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I HATE HATE HATE the commercials that they had where they showed different people who were saying things like "I'm responsible for the deaths of children in the Philipines" because they smoked pot.

I, in fact, hate ALL the anti pot commercials they waste money on right now.

I also HATE the commercials I've seen for Macys three day sale or JCPenneys 2 day sale where they show women totally bailing on their family for the sale and the inept dad who cant keep the house together and doesn't realize his wife is shopping. BARF!
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oh man i hate those anti pot commercials they are the lamest!!! huge waste of money.

another funny one i remembered was where they show a soccer game on tv, and they show bars around the world watching the game, in their language, and then they show a guy getting kicked where it counts, and everyone universally cringes. i'm cringing just thinking about it... oh no cringe smiley?

along the same lines, did any of you ever see some of the ads www.moveon.org put out? some of them got time on cnn they were so heavy. all anti-bush. you can see the winners on their website, i think.

keep em coming!!
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ITA anothermama, with the drug commercials.
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anothermama ITA too, I forgot about those stupid ones.

flminivanmama, I love that jetta one too!
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Ugh, I hate the drug commercial ones too! And most of the ones you all mentioned, heh.

A couple I found funny:

Dinty Moore (I didn't remember what it was for, but Gemini reminded me! ) where you see two kids sitting on a couch and hear the parents talking to them. "Your mother and I took an aptitude test. Turns out... we should be rock stars!" Camera switches to show mom & dad decked out in atrocious punk garb. Just the sight of them makes me laugh! Dad goes on to ask the kids to make themselves dinner because they have a show tonight. Then the mom says, "Gig, dear. It's called a gig."

Oh, my absolute FAVORITE lately, and it's been awhile since I've seen it, nearly pee my pants every time, though, is a Sprint commercial. You know the ones where someone misunderstood someone else because of crappy cell phone service? This one someone ordered like 1000 oxen, but the guy thought he said "dachshunds." So you see this sea of dachshunds running around. I love dachshunds, so that helps up the laughable factor on that one for me!

Another one I like is a Progressive one where the parents seem to be chewing out their daughter for getting a tongue ring, but they're really just upset because she didn't shop around for the best price. Heh.

Oh yeah, love that Jetta one with the guy licking the handle too. A definite funny one!
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i love that dachsund one, too. so cute.
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One that I like, that just popped up in my mind, is the Geico car insurance commercial. A woman in a field of flowers in a flowing white dress is holding the little geico lizard's hands, spinning him around so his little body is parallel with the ground....
another one that totally cracked me up was a beer commercial that aired during the last super bowl........ a man walked up to the front door of a bar with one of those dread-locked dogs, and he saw the sign that said "No dogs allowed". So then you see him walk in the door with the dog on his head and he's acting like a Rastafari guy; he sits down and orders the beer.
I have a really, really weird sense of humor, I know
The worst commercials are definitely the formula commercials. They drive me nuts!!!!!
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While most of the enzyte commercials are hilarious, there's one that really irks me every time I see it. The Enzyte guy is in this meeting with a bunch of Asian guys (I'm pretty sure they're supposed to be Japanese), and they all keep making euphamistic comments about how they're intimidated by the size of his penis ("They have sent the big one!" "He is wood that will not bend!") It's SO racist to me that I want to scream every time I see it!

I used to burst into tears when I'd see those kids with their "I smoked pot at a party last week, I'm responsible for global terrorism" statements. There was no one over the age of 20 in that commercial, and it just broke my heart that kids would be forced to feel guilty for of all things smoking pot (much of which is grown in the US, hate to burst your bubble, Dubya). I suppose crying is a little extreme, but I was pregnant, so . :LOL

I *love* the leather bustier commercial, as well as the one with the woman in the beauty shop and the geek boy voice talking about his robotic prom date. :LOL

I also like this really old Kix commercial that's been running again lately with two little boys, one of them trying to open the box upside down. The other kid says "These are good," and the first says "Yeah, but they're really hard to open!" :LOL It's adorable, because I remember watching my sisters try to open boxes upside down and finding it hilarious.

The Pediasure commercials really bother me, because all the kids in them are healthy and normal sized. I've got a niece who is *very* thin and sickly and actually has a prescription for Pediasure. If she doesn't gain some weight soon, she'll end up with a feeding tube. The kids in these commercials look normal, and I know that parents of perfectly healthy kids are giving them Pediasure to compensate for their bad eating habits... all that does is give them fairly concentrated calories and contribute to obesity. It really bothers me, and I kind of think that things like that should still be available by prescription only, for kids who actually need it instead of for parents too lazy to teach their kids reasonable eating habits.
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Originally posted by candiland
One that I like, that just popped up in my mind, is the Geico car insurance commercial. A woman in a field of flowers in a flowing white dress is holding the little geico lizard's hands, spinning him around so his little body is parallel with the ground....
Ewww, that one creeps me out! But I do like the dog on the head one.
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Originally posted by Bippity
We have an on-going debate in our house.... exactly WHAT did the Mom HAVE to give him - they Tylenol or the squirt gun?
The Tylenol. The girl is upset that the mom gave him the Tylenol to make him feel good enough to want to wreak havoc on her slumber party. But the mom had to give it to him because he was sick and she couldn't just let him suffer. I hate that commercial and all those cold medicine commercials because none of those drugs help. You still feel just as awful, at least in my experience, such as it is.
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I hate, hate, hate Miller Lite, but they have two great ads: the one where everyone panics, crying. "I can't taste my beer!" and the one where everyone falls down and knocks each other over, domino style.

I thought the Snuggle one with the porcupine was funny. The porcupine is hanging out in the laundry room, and the woman (expecting Snuggle the Bear, I suppose) looks really disgusted and says "Who ARE you?" The Porcupine has this really low gravelly voice, and says "I'm Snuggle." It cracked me up for some reason.
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Since you all haven't seen our commercials, I should do a decent job of explaining. But I don't seem to be very good at that this morning, so maybe I really shouldn't be posting. But, here goes:

There is a new commercial out that I haven't figured out what it is far, but a bride and a groom start slowly walking (only showing one at at time) and picking up pace to a run. And then they switch to a landscape and they are actually running away from each other. I am still giggling about it.

This one is a bit older, but this guy apparentely just met someone and they slept together for the first time. He hands her a pregnancy test and is all excited and she's looking at him really strange. Then they show a mini-van type of car and say that you don't have to have a family to buy one.

And then another car one. A young man is looking at a new car ad and his car. Then he starts ramming his car in the wall, has an elephant sit on it, starts hammering, and then smiles happily. Then you see him driving his somewhat all-over dented car that now looks like the new car.

And a public service ad that I've only seen once and wish I could see again, a man's shoes as he moves about the day. As he passes dog poop on the sidewalk, with all of the chewing gum, just the general grim of a french city. And then he walks into his home, on to the rug where his baby daughter is beginning to crawl on and is drooling on and she's putting a toy that was also on the rug into her mouth. And then they say to think about where you're shoes have been during the day and not to carry that into your home. Of course, I don;t think anyone else in France removes their shoes, but I really wish I could have people see that commercial before they visit my home.
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Originally posted by daylily
I hate, hate, hate the ad for a particular SUV. The family (mom, dad, toddler) are driving home in their new SUV. The mother is a twit and is cooing to the toddler about the car's DVD player and the dad is rolling his eyes. When they get home and park in front of their enormous house, the dad shows the toddler the engine (a Hemi--whatever that means) and the toddler chirps "Hemi" and the dad roars, "Thats my boy!" :
Oooh I hate that one too! But for different reasons... the Mom is all like super nice and sweet talking to the boy "and its a soft ride for you and fluffy" and the Dad's like "what are you doing to the boy?!"

It makes me because the Mom is treating her little son like a little child, and the dad is all Grrrr he must be manly! Ok maybe the Grrr must be manly part we agree on but I HATE how he talks to the mom like she's out of her freaking mind to talk sweet to her baby!

On a happier note: I love the pink butt kicking machine one too!!! We have a tivo and I had to rewind it and make Dh watch and we just laughed out butts off!!
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I don't know if anyone has mentioned this one yet...

But it made me laugh out loud.

It is a truck commercial, five guys riding in a red truck. The guy in the middle back is singing Shania Twain (Man! I Feel Like a Woman) completely into it and the other guys are just sort of looking at him. One guy moves his knee away from him. I totally cracked me up cause the guy in the middle is SOOOOO into the song.
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LOL! Adina, I was just going to post about that commercial. It is so funny! :LOL

God bless,
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The ones I think are really funny have already been mentioned.

I agree with those who hate the ones that make the dad look like a dolt when mom isn't there (DH, who is a SAHD, understandably hates them even more than I do). There's one that hasn't been mentioned for some flu medication that talks about "Who'd take over if you got the flu." The mom's sick in bed and the dad let's the kids where summer clothes and sends them off to catch the bus and it's snowing outside. Then he's trying to do laundry and picks things up like he has no idea what he's doing. Ugh!

eta - Another one I hate is the one for batteries that shows these approximately middle school aged kids on a bus with Marvin Gaye's song, "Let's Get It On" playing in the background. This little boy comes up to this little girl and gives her batteries for her CD player.
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There are 2 I like, regardless of them being PC or not PC--I still think they are funny:

The NyQuil commercial where the husband tells the wife if she takes the NyQuil, she'll sleep like she did before she had children, then they show her laying down in a huge, pretty bed with rose petals falling all over her. Sorry--I know the medicine ones are usually awful & the reference to before-children won't be popular here, but I just think that one has funny imagery!

Also, I like the one for the cat food that show the cat stalking the zebra or the antelope--as if eating the cat food makes him feel like a lon. Just think the cat looks so silly running after the zebra.
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dd reminded me of one today that i thought was hysterical. have you seen the pepsi commercial where the vacuum eats this guy's pants?

guy goes to pick up his date. she gets him a pepsi and tells him she will be ready in a minute and to sit down. the little auto vacuum cleaner running around the room spies the pepsi and heads for it. man taunts vacuum with pepsi. vacuum attacks guy and sucks his pants right off. girl comes back in and the guy is standing there in his boxers drinking his pepsi. he says "ya' vacuum cleaner ate ma' pants, theys nothin' i could do 'bout it,"and takes a drink.

this is one you *have* to see if you haven't. :LOL :LOL :LOL
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I love that one. I haven't seen it in a while. Dave Chapelle just kills me (the man in the ad).
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Two words: house hippos
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