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So all last night it wasn't achy hips, heartburn, or peeing that kept me awake. It was this awful rectal pressure I kept getting up to try to poop (sorry ) and nothing. I've been using Tucks wipes, but there are no hemmies, just PRESSURE. I swear this kid feels like it's gonna fall out my ass. This is new. Never experienced this before. I hope he/she moves or changes position, or it's gonna be a long four weeks. :
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I swear we're having the same pregnancy. This kept me up all night, too. My contrax start in my belly and end up in my arse. How weird is that?! I keep wanting to poop and there's just nothing to poop. Except maybe the baby ...
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I've been feeling this for WEEKS. Sometimes, when I bend over to pick something up, the pressure is so acute that I REALLY feel like she is going to pop out the wrong hole! And even just sitting here right now, all this pressure in my lower back and butt. My husband seems to think it's amusing.
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I just came here to post the SAME thing! Every time the baby moves I have that catch in my breath like I need to poop NOW! I also feel it in my cervix and that takes my breath away and makes me really think this baby is going to fall out!

I am having my GBS swab on Friday and may get my midwife to check me while I am undressed anyway. I never got checked with DD (until I was in labor), but I am SO curious.

It's going to be a long few weeks!
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Me too, me too! My doctor laughed when I said the baby was going to fall out my butt! It makes me so scared to actually go through labor because the rectal pressure HURTS!!!
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Rectal pressure is now hemorrhoids I've not been constipated or been straining or anything. I think it's all baby position. So I've got out the Tucks, Prep H, witch hazel, etc. Hopefully I can reduce these suckers quickly.
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Bummer, Voltige.

I'm hoping to avoid those but the rectal pain and cervical pain are intense every time I move right now. I'm really hoping he wants to come out soon. This has been a mighty uncomfortable day.
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