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When to have next baby (as a new grad RN)?

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Hello all,

My DH will finish LPN school hopefully by Jan. 2010. I should finish mine next summer. After that, we plan on doing a LPN-RN program (ADN or BSN, whichever will accept us) with a hopeful start of Fall 2011 and completion date of May 2012.

Hopefully that wasn't as confusing to y'all as it was to me writing it, LOL.

Now, with all that in mind, would it be wise to wait till we're RN's to have another child? I have a 5 yr old girl from a previous relationship and we plan on having 3-4 more. We are suffering severe baby fever! LOL

Also, if you think it would be best for us to wait, how long should I wait after I become a RN? I would like to get in a new grad internship immediately and get into the groove of working as a nurse (I am a Certified Medication Aide right now) before doing our plans of me going down to 1-2 days a week after the baby is born. I'm just wondering if I should work for a certain amount of time FT before doing that.
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I'm an RN and my only advice is the first year as a new nurse is *extremely* stressful. I was even a tech on the floor I started on as a new RN grad and I was super stressed out at work and it carried over at home. I started in the ICU but I would image most floors are really just as stressful for new grads just in different ways.

I have a great job now but that first year was pretty darn hard.

Good luck!!
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I agree. That first year will make or break you, spirit-wise. I couldn't imagine having a baby on top of it. Plus, the job market is really tough right now for new grads. If it were me, I'd wait until I had a job for a while before I tempted fate with maternity leave.
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The job market is a bit different this year compared to when I started in 2003, but I'll tell you what I did. I became pregnant while in nursing school and had my baby two months after I took boards. I was working as a student nurse and GN and briefly as an RN on a large neurotrauma floor in Houston (44 beds on that floor). I stayed out of work for ten months, and then moved to KC and got a job on a neuro floor and worked there for a number of years.

It was sort of difficult, but not impossible. I had no school debt so staying out of work wasn't a problem. If you are going to have debt, I suggest waiting a bit until you can be out of work for a while to adjust to being a momma, and then go back when the babe is a bit older (10 months was absolute minimum for me).

Working on the neuro floor with a ten month old wasn't hard. When I tried to work 60 hours a week, I broke down, but 36 hours a work was not an issue.
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