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That is funny that we are just now in June and asking the question who's left! I'm here too, EDD is June 9th. I've been feeling twinges but other than that still feeling really great. Grandma and Grandpa made it over the weekend so I'm telling her whenever she is ready we are Waiting to see who will be the first official June baby!
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Me! Due at the end of the week...
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I'm still here! I honestly don't feel like I'm in much of a rush! I don't know how the past nine months went by so fast!!
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I've mostly been lurking recently but I'm still here! Am just about to start my maternity leave so will probably be around here more now
Can't believe we are having a "who is still here?" thread and it's the 1st June today So many "June" babies already.

I'm not due til 18th June and I'm feeling pretty comfortable still most of the time, so happy for baby to come out when it's ready. Still have lots of things to finish and get ready first. If I have to go late, then I'm also thinking 21st June would be a great day to have a baby
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Still here too! 39 weeks today.
I was measuring big so I opted for an ultrasound. Baby was measuring at 9lbs 3oz (which I know can be off either way) but I'm hoping for him to get here Very soon! If the u/s is right on I could be looking at a 10lb little man.
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I am here.
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I'm here and waiting too... not due until the 21st, so I've got awhile. I'm refusing early induction, and OB says she'll put off the eviction date until the 24th. So I'm hoping that I have him earlier than the 24th because then I'll get my homebirth.
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Originally Posted by savvybabygrace View Post
Me Feeling more and more tired, crampy and weepy, and just plain ready to be done. But NOT ready, KWIM?
I am at the tired and weepy point. But yeah, not quite ready. My bedroom is messy, well, full of folded clothes. It just in the last week got warm enough to switch out stuff, but here I am in maternity clothes and all my summer clothes won't fit for a few weeks. Sigh. So I need to get the bedroom ready, but everything else is. I worked like mad this weekend.

Originally Posted by sonuptosondown View Post
Me, but not for long We'll leave in a few hours to go to check in for our induction. I'll be 39 weeks tomorrow, but I'm very ready. Measuring 42 weeks as of a few days ago, so it's getting really hard to move around, though otherwise feeling really good. Just so excited to meet this little guy and get settled in with our new and improved family:
How is it going? I hope well for you!

Oh, and yesterday, the 31st, was my EDD, but I've been saying the first week of June all along. So mentally, I'm finally there!
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I'm here and baby still baking. I hadn't been on in a while and I'm surprised to see so many births. How exciting!!
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I'm not here anymore, had my baby on June 1st! Off to update!
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Still here! Don't know what I'd do without all of you right now!!! Every day is dragging!
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Still here and due date is TODAY! :
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Still here and probably will be for a while according to the midwife today. My due date was Monday, June 1. Sigh. :yawning:
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My due date is today too!
I see my Midwife tonight, we'll see what she says.
Last week though I wasn't effaced or dilated at all. Don't know how much that means though, since this is my first.
I've had three sleepless nights due to some labor that fizzles out after a few hours, had a bit of what I guess was bloody show the other day.... but so far NADA!
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Originally Posted by simplykate View Post
Last week though I wasn't effaced or dilated at all. Don't know how much that means though, since this is my first.
Not much! I wasn't dilated or effaced at all the day before I went into labor with my last baby-he was born 5 hours from my first contraction!
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Still here...but I've been having bloody show, lots of BH and am carrying so low I my MW could feel the baby's head yesterday when she did an internal check. So...I'm ready. Birthing tub's all set up and ready to be filled, I've got all my homebirth supplies just a-waitin'...
GL to everyone!!!
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I'm still here too. I thought we were all ready for baby, but now I need him / her to stay in for another 12 days to retest for GBS. So now I'm hoping for a summer solstice baby! :
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I'm still here too, edd June 26th. It's killing me because the family already started the " so... where's the baby" a couple of weeks ago ?!?!? Oh well- so far, I am retaining my zen state despite them. The frst two were a tad early, but I have a feeling that this one won't be- and since the midwife estimated he/she to be somewhat smaller than they were, a little extra baking time may be just what we need
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I'm also still here.

I'm - unfortunately - having a scheduled c-section on June 17th. Our dainty baby girl is currently measuring about 10lbs. and is breech. I'm on the small side, so the chances of her turning at 37weeks are pretty close to a miracle. We've worked pretty darn hard to have this baby, so I'm opting for the safe, easy way out.

If I go into labor before the 17th, she'll arrive earlier...but it'll be the 17th at the latest.
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Also still here, and reasonably comfortable. I feel that I do have things in order, should baby decide to arrive, but I'm still content to wait a little while. I've had the weekend around the 20th-22nd in my head all along, so it will be interesting to see if that's when it happens!
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