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Mothering › Mothering Forums › Baby › Life With a Baby › Would you/do you let your baby sleep on a sheepskin?
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Would you/do you let your baby sleep on a sheepskin?

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My baby loves to play on his sheepskin and last night it was laying on the bed when we went to sleep so I put him down on it with a sheet over the top, and he slept for 9 hours! I don't know if it was a fluke or if he was just super comfy, but I am wondering if it's safe to do that? Do any of you do this?
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I'm a bit wary about the sheet on top because I'm not sure that would be tight enough to avoid any possibility of suffocation...

As for the sheepskin, we only use it in the moses basket (where we're sure she can't roll over face first into it)...She has the mattress in the basket, and we put the sheepskin over it--it was custom made to fit the basket so it fits in there nice and tight. She's slept in that for naps during the day since the day she came home from the hospital. I don't think I'd personally be comfortable with her sleep in it if she went face first though because it's "fluffier" than a regular sheet (it's not cut real low--it's fluffy)

It does keep her nice and cool though.
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not sure how old your baby is? i have used them with all my LO's to sleep on in the family bed once they are strong enough to be on their tummy and lift themselves up to turn their own heads (though they sleep on their backs). they love them, and when we travel it's so nice to have their sleep spot come along. i wouldn't use it in a crib or co-sleeper, but right next to mama i'm not worried, i notice every little move.
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My LO has slept on his sheepskin from the beginning, the nice this is that they can breath right through the sheepskin unlike blankets, so I always put it down in case he were to roll over whenever he did a face plant he could easily breath through the sheepskin because it is not tight, KWIM? Try it, breathing through it that is.
Plus he loves how squishy it is, it has become "his" spot.
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My DS is sleeping on his right now. When he was younger, I would put it either in a basket or in his car seat in the living room or where ever we were hanging out so I could always keep an eye on his movements. Now that he is a bit older (6 mos), I put it in his crib for naps and in the family bed at night. It is a short hair one (clipped to about 1" or so, not long and fluffy but super cozy just the same) and I don't worry about it a bit.
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We love ours! I have one upstairs on the family bed and the other downstairs for naps. Easy to roll it up and take it wherever we go for naps or just quiet time when away from home.
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Where did you guys get yours? I've seen them in various places, but I'm not sure I'd trust all of them. TIA!
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