so high that way-I like that I can reach him with a kiss easier, but he seems unstable that way, and I can't put him in a back carry like that. Should I do something to stretch his legs out? Or is this normal at this age?

He's learned to raspberry and squeal too-the big kids LOVE it! Me too.
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Originally Posted by Vegan Princess View Post
No talking here but the raspberry stage just ended and now she is learning to shreak...bu they're happy shreaks of delight so they make me smile. My house definitely is getting noiser though!

Shrieking! Tell me about it! Ramsey LOVES his piercing little scream! I'm sure he's just trying to be heard above the din...but good grief!
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Oh goodness, we haven't hit the shrieking phase yet, but raspberries ... Maia blows so many raspberries that sometimes I'm amazed she hasn't run out of spit :P

Our "landmark" this week is that she's soothing herself to sleep consistently. I lay her down when she's tired, she puts her fingers in her mouth, and then she's out. I know it's awesome, but at the same time, my heart just aches that she's more independent and doesn't NEED to fall asleep in my arms.
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Well I'm in the midst of solo parenting as DH is in the field for work. It's hard and I wish I could at least talk to him but I'm handling it ok. Times like these is when I really wish we lived closer to family. He won't be home until the 24th.

Fiona has her two bottom teeth coming in. She's handling it pretty well. I've given tylenol a few times but pretty much sticking to the teething tablets. She wears an amber necklace too. (Perfect timing Daddy! He owes me big time!) They have both cut through the gum but don't seem to be making much progress in coming all the way in. The first one came in on Sunday and the other yesterday. Pretty exciting though!

We've got lots of shrieking going on around here! She's really chatty and stares at me so intently as she coos and gurgles. I think she's really trying to tell me about her day! I love it.

We do WBV. I actually go in once a month due to the vaccine schedule I'm doing. We do one (DTaP) during the WBV and then go back the next month for the PCV7 with the nurse. Fi was 11 pounds 13 ounces and 25 inches at her visit on the 1st. I think that's like 5% for weight (maybe!) and above the 75% for her height. I wonder if she'll always be long and lean or if she'll fill in her weight at some point.
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hey, joining in! Jacob is so fat, I am getting worried! We actually got out the exersaucer today and he loved it!
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I've got a fatso too! 20lb 8oz a couple weeks ago, when I took his brother in for kdg shots. Curious to see if he's slowing down at all when we go in at the end of the month for his 4mos visit (we do all the well baby visits too).

I'm not worried about his size, love the pudge, but it is getting a little old that everyone that sees him has to comment "Oh he's a biggun' isn't he?" or "He's HOW old? : " or "Wow, you must have really strong arms!"

For you moms with double (triple) chinned babes: I've found that the chlorine from swimming pools does wonders for fighing the yeasty funk that grows in that fold under there. The "cheese". Just FYI.
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Originally Posted by monkaha View Post
I'm not worried about his size, love the pudge, but it is getting a little old that everyone that sees him has to comment "Oh he's a biggun' isn't he?" or "He's HOW old? : " or "Wow, you must have really strong arms!"
We get the opposite when we're out and about, especially when she's in the sling. "Aw, a brand new one!" or "Oh, so tiny ... like a little doll!" It irks my mother to no end, but I don't care. I just say, "Yes, she's petite." And then they are shocked to discover that she's nearly four and a half months old!

I'm soloing parenting too right now as my DP has moved ahead of us to start her new job. We join her when the house sale is final, at the end of the month. I'm feeling very lonely. We have no family and not many friends in this town, so I know how you feel, AKislandgirl. I feel very isolated. It's just me and Esmé and the dogs and cat ... e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y ... good thing she's a content, happy little camper. I can't imagine if she was colicky!
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There is a baby down the hall from us who is formula-fed and six weeks older than my baby. She is MASSIVE, literally looking like she's twice as heavy as my 14.5 lb baby. My landlady said to me the other day, "I think that baby has a weight problem. She's so fat! Yours is cute." I thought that was just so incredibly rude and uneducated, even though she was trying to compliment us.

Maia has her 4 month WBV on Friday. I have a really weird feeling in the pit of my belly about the vax shots she is getting, like something just doesn't feel right. Going to talk to my hubs & doctor about delaying them... I don't want to go against my gut.
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: There's a February 2010 thread!!!
Imagine, this time last year for all of us!!!
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I hadn't yet found out I was pregnant at this time last year. Still living in denial with my sore boobs and nauseous tummy, thinking my period would be coming anytime. Little did I know...

So, Owyn is pretty average on weight. She was 12lbs8oz at our last visit 2 1/2 weeks ago. My niece is 7 months old, at her 6 month visit she weighed just over 13 1/2 lbs and is 24 inches long. Crazy how tiny she is. Her and Owyn look about the same age, but my niece is sitting up and starting to crawl and all that good stuff. She just looks tiny doing it.

Went for a walk last night and stopped to visit our friends who were outside with their basset hound. The dog was barking up a storm at us when we walked up (she's very sweet, just young and easily excited). At first, it startled Owyn and made her cry. Then she started laughing her little butt off. Like full belly laughs, it was hilarious! I'd never seen her laugh like that before. She just couldn't get enough of that silly dog. I will have to get that girl a puppy one day.
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I'm glad to hear everyone is doing well!

Last year at this time I knew I was pregnant :. I got my bfp on June 4th last year

Royce is doing very well. The last time we had him weighed (just over a week ago), he was 17lb 6oz, and I think he's about 26" (if I remember correctly). He always get's the "wow he's big for his age!" comments. I like it though, I always feel proud of my big boy . And my husband is very tall, so I figure he's just taking after his Daddy.

I'm also lonely We moved to a town where I know absolutely nobody, and dh works all day long every single day. It can be kind of boring too. At least the weather is getting nicer so we can get out of the house everyday. And in the winter dh will be home all the time so it'll make up for it.
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Got my bfp on June 17th, so that's coming up. This time last year, I would have been thinking about it constantly, wondering if I should test yet or not, sure that I wouldn't be pregnant yet, since we'd just started trying. And here we are! : What a difference a year makes, huh?
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Everyone says my DS is big for his age, but I don't know if he really is at our 4 month WBV Monday he was 17 lbs 4 oz and 25 1/2 inches long. His dad is very tall though so im hoping he will be like him and not short like me.

He is making growling noises and sometimes very high pitched piggy noises though, its hard on my ears but I love hearing him make noise : they grow up so quick I cant believe hes already 4 months old!
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