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Planning and visualizing labor

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Ok, so I my official due date is June 10th. Early measuring(no u/s, just uterus height), however, put me at a few weeks sooner, so I've been counting on late May, and saying June 1st. And I was ok with those dates, up until a week ago. Now...I kind of don't feel 'ready.' With my first, I was READY. I had visualized the birth, we were living with in-laws (ack!) and I didn't need to cook/clean/nest quite as much, and I certainly didn't have a toddler to worry about!

Back to my point, I just don't have a clear 'view' in my mind of this birth. With my DD, I knew I wanted hands and knees, I was calm and clear and fully committed to labor and whatever came with it, and really her labor was wonderful. But, this time around, I'm not nearly as emotionally involved? ready? prepared? I don't know. But I feel like until I do 'know,' or at least work that out, that the baby is staying in!

I also am feeling a bit like I will never be done nesting, and like having the baby would be a serious inconvenience in my projects. Like thats the important thing. We have guests coming (who I am looking forward to, don't get me wrong!) on the 1st, who THOUGHT they were going to be here after baby to help wear out the toddler and do dishes, but now I'm telling them baby may be in a few more weeks....


How do you control freaks 'let go' of the need/desire to have a plan when babies come at their own pace?

Do any second+ times moms have btdt stories about a lack of mental/emotional prep for labor?

I just can't even imagine having this baby. I CANNOT see the process in my head. And I've already given birth!
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I have no advice for you because I am right there with you... I feel like I am almost still in denial about it all!!!
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Chely, I sometimes forget I'm pregnant! Talk about denial! I NEVER would have thought that possible after my pregnancy with DD.

Update to my 'not feeling ready,' our dryer just broke. We'll find out in the morning if it's a shorted fuse or a 'replace the dryer' problem, but until then we were going to cloth diaper and now I can't even get all my underwear dry, much less infant pee and toddler messes cleaned up.

I really hope this is the universe's way of saying 'don't worry, and settle in for a long wait.' I wouldn't mind being two weeks overdue, with the way things are going.
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I keep forgetting I am pregnant too... then I'm like wait... we are going to have 2 kids soon? WTF!!!! Seriously, it's bad. We were lying in bed the other night and I seriously said to DH, do you realize we are going to have 2 babies in LESS THAN A MONTH?!?!? He looked at me like I had totally lost it...
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I KNOW!! My DH alternates between a 'fingers-in-the-ears' approach, and being super-excited about getting to catch the baby.

He's excited for the birth, but doesn't know if he's ready for the BABY.

I'm having the opposite problem; I'm ready and excited for baby, but I just can't seem to get as revved up about the birth! Which is WEIRD, because my first birth was honestly pretty amazing, and this time around I'm getting just about everything MY WAY. Maybe that's my problem...it's too easy?
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Right there with you guys. I feel unprepared, I think it's normal when you already have another child, you don't really have 9 months to obsess about your pregnancy/labor,etc like you do with your first. You're busy! You know what to expect (babies are hard work LOL),etc.

I really wish nesting would kick in for me...I SEE so much to do around the house but have no energy and DH is hmmm on my bad side right now LOL. Like stepping over the huge pile of shoes blocking the backdoor instead of putting them away (several are his pairs, and they are the largest,etc.) That sort of stuff.
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