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Originally Posted by Mama Khi View Post
: Me! And I'll only be 36 weeks tomorrow, so I'll probably still be here a while. I think I want Baby to come around June 21, but we'll see what s/he has in mind!
I will be 36 weeks on monday, but I am still wanting him out, even though I know better and I should want him to stay in a few more weeks. I am just SOOO over all of this.
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Originally Posted by phrogger View Post
I will be 36 weeks on monday, but I am still wanting him out, even though I know better and I should want him to stay in a few more weeks. I am just SOOO over all of this.
Oh, I totally understand! My thing, though, is that I am working until June 12, so I don't want Baby to come before then, and then I would like a week or so to just enjoy having some time off without having to go to work, and then I decided that Father's Day/Summer Solstice would be a really cool day to have Baby be born. I am trying to prepare myself for possibly going into the first of July, but I really hope that doesn't happen!
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We sure have gotten a lot of May babies for being a June board!

I think I'm out, I think I'm having a June baby LOL!
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ok, I'm offically predicting June 7/8 for my LO to arrive. Don't know why, those dates have just stuck out in my head for a few months.
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I need to clean/organize a few more things before this baby is allowed to come, haha.
Of course this morning I woke up feeling a bit "crampy" so who knows!
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i think i officially have everything ready, i set the birth pool up today and my mom helped me make a belly cast this morning. also got all my diapers delivered today!
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I'm 37 weeks today and so ready. I had everything I needed done competely finished by Thursday afternoon. I think that's why my body started with the prodromal labor Thursday night! LOL! Now it's just time to rest and hang out with my family before we add another addition!
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Ashley, you crack me up! I wish there were an eject button too! I'm still here!
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I want an eject button... Louisiana is TOO HOT to be pregnant!!! I am so glad to be almost done though because I LOVE the weather here, just not when I am as big as a flipping house.
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Oh, and to add to my impatience... I don't think ANYTHING is happening... here's hoping that I am one of those women who just GO into labor with no warning. DS1 was induced so I am in foreign territory now....
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I'm here, and 38 weeks today. I have no reason to think this baby is coming any time soon, but I'm soooo ready!
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Still here but very displeased about it. I don't care what's ready or not I just want this baby out. It's probably a good thing I switched to a midwife or this baby would have been here a week ago and I wouldn't have my one non-pit baby.
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Yeah, sometimes I wish I was clueless because I KNOW that if I walked into my appointment on Tuesday and said "ok I want to schedule a c/s asap" they would do it because I had one with DS like 13 months ago. But I don't want that (duh) and BLAH!!
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I think most of us are still pregnant....

My due date is June 8th so could be any day. But I have a busy week next week so am willing to wait until AFTER my due date as antsy as I am! As if I have any say in the matter ha ha.....
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36 weeks - on bed rest so CAN'T CLEAN!!!!! DH out of town the 8-12.......my mom's in Europe and my sisters can't take time off work....thank goodness for the kindness of friends!
Due the 26th but having contractions whenever I stand up.....
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I'm still here! My due date is June 22. A summer solstice baby sounds good to me!
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Still here! 39 weeks today and still battling a nasty viral infection in my eyes, sinuses and throat. Been a bit crampier last few days...
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Still here, just under 36 weeks so I keep telling the baby to stay put & cook a little longer
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I will be 38 weeks tomorrow, so i suspect it'll be another week or three.
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I'm here. 37 weeks on Tues.
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