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Please motivate me...

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Due to food intolerances my DD (23 months) has a lot of tummy discomfort. The boobie is her only consolation and at times her only food for days on end. Yet when I mention to people around me I feel just so wiped by sleep depriviation the first thing they start advising me is to wean her : : :
Nursing beyond infancy is not common where I live. In fact I don't think I have ever met anyone that CLW'd IRL.
I have to add that when we do manage to keep her gluten+lactose free for a longer period, she is quite a good sleeper and nurses only once at night, about 4am, and I truly feel like a different person then. She starts to eat again, and also nurses less during the day (even forgets to ask )
We've been uphill/downhill like this for a year now and the end is not yet in sight. I am a 100% sure this is not a right time to wean her, but I feel so alone in this.
I really need to talk sometimes to someone that understands, KWIM?
Thanks for listening.
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If she has food intolerances and you haven't figured them all out, I would heartily encourage you to keep nursing!

Have you read the list of food allergy symptoms at the Sears website? If they cause her to feel anxious, human milk is soothing and has relaxing chemicals. If they cause her pain, human milk has chemicals that relieve pain.

I'm from a food allergic family and I firmly believe she could be sicker if you wean. ANd if you do, it's hard to go back. (Not impossible, but hard.) But most importantly are your own words:

you are 100 percent sure it is not time to wean.

Have you tried a LLL meeting? You might find more support and less criticism. Of course we can be like a virtual meeting.
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Thanks. That article goes directly to DH's mailbox
I don't think the advice to wean is meant as criticism FWIW, it just seems being supportive is harder than giving well meant (not well informed...) advice. As in: "but maybe your DH could give her a bottle, and then you could get some sleep"
We are pretty sure it's 'just' gluten + lactose, but with a strong willed, adventurous toddler those are difficult enough to keep at bay.
And you're right: if it weren't for MDC's wonderful allergy board we wouldn't have likely found out so soon what ailed her. If it weren't for the VBAC board I would have had my second baby by CS too. MDC mamas are the best! :
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