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June Menu Plans - Page 2

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I haven't really planned this week out much.

Tues- leftover ham sandwiches, broccoli/cauliflower salad
Wed-spaghetti, garlic bread
Thur-garlic herb fish, rice, veggies
Fri & Sat - just the boys and I and I'm not sure what we'll be eating.

I haven't planned the rest of the month because fil and his girlfriend will be here and my meal plans never go over well with them so I'm not doing it this time.
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I'm just now getting into meal planning and I'm so excited.
It's unbelievable how much less food and money we waste when all of our meals are planned in advance.
I've stolen a lot of recipes from this thread and others around here.

Monday - homemade pasta sauce with hot Italian sausage
Tuesday - veggie-full quiche
Wednesday - chickpea curry
Thursday - chicken sloppy joes and salad
Friday - black bean burgers with red beans and rice
Saturday - home made pizza and salad
Sunday - baseball game; hot dogs and pretzels
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Try this

Hi guys I have read about this meal planning before.

it's Dr. Rose Windales ,she gives great meal plans
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Thought I'd post next week's plan, along with a tale of how meal planning helps me! My grandmother was very ill last week so DS and I left town to go see her. (the drs said she had days to live, but they turned out to be wrong wrong wrong, she's now expected to recover and go home). I was able to do a very fast, very local groc shop for about 1/4 my usual shop and leave DH and DD with good, healthy, easy to make meals while I was gone. And then get us through the rest of the week from the pantry/freezer too. So it was much cheaper (good, since I spent bus and hotel costs on the trip) AND it was fast and easy and no stress. One less thing to worry about!

I think I'm going over this week though, between restocking freezer and party on Sunday. Oh well, it balances out in the end!

Anyway, for this week, here's my plan:
Saturday: Baby potatoes with cheese; Veggie corn dogs

Sunday: (Party after Pride at our place) Many different kinds of frozen pizza choices; party munchies; cheese; Chicken and veggie sausages. We always make pink lemonade; others bring the beer n' wine! : (And a surprise red velvet cake for DH for after everyone goes home, because it so happens that Sunday's our 12th anniversary!)

Monday: Gnocchi with leftover sausage, sweet potato, and parm

Tuesday: Mock chicken and asparagus stir fry

Wednesday: Veggie burgers and tomato-mozarella salad

Thursday: Black bean soup and quesadillas (crock pot; I'll be out all day!)

Friday: Cold soba noodles with tofu
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tonight we are having halibut and zucchini burritos with guac, salsa and spanish rice. and maybe black beans as well.
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I'm a little late for this week but here are our dinner plans from the 28th to the 6th...

Sunday- Black Beans & Rice
Monday- Baked Mac Cheese & Tomato Casserole
Tuesday- Pancakes
Wednesday- Leftover Split Pea Soup with Toasted French Bread & Butter
Thursday- Buffalo or Beef burgers (haven't decided which), Corn on the Cob
Friday- Chicken Sandwiches with leftover buns
Saturday- 4th of July Picnic at my grandparents. Chicken sandwiches if we get hungry later
Sunday- Roman Lentil Soup, Toasted Sourdough bread and butter
Monday- Tuna Salad Sandwiches and leftover soup
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tonight was cheese tortellini with asparagus, onions, garlic, sun dried tomatoes and zucchini sauteed in olive oil

tomorrow is beans and rice with zucchini and red peppers.

sat. breakfast burritos
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