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Something so they don't fall out of bed?

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I finally converted ds's unused crib into a toddler bed. He sleeps between us at night, but for naps and when he goes to sleep before we do, I've been laying him in his bed. Last night he fell out! I mean, he is used to having a king size bed!

Are there any railings or something that we can buy to stop his tumble?
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I'm sorry to hear that ds fell out of his bed! My df uses a rail for her little one. We still co-sleep and have our mattress on the floor. Maybe you could put his mattress on the floor? Good luck finding the right solution!
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I saw a great rail the other day. It goes up on the mattress so that it doesn't have the gap most rails have that just slide under the mattress. I forget where I saw it. Either walmart or target.

I am kinda anti toddler bed. I just think they are a waste and I feel most crib mattresses are uncomfortable. Als it is just one more transition they will have to make later. My 13 month old sleeps in a double futon. Lower to the ground than a regular bed, high enough quality that she can sleep there forever, all of the room she is used to. A twin mattres son the floor is what we have used in the past. And then when they were ready we added a frame.
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Bed rail. . .

We got a Safety First bed rail when we converted to a toddler bed. I'm sure it's great in a twin bed, but we found that the toddler mattress isn't heavy enough to hold it in. Our DS would turn perpendicular, push his feet against the wall and wind up pushing the bed rail out. He fell out of bed several times this way and I think it was much more dangerous because he was between the rail. (To the company's credit, it said for 3+ years and DS was only about 22 mos. at the time. My bad.)

We put his mattress on the floor. No more problems!
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don't have any suggstions, bur..

i can tell you what not to do..dh and i went to vist great grandma, and the first night ds and i slept in the guest bed, we rolled up a big blanket and put it on the end so to stop ds from rolling over and off: well....early in the morning i awoke toi movement to see ds falling off the bed but he fell on the rolled blanket and barely woke hmmmm maybe you could put lots of padding, though i don't know if that would be good, he might be scared if he woke up on the floor starting form the bed, i'm rambling....let us know what you come up with..
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Can you move the mattress onto the floor? This is the best solution for us because the bed is accessible for Aya all day. You could put some nice pillows along the back and make it a nice daybed/play area. Or, if you all co-sleep, you could just put him in the king during naps or on a soft spot on the floor.
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what about http://www.snugtuckpillow.com/
we have one for our bed
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I just converted dd's crib into a toddler bed, and it's working out really well. She fell out four times (twice on the first night), but I had put a bunch of pillows on the ground so it didn't bother her. She just cried briefly, I went in and put her in back in bed, and she fell right back asleep. She fell out twice after that (different nights) but has not fallen out since (it's been about a week and a half). I think at some point they have to learn, right?
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