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best/ worst commercial

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i realize being on the west coast of canada we may get different commercials out here, but have any of you seen the latest 'lysol' ad? "the one thing kids do share is cold germs"? and then they show the ladies hand spraying a lysol can about 2 inches away from a ball and bunch of plastic blocks, with such force some pieces move. it drives me nuts!!!!!!!! i would rather my child be exposed to normal germs than ingest that crap.
and theres a cold drug commercial where the guy is sick on the couch and his wife wants him to take the med so he can go out and shovel the snow. uh, hello. leave the poor guy alone, he's sick. the best way to recover is rest, not drugs and denial. it just sends such a bad message.

i actually recently wrote to the 'ytv', the cartoon network, for showing femine hygiene commercials during my kids show. i told them to explain tampons to my kids please! not that i wont discuss it but they are bombarded with ads directed at my demographic.
they wrote back saying they arent breaking any industry standards etc, their demographic changes blah blah bs.

anyway, on a better note, the funniest commercial i think i've seen lately is a 'molson canadian' beer commercial. theres an american on the moon with his golf club, and suddenly his glass mask gets smacked in the middle with a hockey puck, crack. the canadian astronaut with his hockey stick says, 'ottawa i think we have a problem' LOL LOL then they show them sitting together with the americans mask bandaged and cracked some more, both with beers in hand; the canadian says sorry bout that, cheers, the american lifts the beer, hits his helmet yet again, i was in hysterics. very funny!!:LOL
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The one that bugs me is the "The swiffer makes my house clean, and when it is clean, I feel like a better mom"
Um, ok. I am a bad mom. I hate the Swiffer. That Lysol one drives me nuts too. The scary part is that I know people who would do that. But who angers me the most? The Welch's Grape Juice girl! Gah!
Recently they showed the Molson 'Office Glen" ad. The one with the girl who says "oh, you're from Canada? Do you know Glen from Canada? He works in an office in Canada"
"Oh yeah, Office Glen. He's dead"

Sure enough, that originally aired 3 weeks after my friend Office Glen went to work in Bermuda.

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i wouldn't even know where to begin with commercials that bug me.

my favorite is the volkswagen commercial where the guy licks the door handle to "claim" his car when he sees someone else walking across the dealership parking lot to look at it. i laughed so hard i almost peed.
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I hate the Progresso soup commercials where the guy always looks like and idiot.

I hate the ad for that odd product that takes odors out of the air, all of these people spraying with abandon and smiling is not enough to convince me that fogging my air with chemicals is worth getting rid of the random smell.

One of my favorite commercials was pulled off the air some years back:
It was the Nike commercial where the woman confronts a "Scream type" masked man in her house and then proceeds to outrun the guy until he is too exhausted to move any more. Several women's groups found it offensive and campaigned to get it off the air. Apparently I have a strange sense of humor or an odd sense of feminism but I thought it rocked and was actually pro-woman power. Anyway...I am already sick of the Linux ads and all I have watched was football. argh.

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The Welch's girl scares me. She just looks so perfect, like she's never been dirty or played at the park. She just doesn't look like a real kid.
I loath any and all J C Penny commercials. Actually, any commercial where they make the dad look like and idiot. It isn't ok for dad's not to be able to take care of thier kids. It isn't funny or cute. The bumbling idiot dad stereotype pisses me off.
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well, how about the new Brooke Shields commercial touting the "special lipids" formula she feeds her baby?
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There's a new commercial I think is hilarious. This guy opens his closet door and there's a monster standing there. He gets all excited and says "I knew it! You've been in there since I was six!!" and the monster says "Prove it". :LOL It always cracks me up. It's for a cellphone, and I think those are evil but the commercial is hilarious. :LOL
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Why are cell phones evil? Brain cancer or potential for misuse on the road. Just curious. My sister now only has a cell phone and has given up on a landline just because of the expense, I think.

The old Welch's juice girl was named Emily something or another, and she was blonde, but there is a little girl with black hair now. The blonde girl freaked me out until I saw her on Jay Leno one night and she seemed more like a little girl.

There have been some funny commercials, but I can't think of them right now. I kind of like the one where the people were so excited to get an AOL cd so they could finish the cd mosaic on their wall, but then the spokes person told them they might actually want the AOL CD this time and to use an old Snoop Dogg one, then Snoop comes on and puts that idea to rest.
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The bumbling idiot men really irritate me. It makes people expect less from fathers.
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There's an orange juice commercial that just came out that has a pink "butt kicking" machine where it goes around the house kicking everyone into gear. I need one of those :LOL:LOL:LOL
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I hate, hate, hate the ad for a particular SUV. The family (mom, dad, toddler) are driving home in their new SUV. The mother is a twit and is cooing to the toddler about the car's DVD player and the dad is rolling his eyes. When they get home and park in front of their enormous house, the dad shows the toddler the engine (a Hemi--whatever that means) and the toddler chirps "Hemi" and the dad roars, "Thats my boy!" :

And I just saw the one where the woman plugs a leak in a canoe with a tampon.:

And I hate ads for pharmaceuticals, particularly the ones in which the pill is mentioned over and over again, with footage of happy, beautiful, prosperous looking people, but you're never told what disorder the pill is supposed to cure. You're just told, "Ask you doctor." :
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We like the Snoop Dog commercial too...."now wait just one minizzle!"

How about the van commercial where the 37 year old mom is confronted by herself at age 17? The girl with the leg warmers and the headband? And then she sees the hunky husband she ended up with and is all okay with it, except for the hair. I like that one.

Will have to think of which commercials I hate...I know there are several...
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They're still running that tylenol ad with the bratty younger brother. The kid is sick so the older sister is safe to have her friends over. The mother "has to give" the bratty little brother the medicine and he proceds to terrorize his sister and friends with a super soaker. The mother does nothing but laugh.

How fair is that to the sister. How fair to the brat who hasn't learned about bounderies. I noticed that the kid doesn't mess with the mom, just the sister and her friends. Is that sick or what?

I hate the formula ads that promise special proteins that help with brain development(WTF?)

Hate the knuckledragger who belittles his whiney whimpey wife, "wuddayu doing to him?!" "Hemmi" (like a monosybilic grunt) and little apeman repeats, "hemmi" that's my boy, wtf.

I love the ad with the referee who calls'em like he see's 'em and his fly is down.

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sorry for the second post but I love the Guiness commercial like this is how we could celebrate St. Patrick's Day (it's green shamrock Christmas and the guiness is in wrap, as stocking stuffers, etc.

Love the ad (don't remember what it's for) where the hot chick stops to change the helpless hunk's tire. My grown daughters are like that. Jennifer had to changer her tire on the way to a wedding. She tore her panty hose and had to run in somewhere for another pair but made it to the wedding in time.


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Ooo one of my favourite topics!

I hate most commercials on principle, but the ones I REALLY hate are:

McD's "I'm lovin' it" campaign - pathetic.

Febreeze - "It's that time of year again", the air in your house is stale and stuffy, so just spray this noxious-smelling product around during your daily "tidy up routine" and notice the difference in 7 days. Hey, here's an idea - OPEN A WINDOW FOR 10 MINUTES!!!

Canadian Tire (a Canadian hardware store, something of an institution in this country) now has a new windshield wiper fluid out WITH TEFLON in it! WTF? So there's a commercial for that. Their current advertising campaign has actually been written up in marketing magazines because they all feature their concept of the ideal Canadian family - bland solidly middle-class suburbanites who go camping and have two cars and two kids and a dog, I think - but that's another post.

The commercial for Wendy's, with the boy named "Junior" and the sister called "Chili" - bleah.

There used to be a campaign for Campbell's soup featuring an obnoxious son who was constantly putting his father down and calling him a "doofus" etc - this was supposed to be amusing.

Anyway. Good thread!
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Ack! I forgot about the Canadian tire couple! Suddenly I need a Screw-Out Damaged Screw Remover, and a water filter, and a bad dye job... And a husband who looks like my 8th grade science teacher, only dorkier.
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"McD's "I'm lovin' it" campaign - pathetic."

That commercial was on the radio every 20 minutes on our 2 hour drive home a few weeks back. We were just driving along and I would suddenly start singing it. It was in my brain and it wouldn't leave. Later that night we were in our hotel room and ds turned on the radio. It was set to a Spanish station and the jingle comes on. Ds says, "Old Donald's (hehe) song, AGAIN, ugggghhh!"
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We mute the tv during commercials, so my take on it is a little different.

With the sound off, I think the Enzyte ads are hilarious.

I HATE with a passion any ad for an SUV, but especially the ads for the Hummer. I mean, come on. Do we really need to glorify war through the marketing of military vehicles for personal use?

I must not be watching the right channels to catch the formula ads. Thank goodness!
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Originally posted by Throkmorton
But who angers me the most? The Welch's Grape Juice girl! Gah!

susana, my son thinks 'wait just one minizzle' is HILARIOUS!

dunno if this is local; have you seen the commercial where the guy says, 'we need to talk; it's over, you're just too high maintenance...' you think he is practicing a speech to dump his girlfriend but he is actually referring to his SATELLITE DISH!
: joe has that one MEMORIZED! he loves it.

i hate the pop tarts commercial, where the dad looks totally confused~ 'what are they again?' & the preteen son says, real slow & smart mouthed imo, 'they're yooo-gurt blaast pop taaarts.' i wanna smack him so bad!
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I loathe all feminie hygeine products EQUALLY! Funny story: I was watching TV with a maile friend of mine once when one of these tampon adds comes on. It shows women in WHITE skin tight pants cavorting around on beaches and dancing in their pristinely clean houses etc to very invigourating music. My friend turn's to me with a grin and says: "Emily, is is REALLY that much fun?" :LOL
What a nut!

My current fave is a light beer add. It's looney but it shows this guy's really tight 6-pack abs and then shows a guy's bare beer belly. The caption reads : drink beer responsibly. Sad, I know. But, my ALL TIME fave was the Canadian beer add with Joe. "MY NAME IS JOE! And I am Canadian"

Gotta love it
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