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We've been trying to DTD every day since 37 weeks. It definitely is getting "complicated" but we're willing to do it to get my cervix ripened. It's also been really nice to experience the intimacy now because we know how much things will change once baby comes. Who knows how long it will be before we can do it again once she's here!
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I'm not sure if had anything to do with it or not, but DH and I DTD just a couple of hours before my water broke. We did it just for the reason that I was sick my cervix hurting, and was ready to add some natural help to get it ready. We had another go all planned, but my water broke while getting ready for bed.
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We tried DTD to get labor going with my #2, who was 10 days late ... didn't help. Persistent as we are we've been trying it again with this one, and it's not helping labor either.

But I have a very happy labor coach/partner.
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DTD got labour going with dd1. So far, it hasn't worked with dd2 but I'm still a week away from my due date. Hopefully this week it will work. And we get to have some fun as it will be a while before we get to do it again!
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We tried over the weekend, but Ugh! so uncomfortable. DH had a hard time, um "finishing" so that was my clue that he obviously wasn't so into it either. Just another cruel joke at the end of pregnancy. Get our hopes up that DTD will bring on labor, but make it uncomfortable and pretty much impossible for all :
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Not for me, because I have a husband who would rather play World Of Warcraft. I'm open to it though. I'm willing to try anything at this point!
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dtd is exactly what got me into active labor. i had been having some real contractions since 5pm tuesday, but at around 930 or 10 pm it had all stopped. this was after i had to get dd ready to go with her grandparents, as i called them to come get her b/c i thought *maybe* the baby would be coming that night. so dh and i went to bed around 11. we dtd knowing that it could be a while before we did again if the baby came. by 12 am i was in VERY active labor and at 203 baby was out! yay for prostaglandins and one last hurrah before baby came!! :
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