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Rose Red- I think Aug is a perfect time for the swap. That lets everyone who is due at the end of Jan to get into the second trimester. It also gives others time to join who may not know or may not be sharing about their pregnancies yet. Thank you for setting all of this up for us, Im very excited about it!
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I'll join after I hear the heartbeat (hopefully on June 26th!)

Mulvah- (LOL, love your name) I just wandered around a bead store and looked at the beads until I found one that looked perfect- last time it was a glass bead in the shape of a heart, with different swirls of color in the center, near the hole. I bet you can find something perfect if you look through a Joann Fabrics store, or maybe you will stumble across a really neat old necklace at a garage sale that can be taken apart. We've got until August, so we've got some time to look carefully, and think about what is really "us," you know? My bead was very "me," and I know another woman who made her beads with Filo clay, and they were all "hippie-dippy" and flowers and were totally her.

I still have my necklace, and while I don't remember all of the people who sent beads, I still love to hold it and look at it. Gianna loves to play dress-up with it now- I tell her that I wore it when she was born (for the C-section mama who asked, I wore it when I was in surgery!) I still had it on from the transfer, and I remember a tech whispered to the nurse who was by my head, giving me the run-down of what was happening, "What about that thing?" and pointing to my necklace. The nurse told her, "Don't worry about it." When I see it in the few pictures after Gianna was back in my arms, it's very comforting!
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This sounds like a really fun idea! I want to do everything this pregnancy that I didn't do the last time (treasure it), so I will be in. :
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Alright then! I will keep it at August :
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I would love tio do this ....ellascow's membership is pending.
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Would love to join

I don't know anything about jewlery and am atrocious at being creative--but what the heck.
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I would love to join. I was hesitant b/c of the issues with my pregnancy, but I want to join and participate no matter what. I'm hoping to have a necklace to remember my pregnancy days on MDC, but no matter what, I'll have something to always remember my bean and the support I received!

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Originally Posted by rmzbm View Post
I've always wanted to do this BUT...can c-section moms participate? Obviously, no labor for me...but it would still be nice!

You are still birthing a baby, just in a different way.
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Im very interested in this, just wanted to know more information. Id like to sign up! I bead bracelets, and mostly bead jewelry for horses, but I have expanded, so would love to get involved here and make someone something beautiful! Please let me know how to get involved!

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sounds like a lovely idea. count me in! i joined the group and am pending approval.
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What a great idea! We did one of these for a friend of mine when she was pregnant. I'm in!
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I think it's a great idea too and I'm in
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sounds awesome...count me in
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I've signed up on yahoo and it said it was pending, but that was almost a week ago. Anything else I need to do?
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