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I started to haemmorhage after ds3 was born (first freebirth) and at that moment, went o the kitchen and made three large capsules of ground cayenne pepper. I took them and in about a minute, I felt them open in my stomach and I stopped bleeding within a minute of that. I stopped completely, that is- no blood at all! After a while- a couple of hours I think (I don't remember this part very well presently), I started bleeding again, but it was light and stayed that way for the next week and then stopped.

I had very little blood at all with the whole birthing process with ds4- maybe a cup altogether. It was extremely light for a birth and following. I bled waaaaay more after my 2 c/s than with my two freebirths.

There are recipes for hot pepper tinctures that stop bleeding online. Many healers/drs around the world have always and still do carry hot pepper tincture to stop bleeding in an emergency. You can put it on a wound directly and it will work there too (though I imagine it would be very painful initially) and to restart a heart that has stopped in any age-group. It is also given to a newborn who has stopped breathing or who is bleeding profusely.

I only have the one experience, but it was very fast-acting, and I didn't even have the full-potency of a tincture- just the dry spice from my cupboard!

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I'm really hesitant to recommend cayenne to anyone because whilst it causes a temporary lull in bleeding, it is a warming herb and stimulates the circulatory system. In my case I took it to stimulate 2nd stage contractions, and wound up with a PPH (though there were other factors too.)
Saying that, I'm even more sceptical about self-administering pitocin- I think pretty much the only thing I'd be comfortable with using unattended is cervidil, and not until the placenta is out. I think if things are going badly enough that you need active management of the third stage then someone else needs to be looking after you (and the kids, and the dog, and, and, and) so you can focus on getting better and adoring the new baby.
Kat, I hope you find someone. I'd keep trying the midwife who is moving into teaching, if I were you- because after all, she's got to be teaching someone. She might be able to put you in touch with someone else.
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Originally Posted by annettemarie View Post
With me, it's more the belching. I haven't been able to let ones this good rip since college. Kat, it's great to have another MoM in the Feb. DDC!
LOL. I thought I was the only one for whom incessant burping is a sure sign of pregnancy.

Technically I'm due in January - but my babies are always about 2 weeks past my edd so I'm just calling it February and skipping the last 2 weeks of people saying, "haven't you had that baby yet???"
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Tips for feeling/looking more refreshed???

Maybe it's my age. Maybe it's the high pollen count and my awful allergies. Maybe it's that it's summer and we live on a ranch and we have way too much to do this time of year. Whatever the cause, I look and feel like a haggard old lady most of the time these days. Most of the time I'm too tired and busy to care...but when I look in the mirror (especially when my particularly young-looking and hot hubby comes in after a long day) I think, "HOLY COW, woman...you need to do something about this!"

Any tips for some quick "pick me ups" in terms of feeling and looking less tired...less like I've been hit by a truck throughout the day?
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I have been absent from MDC for several months but I wanted to stop in here again. A quick reintro: I am a homeschooling mama to 4 beautiful children ages 11, 9, 5, and 3 next month. I love to knit, read, and garden. We live in a tiny little basement apartment and I struggle with clutter. I have plans to become a midwife once my children are a bit older. I am going the self study route for the time being. I might start school in the Fall.

Congrats on all the babies!

Originally Posted by flapjack View Post
I'm really hesitant to recommend cayenne to anyone because whilst it causes a temporary lull in bleeding, it is a warming herb and stimulates the circulatory system. In my case I took it to stimulate 2nd stage contractions, and wound up with a PPH (though there were other factors too.)
This has been my experience as well.

My second loss was at 13 weeks and I started gushing blood in the middle of the night. My dh worked graveyards at the time and I was alone with 3 little ones. I was shaky and cold and managed to call my dh and tell him to come home. I swallowed several cayenne caps and then passed out. The cayenne slowed down the hemorrhage for a bit, enough time for dh to get home, but then it came back much worse. Ended up transferring and had all kinds of fun in the ER. Looking back I can't say I wish I hadn't taken it because it did slow down the bleeding until my dh could get home and take care of us. But if he had not been on his way when I took it things could have turned out much different than they did.
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I've heard the same about cayenne. Had it recommended to me when I was researching PPH during my 2nd pregnancy. Then an herbalist told me no way. Yes, great for heart attack, not so great for bleeds as they can come back stronger later.

I've always got yunan payao on hand for bleeding. I've not had to use it, but I spoke to a midwife at a conference earlier this year, and she said that's what they use at her birth center and she's seen it work beautifully. It's just my nature to be thinking, "okay, if that doesn't work, THEN what?"

Welcome back Aurora!

Mrs.Surplus~ How about some juicing? A few yoga poses followed by a cold shower. And a honey pat? (Cover your face with honey & pat it till it gets sticky, then rinse off.)
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Originally Posted by rajahkat View Post
Mrs.Surplus~ How about some juicing? A few yoga poses followed by a cold shower. And a honey pat? (Cover your face with honey & pat it till it gets sticky, then rinse off.)
Thank you, Kat. I'll try those. (Btw, I like the dipe on your website. Very cute!)
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Aurora, it sounds like you have a lovely family! I checked out your blog and I love your knitted tea cup.

MrsSurplus, I've finally resorted to wearing makeup. For years, I didn't, and now I just find it makes a big difference in how I feel. Shallow? Perhaps.
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My eldest ds was 16 yesterday. We'l' it's yesterday now here but still today for most of you!

We had lasagne for dinner followed by chocolate cake with strawberries and cream. Yum yum!

Dh and I and the girls picked the strawberries this afternoon at a farm we can get to by bike so we had fun getting them.

16 years seems such a long time ago now and part of another life. Dd2 will be 3 soon and I can't imagine what will happen between now and when she is 16! Time flies.
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Oh, bless him. Can you say happy birthday from me, please?

MrsSurplus, I'm currently going through a yummy mummy phase- which gets me, more or less, out of the "total slob" category, but not much.
1) Get a haircut.
2) Facial scrub- this will make more difference than anything else.
3) Always, always, always, no matter how many children you have or how much other stuff you should be doing, cleanse, tone and moisturise and use sunscreen. We'll never be glamorous grannies if we don't keep the bare minimum in place now.

Throwing out other ideas, makeup- I got a sample kit from essential minerals that I love- nail polish, accessorizing (seriously. Look at the people whose style you admire and I bet there's a scarf, a necklace, a belt, somewhere in there.) With seriousness, though, you're in the first trimester. You can fake it, but feeling like crap is par for the course.

Baby is thumping away now. It's quite nice. Unfortunately, our neighbours decided to party until 3am, and I feel like crap because I haven't had enough sleep.
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I'm in the camp of short term looks may not be much but where do I want to be in the long term. I eat 'clean', exercise, shower and try to moisturize/sunscreen. In another decade whether or not I wore mascara won't matter but my health will. I tell myself that the fewer products I use the fewer chemicals I am putting in my body. This has to be good, right? I do feel better with a bit of mascara and a pair of stylish jeans that fit well if nothing else.
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MoMs I need to vent for a moment, about dh and his job.Dh has been w/his boss and job for 1+ and has never gotten a raise. Money here is tight always! And his boss has told him he'd get a raise numerous times over the last year but has never owned up to the deal. He'd tell DH if he did so and so he'll give him a raise and Dh always does it, above and beyond and still no raise! Boss is now on the well I feel bad giving you just a $1 raise it's just not that much. But to us a $1 raise means $150 more per month after taxes! That's a lot here- like the phone and electric bill each month! It's so frustrating. After paying all the bills we live on about $100 for things like tp, and dog food,etc.

And DH will not find another job! I love DH to death- he's a wonderful dad,husband and loyal hard worker. Takes pride in everything he does so he goes above and beyond to do it. But his loyalty to his boss is driving us down. He'll come home and talk about his day and how his boss wants him to work extra shifts/projects (like maintance on the store- but pays him his cook wages) and I just can't listen to it anymore. It frustrates me to no end that he won't just tell his boss no. I even told Dh not to talk about work anymore and I feel so bad about it because I am interested in his day and what he did but just CAN NOT STAND IT. I've tried talking to DH about getting a new or 2nd job and he says he's trying (I don't see it IRL), and we have decided that me going back to work will just end up costing us more than its worth. So its on him.

I am grateful to have a place we can afford and that we're keeping our heads above water but that's just it- we're not getting ahead at all and are stuck where we are, not moving forward. Something we both want! ARRRGH!

Sorry I just needed to let that out, and I know some of you MoMs would understand, with raising large families yourselves!Ok trying to let it go now.
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Fairymom. Vent away! Talking to people IRL about financial things when you have a large family is really pointless isn't it? I've given up as most people think we have brought this on ourselves having 'so many' kids and then not sending two of them to school.

My dh got so fed up with his job that he left it and we started our own business. This has yet to prove the solution to our problem but at least we are in charge of our destiny to some extent and not at the whim of miserable bosses.

It is scary leaving a job that you know and feel comfortable in and I think that sometimes although we at home can see the problem it is quite a leap for our dh's to see the problem and do something about it. He may see trying a new job as a risk because it might not work out and giving the boss an ultimatum might backfire too. The bird in your hand is not large or laying eggs but it is worth two in the bush!

Flapjack, I've passed on your birthday wishes which were gratefully received. and I'm glad to hear your little one is bumping around in there now.
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Fairymom He'll see the light at some point. I hope. In fact, I hope both men in the equation have one of those "wonderful world" moments where one of them doubles the employee's salary and then the other decides to readjust his work life balance and start his own business farming yaks or whatever.
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Fairymom - I do understand and orangefoot said it well about others feeling we have brought this on ourselves by making the choices we have. I have a constant struggle between wanting more and wanting to be happy with less. I hope your dh sees it your way soon.

flapjack, it is so exciting to think about a baby moving around. As a total aside my dd2 is Helen which is a rather unique name here in the US
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Fairymom, that sounds so frustrating! And I agree with orangefoot, it is hard feeling like you can't talk about things because everyone is looking at your large family like you brought it on yourself. I hope your hubby's boss gets his head out of his nether-regions.

Hooray for thumpy babies! I will feel so relieved once I am out of the first trimester. I'm trying to figure out how I can a first trimester ultrasound. : I'm getting one a some point this pregnancy, but my midwife wanted to do the 20 week one. We're having a homebirth, but I've been in contact with an ob-gyn because I have low progesterone and we lost a baby before. I'd just feel better knowing there's really a little bean growing in there. I haven't felt sick today, so I am feeling worried.
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Light in the middle of the tunnel post: I'm at 23weeks and I feel wonderful.My baby is so busy and active. Summer is here. I have energy again. My kids are thriving. And I think I look as good as I feel--if I do say so myself. You'll get there, too, first trimester moms! Mid-pregnancy is just such a great time.

I have a great DH, too, fairymom. He, too, finds it easier to say no to me and the kids than to is ever-more-demanding bosses. But he says no to himself even more. He's such a workaholic and with this economy (and given his field) he just can't relax. No advice, but I do feel for you...
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Oh it's so hard to love your dh and support him but not agree with a choice he's making. You're a loving wife for trying hard!

Kat and who else has felt "tugging" sensations in early pregnancy...can I have a descriptive detail? I don't think what I'm feeling is cramps. I'm going to take a test soon but don't want to too early as I've been down that road before and it's very frustrating...as in me: "I know it says negative, honey, but it's still really early."...him: "Then why did you take it???"

He had a good point really.

I just threw a blessingway for my sister in law...it's a first cousin for my kids and we are all so happy and excited that he is coming!! and spent the weekend with an 18 week pregnant good friend from out of town, so it's been all baby talk all weekend and I'm feeling kinda baby-talked out! but I love that you're baby is thumping!
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AM, I've had two consecutive pregnancies now with little or no nausea - after three consecutive losses. Sometimes, mother nature gives you what you need, not what you want. Let go. Trust your body. It will all be right.

So tired today How can one night of not enough sleep do this to you? I just seem to have been wiped out all weekend
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anettemarie, do the u/s if it makes you feel better.
And yay for bouncy babies!

I'm on an overseas airport, we're going home to Oz for vacation! I'm so excited!
So far all is well, the kids are sleeping atm. while waiting for the next flight, well, not our 10.5 yo., he's just as awake as we are.
It's really weird to just have 4 kids to watch (sig.), and we have our oldest daughter with us for help so an extra set of arms and eyes, very nice.
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