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Of course we're happy and all, it was just very unplanned and unexpected. We were going to wait another 6 months or so. Anyone else out there have a big oopsie? I actually thought something was wrong with me! Being pregnant was the last thing on my mind. I took a test 4 nights ago and it was negative (or so I thought). So the day after that, I was looking up every ailment known to man that might match the symptoms that I was having...wondering if I was going thru early menopause (at 27!!), or did I have cancer, or some other illness that was disrupting my hormones... Well, the following night I took "THE test", the expensive one that says the word on it instead of the +/-, the one I was saving for when we actually tried for a baby. When it came up positive, I almost hit the floor! Then I went to the bathroom trash and grabbed the test from the night before...and IT was positive! I guess I just didn't wait long enough for it to register! So, we're still getting used to the idea, but I'm really happy all in all.
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Can't say we weren't trying, but I'm glad you don't have early menopause or cancer!

(Always look on the bright...siiiiide of life! *whistles the tune*)
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We were definitely trying, but it still seemed unexpected for some reason.....I've had several losses and it just never seems real! Congratulations and that's awesome that you're an aspiring CNM...me too (although I don't see it happening until my little ones are older)! Look forward to getting to know you!
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