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any ideas on names?

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We decided ages ago, because we have been trying for so long!

for a boy its Andrew because both our grandfathers where called Andrew and both have past on in recent years,

and for a girl

Lily, AnnMarie.

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We have decided for a girl - Lovisa Sanna (said with a slight Norwegian inflection) - right now we are calling her baby Lollo (my DH really wants a girl). He says if its a boy, we have another five months to figure out a name though we like Ronan Virgil. DH kind of wants Virgil for a first name but I'm not that keen on it.

And...baby will have my surname even though we are married (I didn't take his last name). DH just wants it that way and I don't really care either way, I look forward to mystifying all the people that ask in the future.

BTW, I have a cousin named Andrew and a niece named Lily. They are both wonderful names.
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We have not talked names at all. We have kinda come to the mutual agreement that we will name the baby after he or she is born. If we find out we will have some ideas but nothing for sure until he or she is born. We named our second this way and we felt really good about how well his name fit him.
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If it's a boy, it will probably be Angus Alan.

If it's a girl... not so sure. I like Beatrix, and Ursula, and Maud, and Imogen, but dh is not convinced. But I got him to agree to Morag, so I guess I can work on it!
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My ds is Andrew!

For this baby I think we have decided on Rory James for a boy, or Aurora Kate/Cate (nn Rory) for a girl.
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For a girl, I'm pretty set on Lola, and DH likes it too. We're liking Holden for a boy. Still working on the middle names. It's funny because we were pretty sure on the first names early on, and we've liked them for ages, but we're having a terrible time deciding on middle names! I guess we like the first names because of the sound, but we want the middle names to have some other significance to us, which seems kinda backward.

Oh well, we've got time!

(And for anyone who's interested, I'd highly recommend the book "Cool Names for Babies"...it has some really fun suggestions to get the wheels spinning.)
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Rowan will be the first name. DP really wants to use Sage for the middle name, but I have reservations about that.
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What a lot of great names you all have! Our first was four days old before we named her. We had a list, but we had to meet her first. We were up to the last minute doing the list too! We'll probably do the same thing with this one.

Funny though, we didn't know what we were having, but had far more girls names than boys names on the list - which was good since we had a girl!
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Originally Posted by boigrrrlwonder View Post
Rowan will be the first name. DP really wants to use Sage for the middle name, but I have reservations about that.
Saige is my niece's middle name. I love it It's also Sylvester Stallone's son's name
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It might be wishful thinking but I really have a gut feeling that I'm having a girl. For the longest time I wanted Mackenzie Sarah, but when I got the gut feeling about the girl I also got a gut feeling about the name - Stella. So I really hope we have a girl because I can't think of any boy names.
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Well, I was pregnant not too long ago and the names we had chosen were:

Quinn Amelia (just because it's cool)


Paul Walden (going by Walden...my husband is Paul, his dead father, his dead grandfather, etc...I love tradition too much to screw with that)

We haven't spoken about names this time round yet so we'll see.
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I am thinking this ones a boy - in which case dh wants his name - Daniel- and then Jack. But I HATE the combo!

If its a girl Louise has to be involved as its a family name and I really like Jane
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For a boy we're 100% on Dominic.

For a girl, we're tossing around 3 possibilities, not sure yet...
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Girl: Mary Hannah or Clara Anne

Boy: Judah or Julian not sure which yet. Jude would be a nickname for either though. No idea about a middle name yet.
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We're so torn on names.

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The names I like are Ava Lynne and Sasha Lynne for a girl, and so far, Shae for a boy. The middle name happens to be both my mom and mil's middle names so it just fits. My DH wants the name to start with an S because his and my step daughters do. Any one else have a DH that's letter name specific?
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...lots of ideas, but nothing definite yet...particularly for a boy.

good thing we have a couple of months!

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I have been 100% sure on a girl's name for a long time. If this one is a girl- which I feel it is likely and DH also feels it is a girl- her name is Hannah Lee. Now because I said that with such certainty we will now have a boy Boy names are harder for me. DH likes Gabe or Gabriel..I am not so sure about that. I like William or Will, or something biblical like Noah, Samuel...my favorite is my husband's name but he does NOT want to name a son after him. His name is Eli. I really do love his name! I like Eli Glenn. Glenn for his dad who passed away a couple years ago, but I only like as a middle name.
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Originally Posted by MEcatlady17 View Post
I like William or Will
I really like William too, but think we would use the Dutch version, Willem.
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For boys, I really like the name Owen.

For girls, I like Meredith, Gwendolynn, Willow, Nora (after my grandma Norma).
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