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Originally Posted by MommytoC View Post
Oh, jeez. My FIL said, "What? That sounds like the name of an outlaw!" when we told him C's name.
I would've taken that as a compliment! My kids were both named "Cowboy names" on purpose.

I vote thumbs down on socks with sandals and naming your child after harsh chemical detergents.
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Originally Posted by alexsam View Post
Oh, Kharlotte! Where is that thread?
Originally Posted by Viola View Post
Oh wow, no, why on earth would you think that?
It's pronounced Charlotte, but, you know, it has a K to be different.
Actually, I see that I and it's not a Ch/Sh sound that comes up... Kh actually makes a harsh H sound, so that comes out sounding more like Harlot. Poor kid.
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I thought it was pronounced "Car Lot" As in "used car lot...."

People do name their kids weird names. Like the Teed twins Garren and Warren. Think about it.
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I guess it's better than Maurence.
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I didn't immediately think Chlorine (lack of sleep!), but I did think "What an ugly name". : Sorry. Yes, I am in theory a fan of being polite about names and letting people choose for themselves... subjectivity, matter of taste, disempowering parents, yadda yadda... but chlorine.

I think pointing it out is a kindness, just like pointing out that a planned first-middle name combo spells the initials DUD or SAG, or pointing out that the name they like has just become heavily associated with a famous child molester. It's about informed consent.
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Oh, the Kharlotte thread!?!? Where are you? This is how it all went ("Is it car-lot"?, "Like Harlot?"). This has all been done before! Kharlotte! Where are you?!?!?
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Originally Posted by Krisis View Post
Barium! Xenon!
Actually, Xenon is kinda cool! [evil grin] But I think I would use it for a pet instead of a child. Hmmm.... off to convince DD to name the frogs we'll get next week Xenon. Not so into the Barium. Will have to go consult periodic table Argon maybe?
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Actually it sounds like satire of a "white trash" name. Can't you just see it being a part of someone's stand-up routine??

Originally Posted by harleyhalfmoon View Post
My Grandmother had a distant cousin, who's parents immigrated from Latvia or Ugoslavia or something like that, moved to the US, spoke very little English, and promptly named their newborn daughter the prettiest sounding word they knew of... Latrine. No joke.
Isn't that one of those urban legends, like Oranjello and Lemonjello?
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Originally Posted by dubfam View Post
Socks with sandals always does it for me, too!!

I knew someone (NOT a friend) named Boris ans he named one of his daughters 'Borichele', like Boris and Michele together. I thought that was strange, but I honestly like it better than Claurene.

My goat's name is Boris :P
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Originally Posted by Viola View Post
What about Kharlotte? Or Jermajesty? Or Renesme?
I saw that and thought instantly "car-lot"

Back to the op, are they going to pronounce it "cloo-rine" or "chlorine... like the pool chemical?

Either way, bad name... she'll be called Chlorine all the time. Bad, bad, bad name. I don't usually say that, either.
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Oooh, oooh I found it!!

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They've just go to choose another!! Their child will resent it so badly!
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Ick. It would be bad enough *without* the Chlorine connection.
Beg them not to do that.
It's awful.
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at first glance i thought i was Chlorine. i thought to myself.. why in the world would someone name their kid after what you put in a pool. its cute if every time you said her name you could say how you came up with it. that is going to give your SIL a big job and her LO and even bigger job once she gets older.

sorry, but ick...
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I am ALL for unusual baby names (my kids have foreign and very unusual names that are hard to pronouce) but they should not be homonyms (homonymous?) with household chemicals, swear words, etc. Cloureen is awful. I really think that in this case, Maurence is better (although not what I would choose, but within the realm of acceptable and "could grow on you").

What about Loureen? Without the "c"?

Originally Posted by nextcommercial View Post

Besides.. the dad wore socks with his sandals.. so I had a bad first impression.
Oh no! I wore socks with my sandals last night. There goes a beautiful relationship... .
Sorry, Lynn, but I MUST refer to the PEMCO commercial here: Sandals and socks gal, you're one of us. It wouldn't be the northwest if we weren't wearing sandles and socks.
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Originally Posted by Logan's mommy View Post
Oooh, oooh I found it!!


This was an epic thread. I've never forgotten it.
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Originally Posted by LynnS6 View Post
I instantly thought of the chemical too. BUT if your SIL has her heart set on it, keep your lips firmly zipped and smile sweetly when she uses it. There is NO other proper response to the name someone else chooses for their child.
I usually think so too, definitely - when I was pg I told some friends a few of the names we had been considering. And they reacted negatively, and I was quite hurt, so I learned my lesson!

Originally Posted by ap mom View Post
I also think Laureen might be nice if they want to try to combine the two names.
Yeah, that's a good one! Laureen or Loreen or something.
Originally Posted by alexsam View Post
Why ya gotta go and drag Crocs into this? Walmart, ok. Socks with sandals... I'm a little dissapointed but in a pinch I'll claim "dirty hippie" status with some wool socks and Birkenstocks and forget you guys. But blazing yellow Crocs. No. I'm wearin' 'em proud!

And this name... is terrible. I usually keepp my mouth shut with this kinda stuff, and I would have if the name didn't sound exactly like a yucky chemical that quite literally kills everything it touches. I draw the line at this and will say this is a bad name.

A while back there was someone whose husband wanted to name their child Tyrant. But of course, even if it "sounds cool" you can never get past what it conjures in your mind... No chlorine. No tyrant. No Orangello and Lemonjello...
Yeah... it's not just any old chemical. Some chemicals are kinda cool. But chlorine??

Originally Posted by One_Girl View Post
I think that it is a name that could get her teased a lot, but kids tend to get teased anyways so I don't think they should change it based on that.
I see your point, but... the fact that so many grown and usually civilised (well most of the time, right?? ) women on this thread alone find it so hilarious, doesn't bode well for the poor baby, KWIM?

Off to read the Kharlotte thread now
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Oh my. That's awful. I honestly think that it's worse than Kharlotte.

Poor baby. Maybe it will turn out to be a boy!
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Originally Posted by Marylizah View Post
Oh my. That's awful. I honestly think that it's worse than Kharlotte.

Poor baby. Maybe it will turn out to be a boy!
Is that Kharlotte as in a place where one sells cars?
Oh, why?????
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Originally Posted by gatorgirl11 View Post
Is that Kharlotte as in a place where one sells cars?
Oh, why?????

You know, in some languages the Kh makes a hard 'h' sound..first thing that came to mind was a harlot (said with a Russian accent )
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