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Anyone use Nancy Harman for a homebirth?

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Ok, so my husband and I are going to start trying on #2 after taking a long break. Originally I planned on going to the birth center but am more interested in a homebirth right now. My husband is definitely not for it. So, I was wondering if you could share your story ( the good, bad and ugly) so I can show him. I printed out the News & Observer article on her and how could you not love her. :
I am going to put the article, whatever stories I get from you awesome homebirthers, and a book on homebirth on the bathroom shelf and on his nightstand. Also, those that did not use her but someone else, your stories will be just as amazing if you want to share. Thanks so much in advance mamas!
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I'm having my homebirth in August (not with Nancy) so I can't share my story yet! I just wanted to suggest that you could also try watching some of the movies that are out there (Business of Being Born, Born in the USA) with DH. Good luck!
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I've had 5 homebirths....2 of which were here in the Triangle. I'd love to chat with you about it.
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I've had 2 homebirths with Nancy and had fabulous experiences both times.

My dh was not super on-board with HB to begin with, but with lots of reading and talking and meeting Nancy, he came around and is now a huge HB advocate!

I've also attended a couple of friends' births with her and know many, many women who've birthed with her and had great experiences. There are many reasons why I like and respect her, but there's also just the 'click' factor. I felt like I clicked well with her- more so than the other 2 midwives I met and interviewed. I like and respect both of the other ones very much, and would have felt comfortable with them attending my births, but I just felt more 'right' with Nancy.

My dh also liked Nancy b/c she's smart and could read and interpret the scientific literature easily w/him (he's a scientist) and he felt like she really "knew her stuff." Again, not that the other ones don't, just that he also had more of a comfortable feeling with her.

For ME, her CNM status was a non-issue in my choice of MW, but for DH, it somehow helped him feel like she was more "official" and he felt a bit more at ease b/c of it. We could also file insurance w/her b/c of her legal status, and that helped convince him a bit too. (though we ended up paying 100%out of pocket for both births and it was TOTALLY worth it)

The other "midwife in Garner" is also very experienced, and has a well-deserved great reputation. I know many women who have birthed with her and have been very happy as well. She's kind and caring and knowledgeable, so you may want to interview her in addition to Nancy, just so you know your options.

If you have more specific questions, I can try to answer them or you can PM me, but I am SOOOOOOOOO happy we decided to homebirth. It made a huge change in my life for the better. Nancy was a big part of that, though one of the things I love about her is that she was my guide when/if I wanted her to be, otherwise, I was very much in charge and made the decisions, using her as a consultant. It was very empowering (the way it should be!)

SO, I wouldn't change anything about my births with her and I would choose her again in a heartbeat, were we to have another baby.

Best of luck!!
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editing to add that sometimes women have been able to file insurance with the other midwife- the CPM. Not sure exactly how it works, but it sometimes does, I think.

Just wanted to throw that in there!
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Hi there!

I had my second child with Nancy at home when we lived in Hillsborough. That was a very long drive for her! We have moved to Chatham County, and one of the first things that I thought was -- Ooooh! Now we are much closer to Nancy! She is absolutely wonderful. She takes really diligent, copious notes. I was reading my patient log the other day (she had given me a copy), and I was so happy to note that she had written down and described every one of my MANY complaints (heartburn, nausea, etc etc) along with severity and anything else. She is, above all, a professional and your husband would really enjoy meeting her, I think. My husband felt very comfortable with her. We had already had a previous homebirth experience in Dallas, so he wasn't concerned about safety.

I know in these modern times we women always want our husbands to feel comfortable, but birth goes the best and has the best outcomes when the mother's wishes are honored. JMHO.

Please do yourself a favor and set up a meeting with her and your DH!
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We had Nancy for our "almost" homebirth and cannot say enough wonderful things about her and her assistant. we ended up at the hospital after almost 36 hours and a star gazer positioning necessitated a morphine nap, but my DS was still caught by a midwife and we left the same evening. Would be happy to share any details if you want to PM me. I plan to homebirth again if we have another child.
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I didn't use her but I have met her and I know two people who did have her as their MW and they loved her. Having met her I really liked her, she has that dyed in the wool midwife feel to her... very calm and gentle.
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Thank you all so much for your replies. So much info to digest. Over the next few months while I am trying to conceive ( I just missed this month and I have irregular cycles, booo ) I will probably pm some of you. You guys are to awesome and I will watch some videos and read with my husband. Then, we will meet her. BTW, does she have a clinic or come to us for appointments?? I just thought of that. I am so excited already and with my 2nd option being the birth center, I have nothing to be disappointed about since I am comparing it to the hopital birth I had with my daughter. Thanks again everyone...
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You go to her for visits AFAIK.
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Yes, you go to her for all visits but the last -- she comes to get the lay of the land at your place. To find all the towels and the laundry and so. She is in Bear Creek, on the other side of Pittsboro toward Siler City. It took me an hour from Hillsborough, and would probably be about 30 minutes from where I live now in Chapel Hill (Chatham Cty). Her office is very groovy, and she has lots of books and videos that you can borrow.
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Thanks. I can't wait and pray husband will be on board.
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I just spoke with her about a HB this morning and I have every intention of using her as our MW. Providing her schedule doesn't fill up before my 10th week! Anyway, I'll let you know how it goes.
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Could someone please PM or email me Nancy's contact info?

Never mind I found it! Thanks
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Originally Posted by bizzeebee View Post
I just spoke with her about a HB this morning and I have every intention of using her as our MW. Providing her schedule doesn't fill up before my 10th week! Anyway, I'll let you know how it goes.

Congrats !! Yes, please keep me posted. I am interested to know how the appointments work and what they entail (compared to an ob).
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Does anyone know if Nancy Harmon accepts Medicaid?
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^She does but asks that you cover her mw assistant fee.
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We loved Nancy! The appts were great..long and peaceful. She is so attentive and smart. She stayed with us for 7 hours after my birth! And helped so much then and postpartem phone support.
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I love hearing all these glowing remarks about Nancy! I'm not preggo yet, but I really would like a HB, and I know this is gonna be an uphill battle with the family (with the exception of DH, who is really the only other person besides me that matters, but nonetheless), so I'm trying to do some research before I am pregnant. Any idea about how much the mw assistant fee is? You can pm it to me if you would like. Thanks!
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Please post the answer to countrygirl28's question here, because others of us want to know this answer, too!

I also am not yet pregnant, but am exceedingly interested in homebirth (in general) and Nancy Harman (in particular) as she is the closest midwife to where I live. For those who had Nancy attend your birth(s), how many midwives (if any) did you interview before choosing her? (I've heard one is supposed to interview several to ensure a good "match", but I don't know any others!)
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