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We have a BOY!

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Announcing Robert Nicholas, born Wednesday, May 27th, at 8:10pm.

10 pounds even
21.5" long
Head circumference: 14"
Chest circumference: 14.5" (You know how they say that the head is the biggest part? Apparently, not always the case... Let me describe that bit sometime.)
Tons of blond hair
Covered in chubby, delicious fat rolls
Cutest baby in the nursery... by far

I'll write a birth story soon, but here's the quickie version: it was an all-natural, drug-free vaginal delivery. Nobody was expecting Robert to be so big, least of all me... He surprised all of us! His shoulders got stuck briefly, but were freed up fast and it didn't cause him any damage. (I, on the other hand, am simply shredded, but that's for the long version. ) Robert's still at the hospital due to some breathing issues that are apparently common in big babies, but is doing great and is due to be released tomorrow morning. Breastfeeding going OK so far, although it's hard to tell at 48 hours; we're on the way back to the hospital now for another feeding.
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Aw, congratulations Mara! I hope that your healing is speedy and your babe can come home soon!
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Congratulations, mama!!! :::
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Congratulations! :
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Oh, Congratulations!!!! :::

I wish you speedy healing! Once you get that delicious babe home, get in bed and stay there. You need to REST and move around as little as possible so you can heal. I had only minor tears the first time and learned the hard way.
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How wonderful!!!!
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Congrats mama! After four miscarriages - I can't imagine how you must be feeling! So so happy for you!!! :::::
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:::::::::: ::
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Congrats! I'm getting SOOOOOOOO jealous of all these babies!
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Congrats and welcome to the world Robert.

My dd was the same way-her chest was bigger than her head-I so wasn't expecting to have to push more after her shoulders were out.
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congrats! I'm so very happy for you
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so blessed! congrats!!:
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Mara, I am so happy for you! Congrats on your big baby boy. Now rest and heal, mama!
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So happy to hear everyone's going ok and the little guy gets to come home tomorrow. Enjoy your little one mama.
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WOW! congrats, mama, and welcome to your "little" guy!!!
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YAYAYAY!!!! Congratulations, mama!!!
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congratulations!!! glad to hear he is doing well. i wish you a speedy recovery too, and a quick release for Robert.

We fully understand how hard it is to leave your LO in the hospital. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

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