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new member.. .hello!

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Hi all,
I am Vanessa and my partner is Kirsten... Kirsten is carrying our first baby due in June!
We are planning to AP our child, with Kirsten staying home for the first three months at least. We also are planning on BFing (Kirsten only) and cloth diapering.
We have been together since Thanksgiving 1997 and had a commitment ceremony in April 2000... we met in Arizona and moved to Florida a few years ago. I am a civiil engineer and Kirsten is in school to be an RN.
I am looking forward to meeting you all.

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Hello and welcome! You'll love it here, and well, MDC can be quite addicting.

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Welcome to to the boards!!
My name is Kirsten, and I am a RN !!
My DD will be 3 next month, it seems like just yesterday! My DP and I have been together for 9 years, and we are lucky to live in Minnesota. My DP was able to do a second parent addoption when DD was 3 months old.

Welcome and good luck!
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We are in Florida as well, in Gainesville.
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Just wanted to say that I am glad to see you here, I don't usually frequent this forum, but have been checking as of late, looking for you to show up, hope you like it here, and I am sure you will

Patty (from baby center)
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Hi! Welcome to MDC! My dp is expecting our 2d in June. Our first (who I carried) is quite thrilled at the prospect of our growing family. (We'll see whether it lasts when #2 arrives.)

There are a lot of great folks on this board and excellent advice aplenty.
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