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Help, MoMS! Anyone ever lived through this?? Right now, I want to cut off my boobs and throw them in the river!

Details here: I don't feel like writing them again!
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Oh so sorry . . . I only dealt with it once.

I avoided drugs by keeping heat on the affected boob every living waking moment as much as I could bear it (hot shower, hot rice bag, heating pad, etc.)

Drink LOTS of water.

I also found it helpful to massage the breast a little (as much as you can bear) trying to clear the ducts and to nurse the babes in different positions. If one of yours is a stronger nurser than the other, put him on the affected breast. Or, if you can stil pump from one breast, put both of your kids to nurse directly to the affected breast (and pump from the one that's okay.)

Good luck!
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BTDT - although mine was not as severe as yours sounds like.

I got mastitis when the boys were around 10 months old (or was it 11?) First time with any of my kids. The KellyMom non-abx suggestions didn't seem to help anything over the first few days - it was getting worse. I did a round of abx and thought we were clear. . . but then right back into it a week or two later. I had some (new to me) issues with clogged ducts around that time, was busy, run-down, and recovering from a cold/flu bug.

Fortunately, the second round of abx cleaned it all up and we have continued nursing without issue ever since. (Boys now closing in on 2.5).
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I've had it more times than I'd like to count, namely because when my babies go through growth spurts and then get too busy to nurse again my crazy milk making body doesn't get the message! I don't do abx as a rule because I then battle much worse things for months on end--not worth it to me. I pretty much have to be dying. And there is a difference between mastitis that is being caused by a plugged duct and mastitis that has progressed to an actual bacterial infection. If your ducts are clogged with milk that is all sticky then your immune system will actually react to the large milk proteins that are stuck in there. With a fever under 103 it would be my guess you have this type.

Anyway, get yourself into a STEAMING hot bath, belly down, and soak soak soak. Most important thing is to get that duct (or ducts) cleared out pronto. Do that by applying heat and massaging. Express as much as you can and nurse, nurse, nurse ANYONE who will take the milk out. Point their chin at the clog and make sure you are alternating nursing positions. LOTS of water and I know there is a homeopathic remedy as well but I can't think of it off the top of my head. I also use Epsom salts in my steaming hot baths. I massage and massage and massage that sucker with a little soap to help the skin not get all roughed up and hand express all that sticky milk out. It will sometimes be so thick as to look like spaghetti noodles!

I'm so sorry friend. Mastitis just SUCKS.
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Oh, also start taking the probiotic Ruteri. Helps!
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Originally Posted by Intertwined View Post
I massage and massage and massage that sucker with a little soap to help the skin not get all roughed up and hand express all that sticky milk out. It will sometimes be so thick as to look like spaghetti noodles! (

Oh, that sounds just awful!

Dianna, I hope you get better soon. : to your boobies!
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Oh, I only had it once and I know how awful it is.

I stood in the a very hot shower and massaged and massaged, and massaged. I also rested, just stayed in bed and rested. I alternated between hot water on the breast, shower, and resting. Oh and lots of fluids.

I'm so sorry. I know it sucks.!
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hmmmm ..... well, at least now I don't have a fever, and I don't feel like I have the flu. I still have an area of thickening/hardening on the R side, and I'm been trying to massage/apply heat, but as you know, it's a bit hard to do all that, while running after 4 children.

I haven't seen anything stringy coming out of my boobs .... EEEK! Is there stuff stuck in there??
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Yeah, it's sticky milk all clogged up in there. You gotta get it out!

LOTS of fluids!
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there are tons of homeopathic remedies you can try - always best to speak to a homeopath to get the right one/ dose. generally, if you have a stubborn blockage go for 2/3 doses of silica30. belladonna 30c hourly for the first sign of fever.
dipping your breasts in a hot bath sounds bliss in the middle of all the pain!!!!!
have you tried taking lecithin?
you could also try echinacea if you prefer the herbal route. i used that once and it made me burn up with heat like i'd never felt before, but passed within 24 hours.

ouchy ouchy - i pray it clears up sooooooon and stays away. i'd also be thinking of trying to slow down the pace in as many areas of life as you can for a few weeks to give your whole body/ mind as much of a change as possible.
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just to add, (though you're months into pumping!!!!) sometimes changing funnel size on your pump can stop some pressure points that might trigger blockages

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Originally Posted by kjoy2 View Post

Oh, that sounds just awful!

Dianna, I hope you get better soon. : to your boobies!
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Oh I am so sorry. That sounds just awful. I've had plugged ducts and those were uncomfortable enough. I can only imagine how painful mastitis is. Sending you un-plug vibes!
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Ya'll are the best .... today, it feels much better ..... I can feel some little 'knotty' ducts, but the thickened wedge area is gone. I've been massaging, and I need to go fill up my water jug again.

Also, going to look up info on lethicin.
I'm just concerned about reoccurance, now.
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My family doc said that she had a stubborn plugged duct once, back in her nursing days, and she'd used heat, massage, pointing the baby's chin at the blockage & massaging while he nursed, etc. but it just wasn't resolving. She spoke to a dairy farmer who recommended taking baby aspirin.

My doctor also mentioned using cabbage leaves....just something to keep the temperature raised on the breast tissue. And a heating pad in exchange for the warm compresses (the wash cloth that cools off too quickly.)

I didn't try the cabbage leaves, though.
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I had it Suday, and today I am finally feeling better. SUnday I had a fever/chills and the PAIN! Monday it was better, I still had a fever but I did start to feel better towards the end of the day. Tuesday I just had a bit of soreness left on the boob, and today I finally feel normal again! YAY! THe other posters are right, I took steamy hot baths whenever I could, and massaged out whatever I could get out. I also nursed that side really heavily (in tears). Lots of water. I took advil, 2 every 4 hours, and Sunday night I took Tylenol PM (not a good idea, I don't even remember the night. I did wake up once in the middle of the boys' bed, and I know I had nursed them, but I don't remember any of it. Won't do that again. The sleep was nice, though). I had it really bad back in the fall, too, and I called and got ABX. This time I wanted to try to get rid of it w/o ABX (and the following yeast infection). I do think that I recovered faster w/ the abx, but I was glad I didn't have to use them this time.

Hope you are all better today!
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Updating that I have it again! 9 days after getting rid of it in one breast now it is in the otherl, and back w/ a vengance! I went to the local clinic today and got abx., I just don't have it in my to keep battling this, and I need to be better so I can take care of all these kids. She said if I wasn't better by morning I would need to check w/ my OB and make sure it doesn't turn into an abcess? Hope not!
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you poor thing!! Is it a bra issue???
Bra too tight/pinching, something?? Why is it reoccurring??

I felt poorly until Thurs, and thankfully, now, I can't even tell there was a problem.
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I think it is b/c the twins are just not nursing like they were, they have cut WAY back, and I think sometimes they just want to nuse a minute, the I have a letdown, but they won't nurse it, so it stays in there. I am trying to nurse both boys on one side instead of giving each his own side. I think they may be weaning a bit, yesterday they went from 6 am to about 10PM w/o nursing, and I had to coax them to nurse, they are just so busy now they don't want to stop. TOday they nursed about 6 or 7, then I tried to put them down for a nap around 12, but they nursed literally less than 2 minutes and then refused to stay on my lap. They will probably nurse just once more tonight at bedtime, and even those are getting really short. THey just don't want to lay there and nurse unless then are really tired. My DDs weaned at 16 months (due to loss of milk in PG) and 25 months, so I guess the boys are just getting a lot closer and my body is having a hard time adjusting. My DDs have gone down to at least a D, maybe even a C!
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I feel for you mama. I'm in the midst of my third mastitis attack and my babies are only 4 months old. I've started Soy Leichen, so maybe that will help me.
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