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I think my guy has weaned!

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My DS is about 3.75 years. Over the last few months, he's been nursing more and more sporadically, often going days w/o a nibble. For a couple of weeks now, he's not nursed at all! The last 2 days, he asked to nurse but only nursed for a couple of seconds tops. I think he wanted to see if he still could ask and receive. KWIM? Anyway, I'm not remotely sad...though it does feel a little strange. I expected to nurse through another pregnancy (though I haven't been blessed w/ another baby yet...still hoping). I imagined DS might nurse as long as DD. I was geared up to wait it out if necessary and be more patient than I was w/ DD. So, even though I'm happy he's weaned on his own and so early (seems early to me, LOL), I feel like I have all this patience and fortitude readied and nothing to spend it on. LOL. I must say, I like that I can wear a one piece dress now, if I want. I do feel blessed to have learned about CLW, though. It hasn't always been easy, but it's always been good for all of us.
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Wow! Congratulations on a peaceful weaning!
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Yes, congrats on a peaceful weaning!
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Thanks! It's still kind of weird. I knew intellectually that each kiddo would be different and that the biologically usual age range for weaning was 2.5-4...but I didn't really have the visceral knowledge. KWIM?
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how nice! enjoy your new state of mothering him!

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I was just coming here to write a post almost identical to yours, so I'll just tack my story onto yours. My little guy is 28 months. He hasn't nursed in 6 days and doesn't seem to need it. He's asked a couple of times, but has been easily distracted. This is really weird for him, and feels strange to me, but okay. He doesn't appear to need it anymore. I've never gone this long without nursing.

I'm ready for him to wean if he's ready. For sure. But it's weird that I can't really express my feelings during this change to anyone IRL. I can't think of anyone who can identify at all (DH sort of understands). My breasts have been producing this wondrous fluid for 28 months now and now that's changing. It's a chapter of our lives/relationship that's ending. Not that I really mind...but still. It's a change.
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