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Happy Birthday Katmai and Mckittre!!!! I absolutely loved the post on your blog! Very sweet and the pictures are great!
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Happy Birthday Katmai!! I loved your blog post, McKittre! What an exciting first year of life Katmai has had!
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Thanks everyone! We had a good party yesterday, with some birthday pie, and a few too many toys (even though we didn't get him any)... We try to tell folks not to overdo it, but I think we'll have to send a few of the old ones to give away. His favorite is a spinning top type thing (he's been obsessed with spinning things since he was 4 months old, I think), and some new books.
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yeah hapy birthday katmai!
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wow i read the blog and checked out the pictures. amazing. Katmai is so lucky to have such an amazing childhood.
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I've just been thinking that one of these days we will have to move this chat to the toddler page! When do you consider your baby a toddler?

We went to music with mar today and Fiona loved it! We've been a couple of times before but it seemed like today she knew what to expect and got into exploring more. It was fun to see her dancing and playing with the musical instruments!

Her walking is getting better and better! She prefers to not have the pressure of "come to mama!". lol. her best steps are when she thinks noone is looking. She still preffers to crawl or walk along holding on to fingers of furniture but I know one of these days she's just going to walk everywhere and my baby won't be a baby anymore!
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Now that Owyn is walking all over, she is seeming more and more like a toddler. I was just telling DH the only time she seems like a baby anymore is when she's sleeping.

We're going for her first hair cut this Friday. I didn't want to cut it this early, but it's getting really shaggy and won't stay out of her eyes, so it has to be done. I think that is going to make her look even more like a little girl. Saturday we're going for her one year portraits. It's so surreal to think about what we were doing at this time last year and see how far we've come. Valentine's Day was her last first holiday, that was a little sad for me.
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I think that I will officially consider Royce a toddler when he starts walking. He has yet to take a step though (he rarely even lets go just to stand). Although if he had started walking early I would have said when he turns one. I guess maybe both are needed to be a toddler!

I figure that after all our babies have had their birthdays it may be time to move on over to the toddler forum. Sad as that may be!

Mal - I know the feeling! New Years was Royce's last 'first holiday'. But there are still lots of firsts! For example, his first Olympics are happening right now

I have yet to go get professional photos done of Royce I keep thinking of reasons to wait (until he can smile, until he can sit, until he is one, and now I'm thinking I should wait until the weather is nicer so I can do outdoor photos ) Maybe I should just go get some done already! I do take lots of photos myself though of course!
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What is crazy is that this is Esmé's SECOND Valentine's Day! How did THAT happen?

We started a tradition last year, when she was two weeks old ... we had a Red Supper. We all wore comfy red jammies, had sparkling cranberry juice, red curry and red velvet cupcakes. We had a blast! Nice and low key, considering we were entrenched in the daze of new parenthood at the time.
We had our 2nd Annual Red Supper tonight, consisting of homemade gluten-free pizza, sparking raspberry juice, and strawberries with ice cream for dessert. This year Esmé and I had matching red flannel pajama bottoms that my sister made for us ... so cute!

We celebrated Valentine's Day today as DP was working on the real V-day. So I am all smooshy and in lurve especially right now. My heart is all big and wobbly with the big l-o-v-e I have for my wee little tribe of three.
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I guess I'd agree that we should move over to toddlers after we've had all the birthdays. Even though Katmai isn't "toddling" yet either. He balances perfectly while standing, but has no interest in walking, and I'm not holding my breath for those steps. I figure he'll wait to walk until he needs to run somewhere.

That "red supper" sounds cute starling. I always hated Valentine's Day, but now that it's Katmai's birthday, all that bah humbug has melted away, and I think it's great.
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gosh we will have to move soon. IN my facebook photo album of June's 1st birthday I wrote "My baby is 1, thereby ending my career as a mother of an infant." Uggh kids fighting, i'm off.
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It's Cordelia's birthday! At this time last year I was still oblivious to the fact my girl would be entering the world that day. We hadn't even gone in for our NST that started the whole process. The birth was exactly what I DIDNT want to happen but it ended up being healing for me in a lot of ways. It's amazing to think that her personality has been evident right from that very first day when I thought "Wow is she ever LOUD!"

We are celebrating saturday as I just finished my set yesterday and we don't have a present for her yet. I need to make a gluten free, dairy free hopefully tasty birthday cake. I tried out a cupcake recipe a couple weeks ago but while it was not bad it was also not great. I would love to make some coconut milk ice cream and I think I might go get the attachment for my kitchenaid to make some strawberry coconut ice cream for dessert instead. I think I want to get her one of those waldorf rainbow puzzles but I can't find anything similar in town or anything else I like. Hmmmm maybe I could get her a little child's piano. She loves music and anything that makes music and it's something that would last a while. Could get annoying but so can anything I've learned.
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Happy birthday Cordelia!

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Happy Birthday Cordelia!!!

Royce is 13 months old today (am I still allowed to celebrate his monthly milestones? )
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Happy Birthday Cordelia!

And yes you still get to celebrate Gillian!
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Happy Birthday to all the babies and mamas!

Ughhh the tantrums! Is anyone else dealing with multiple tantrums daily? Ds was NOT like this but oh my...Willa throws her body down and lately not so carefully. She has bonked her head pretty hard today. This has been the week of sickies--we all got a stomach bug...I had it yesterday and Willa just couldn't handle me not feeling well. Everytime I got the blanket and tried to lay down on the couch she would come over screaming at me! Eevn if she had been happily playing with something else. I know that she was still not feeling great and also very tired cause she sleeps horribly but really I had little to no sympathy for her yesterday...or even this morning .
On the positive side--the part time job that I have wanted for months finally came open!! Its a breastfeeding peer counselor position with WIC at the health department. Its very family friendly and flexible!! I will interview the first week of March.
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Happy Birthday, Cordelia!!!
Many happy birth day wishes comin' at you, little girl!
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That's so exciting, mamamillet! Sounds like a great job. Good luck with the interview. Remember to take a steadying breath and have a good think before answering any questions. And don't pepper your sentences with "like.""yeah," "uh huh," or "umm." Its sounds like a dream job.
And now I can ask the question that I've been wondering about for a while.
What does WIC stand for?

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Happy Birthday to all the babies and mamas!

On the positive side--the part time job that I have wanted for months finally came open!! Its a breastfeeding peer counselor position with WIC at the health department. Its very family friendly and flexible!! I will interview the first week of March.
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Women infants and children-its a progran for low income moms and their kids that provides food vouchers.
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I've wondered what that stood for too! I've seen it around here on mdc several times. Now I know

That job sounds AWESOME, mamamillet!! I would love something like that! I'm a SAHM, but sometimes I think it would be nice to have something 'adult' to do once or twice a week (I guess I could accomplish that in other ways than a pt job). But I think I could only manage a few hours at a time away from Royce, it would be nice to have a job that I could bring him along to, but I guess that would defeat the purpose of adult time
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