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Who is left?

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There have been so many deliveries that I can't keep up with who is actually still pregnant.

me, still waiting. Who else.
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I'm here still!
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I'm still here. I would like to hold out until the 20th so that my kids and I can all have birthdays on the same day (different months, though)
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I'm here!!

The babies are all really starting to come now!! WOW!!! I can't believe it's "our" turn!!
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I can't believe it's almost June! This pregnancy went by WAY too fast!
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i'm still here too! i'm open to any day now, tho....
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I'm here. And content to wait a few more weeks. Mw thinks she's a little on the small side, so time to get better will be good!
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me. but i'm ready!
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Originally Posted by simplykate View Post
me. but i'm ready!
LOL I am so ready too.
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Oh yeah I'm ready for her to be out LOL...my house isn't ready,etc but my body is LOL. The last few days have been hard!!!
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I'm still here. I really am hoping he'll come in the next week, week and a half but that's total wishful thinking. I think he's going to be a bit of a peanut so I want him to chunk up as much as possible.
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Here until further notice. Which means maybe until my actual due date, which I NEVER thought I'd reach!

I hope not longer....
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I'm here- probably until the end of June! I'm not mentally ready yet, so I keep telling baby to stay put for another week at least. I still need to finalize stuff before I can relax into letting baby choose his/her birthday

Physically I feel ready at times. Loads of pressure and 'rhoids that are driving me crazy. Lack of sleep, crazy nesting energy, etc. I might start feeling ready sooner than I anticipate if this keeps up!
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I am ready. My belly is tired. And my cervix is working... But I am still here.
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I'm still here... but so ready to be done!!!
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Me....anyone know where the eject button is?
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: Me! And I'll only be 36 weeks tomorrow, so I'll probably still be here a while. I think I want Baby to come around June 21, but we'll see what s/he has in mind!
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