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LOL - thanks, guys. It is my husbands brother and his new wife. I think I will have him talk to his brother. Guys generally aren't as sensitive to this sort of thinkg. I like classic names, so I wasn't sure if the name really was ridiculous, or if it was just me. It is her parent's names....
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I have to ask: are you sure she is she serious? Are you sure she isn't pulling your leg? I used to tell people we were going to name our baby crazy stuff when they wouldn't leave us alone about names.
My thought too.

The name is beyond horrible.
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Yeah, I immediately thought 'chlorine'.
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Originally Posted by vbactivist View Post
What do you all think of that name? It is a combination of the two grandparents - Clourence, and Maureen. My SIL is going to name her baby girl that who is due next month. I thought it was pretty at first, but then it started sounding familiar - and then it dawned on me - it sounds like Chlorine.
Is it some kind of family tradition to name children this way?
Cause "clourence" seems quite unique to me too... a combination of Chloe and Laurence maybe? (or is it just a name i'm not familiar with, i guess).

How is Cloureen pronounced? Claw-reen or Clue-reen or, well Chlo-reen?

Anyway, like PP's, this is one name I really don't like.

oh and LOL @ the socks in sandals
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Are you sure the grandparent's name is spelled Clourence and not Clarence? Could they actually be planning to name the baby Clarine?
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I'm pretty sure they're serious. The boys name would be Jered - after other grandparents - Jerri and Ed. My SIL is mormon -i don't thinks she practicies - they were married at a JOP, not in a church. But that is where the clourence name comes from. I actually thought it was pretty when she said it. Then when we asked how they would spell it, I was like, huh. then as we were driving home, I thought, oh no! Chlorine! My husband and I were horrified. Baby will be here in less than a month.
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My first thought was "that sounds like a chemical!" LOL! I like some of the other suggestions above!
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Originally Posted by number572 View Post
"and this is our other child, Lysol, it's a combination of dp's parents, Lyle and Marisol..."

: You're killing me!!!

Yeah, my dh just read this thread and says: Epic name fail.

My ds (age 9) knew nothing until I said to him, "They're going to name their child Claureen. What do you think?"

He said, "Chlorine? Like the laundry? The pool? The kid is gonna get made fun of!"

Poor child. Please do what you can to talk her out of this...
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Yuck, sorry.
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The funny part is that when I first read the name, I thought "Why does that make me think of bleach?"
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I instantly thought of the chemical too. BUT if your SIL has her heart set on it, keep your lips firmly zipped and smile sweetly when she uses it. There is NO other proper response to the name someone else chooses for their child.
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Besides.. the dad wore socks with his sandals.. so I had a bad first impression.[/QUOTE]

Oh no! I wore socks with my sandals last night. There goes a beautiful relationship... .
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I also think Laureen might be nice if they want to try to combine the two names.
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Originally Posted by LynnS6 View Post
Oh no! I wore socks with my sandals last night. There goes a beautiful relationship... .
I think there is some law against that. Not sure though.

That. And wearing bright colored crocs to walmart is also a crime.
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Okay, I'll cringe now...

But if your SIL does end up choosing that name smile sweetly and compliment her on her beautiful baby. I've gotten SO MUCH flack over my DD's name that I'm pretty sensitive to that (My daughter's name is Aldria).

But I would bring up the bleach thing...maybe Pregnancy Brain has gotten the best of her and she can't see it? (or hear it rather)
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One tends to grow into their name, ie., emulate it.......
Pool attendant? Sterilizer?
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Originally Posted by nextcommercial View Post
I think there is some law against that. Not sure though.

That. And wearing bright colored crocs to walmart is also a crime.
Why ya gotta go and drag Crocs into this? Walmart, ok. Socks with sandals... I'm a little dissapointed but in a pinch I'll claim "dirty hippie" status with some wool socks and Birkenstocks and forget you guys. But blazing yellow Crocs. No. I'm wearin' 'em proud!

And this name... is terrible. I usually keepp my mouth shut with this kinda stuff, and I would have if the name didn't sound exactly like a yucky chemical that quite literally kills everything it touches. I draw the line at this and will say this is a bad name.

A while back there was someone whose husband wanted to name their child Tyrant. But of course, even if it "sounds cool" you can never get past what it conjures in your mind... No chlorine. No tyrant. No Orangello and Lemonjello...
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Hey, my DH wears socks with his sandals and he's a prince. Of course I don't allow DD to wear socks with her sandals......I tell her only engineers are allowed to.

Back on topic, the name is horrible and it would be thoughtless to name their daughter chlorine and have her deal with the jokes her entire life. (or until she's old enough to legally change it)

Hopefully someone will give them a reality check.
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I think that it is a name that could get her teased a lot, but kids tend to get teased anyways so I don't think they should change it based on that.
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