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5 yr old self-esteem

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Hi mamas,

Lately my dd has beed saying comments like 'I don't like myself' or 'I'm fat look at my belly'. Now, I have struggled in the past with eating disorder behaviour and many issues, but I'm pretty careful not to say it in front of her. I still do suffer from poor self-esteem and that is something I am working on. I hope that its not something I influenced but I just don't know.

My dd is afraid to speak her mind in front of people and wont' even speak up if another kid is hurting her.

She has recently started watching cartoons for older kids on Tele-toon and I'm pretty sure the influence there is not great. Other then not watching that channel, does anyone have any ideas to help me work with her?? Its so hard to hear my 5 yr old beautiful baby say that about herself, she may just be testing things out but I was to make sure I can help her feel great about herself.

This is really bothering me and I feel like I'm to blame for this attitude, as much as I also think I've tried to not say anything in front of her.

Thank you for any help on this one
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I don't know, but BUMP!
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Our dd had very poor self esteem last year when she was five, it's a hard time to go through I read 101 Ways to Improve your Girls Self Esteem - it was fantastic a real reference book which I will use again and again, other books was Gael Lindenfield's Confident Children, Steve Bippulph's The Secret of Happy Children. Basically what I noticed was that the kids start comparing themselves to others at this age, they notice hair difference/colour, skin, body shapes etc, what worked for us hugely was finding a sport that dd excelled at, something that she was good at that none in her entourage were, also getting her away from influences that inhibited her from being herself, giving her the courage and tools to do what she wants to do and not necessarily follow the crowd, that sort of thing is not easy at that age, this year she is a different child. Reading and doing the workshop from How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk by Faber Mazlish - especially the encouraging autonomy part is really helpful as well.
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