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wow! yeah, i'm thinking we cuold probably fill a 15yd...we're about 2/3 full with the 12yd and have just started the attic now.

crawl space is EMPTY. this included 8 contractor-sized bags of clothes.

we demolished the built-in shelves and the huge fish tank/stand. that opened up an entire wall in our family room that looks amazing now. well, it will once we've CLEANED the family room. it's amazing how messy decluttering is. :

in our crawl space (we live in a split level) we had 15 HUUUUGE rubbermaid containers of stuff. the contents have been THROWN AWAY and we now have 15 huge EMPTY rubbermaid containers.

DH and my cousin are upstairs in the attic now going through everything. throwing away 90% of it.

this is amazing.

i still have a lot to do in terms of living space clutter, but we're on our way!!!
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Sounds like you're making some major progress. This is amazing to me b/c we moved to TX from NY with only what would fit in a 10' x 6' trailer. Getting rid of stuff is so much fun!
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Sounds like you are doing amazing! Keep up the good work.
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we might not have enough room

we might have to ask the guy to retrieve it, dump it, and bring it back.

never thought i'd say that. oi.
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That's great! I wish I could do that. How much does it cost?
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our 12yd one was $340

cheapest one we found until of course dh mentioned it at work after it had been ordered and his friend told him his buddy would do it for less.

but generally, 340 is the going rate (a bit lower even) around here.
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Originally Posted by susyg View Post
That's great! I wish I could do that. How much does it cost?
Alternate idea - rent a UHaul - fill it and haul it to the dump. There may be dump fees but they are quite reasonable. 10 yrds in this area is $10.
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Sounds like you are doing an amazing job!!
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Wow, good for you!! I bet it'll feel amazing when you're done
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it's full

and our attic still has a lot left in it but it's all small stuff that can go into regular trash so as long as we're diligent it should be ok.

eye-opening weekend. i never want to get there again. ever.
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hey - GREAT JOB filling up the dumpster! i'm sorry the job isn't quite done yet, but getting 12 yards of stuff out of your house is an amazing accomplishment. you should be very proud of yourself!
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WOW!It's great that you got so much stuff out so quickly.

How are you feeling?
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lol actually, i'm feeling like crap because DS and i have some weird stomach bug. but other than that, great!! lol

the house is a crazy mess right now (the living room mostly) because we're planning to pack up all of dh's LOTR statues (don't ask). which means all the boxes are sitting in a pile in the living room. and let's just say it's a HUGE pile. :
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My dh is 3000 miles away from home right now clearing out his hoarding grandma's home.
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OMG- this is a dream of mine. DH hates to toss anything so we have loads of crap I'd love to toss in a dumpster and be done with it.
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I bet it feels amazing (after the stomach bug, ugh!)!!! I dream of doing the same thing but I'm stuck doing it slowly over craigslist and freecycle. Hopefully by the time we move we will be down to mostly necessities.
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Congratulations and keep up the work!

I'd to rent a dumpster just to get the stuff out of here! DH won't go with that idea though.
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Since you've got the dumpster for a few more days, any chance that a college student with a sledge hammer/axe could reduce the volume already in the dumpster and give you more space?

Because for like a soda a piece (so they don't get as tired and stop too soon) you could probably get an number of 20-somethings to go to town on your furniture, et al.
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How did everything end up going?? Did you have him dump it and bring it back?
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