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DIY cloth diapers - need fabric shops suggestions

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I want to sew my own AIO cloth diapers. I know what pattern I am going to use and I have found a few places to get fabric but I would really like some fun prints to work with for the PUL. I would prefer to buy BTY but would consider just diaper cuts if that is all I could find. There are so many people on ebay selling with 100's of prints available. They must get them somewhere, YKWIM!

Can some of you "make your own cloth diapering Mommies" give me any clues as to where to look. The only site I found that had any kind of selection of prints was DiaperFAB.


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I haven't checked their supply of PUL recently so don't know about prints, but Waboozle (dot you know what) is an awesome source for all sorts of diaper making supplies. And their prices are fantastic - less than 1/2 the price of the same materials in my local fabric stores. I have heard some other mamas complain about slow shipping and bad communication, but I have always had very good luck. I've bought lots of bamboo, sherpa, microfleece and zorb and have always been very happy with the quality, price and service.
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This post should probably be in diapering/diaper making. Anyhow, I ordered my PUL online. I don't remember the name of the website though... I just remember I googled diaper making supplies and found several sites selling fabric specific to cloth diapering.
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Moving to the diaper making forum.
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Sorry, I found the diaper making forum after I had posted this.

I did find waboozle and ordered some things from there and also from a WAHM supply and one other website...new conceptions, I think is what it was called. I was just hoping to find some really cute prints instead of solids. I think I will just add a pretty, flannel layer outside of the PUL. I think that I will get some from DiaperFab later. They have some that are really cute but I want to get my feet wet before I get out of control.

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In my experience, putting cloth outside the PUL is cute, but unless you catch and change a wet diaper IMMEDIATELY, the wetness wicks from the leg holes all the way around the outside of the diaper. The only way I've come up with so far to combat that (and it's more complicated than I feel like embarking on) is to add a separate leg band made just of PUL and elastic to keep any wetness from even reaching the non-waterproof outside.
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I couldn't find Waboozle. Do you have a link?
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Sorry, the website it wazoodle.com They seem to have pretty good prices. I don't know how often you have to buy to get the Frequent shoppers discount but it would be so worth it if you ordered enough.
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Wonderful! Thank you!
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Kids in the Garden has PUL prints, I'm browsing them now. =)
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