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Cost of an HSG

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Okay....I was going to call my doc today, but they were closed.

How much did you HSG cost?

Did you have any insurance coverage or did you pay out of pocket?

I need to know cause I don't know how much it costs and I don't know if my mom will pay for it past $300. Help me!!! This is a last ditch effort before I give up completely. I just want to know if I even have a chance.
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I don't remember because it was 5 years ago and my insurance paid for it. But it seems like it was around $300.
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Hi, Adina. I'm sorry I don't remember how much my HSG cost, but that's because it was covered by my insurance. As long as you have decent insurance and are diagnosed with infertility, the HSG should be covered. Good luck to you!

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Well mine would cost me around $780.

As for insurance, I have decent insurance. For eveything BUT infertility. Which is not covered at all. A lot of insurance policies don't cover any of it.
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Saw this a couple of days ago, but just now have time to answer. Had an HSG about 5 years ago. Had to pay out of pocket as insurance wouldn't cover it. I had separate bills from the doctor and the hospital. Had to pay the doc the full amount at the time, but made arrangements with the hospital to make payments on their amount. Guess it was between $400-500. Perhaps this would be an option for you?
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I think my insurance company was billed close $500 3 years ago.

I am very lucky- in my state the cost of fertilty treatment by an insurance company is required by law. I have a fill coverage plan so I paid one $15 co-pay for entire cost of my treatment. The drugs were/are covered my prescription plans. I am just starting another cycle this week (woo hoo!!). My cost of the entire cycle of drugs was only $184.00. My friend on Blue Cross/Blue Shield had an 80/20 so she had to pay 20% of the treatment and all prescriptions.
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I wish I could lend you some money to get it done.
Or better, lend you some of my fertility. I just wish you all the best, sweetie. I'm trying to be as supportive as I can be without being pitying (is that a word? Is now!)
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I remember mine being around 300$.....that was 6 years ago.
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Yeah $786 seemed damn high...but what can you do?
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Mine was done last April. The submitted charges to the hospital were $832 and then my doctor's charges on top of that were $750. $500 of which were for the friggin' injection!! Fortunately mine was done to see what my uterine cavity looked like, rather than for infertility so our insurance covered it. It's absurd!

Good luck to you!

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Call your insurance...it may be covered. Many insurances cover testing, ultrasounds, bloodwork, etc--but just not the actual procedure of IVF.

Furthermore...if it is not coverd, you may need to go to a Reproductive Endocrinologist. He may be happy to do a Sonohystogram, which might be less costly, as it uses u/s rather than X-ray.
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It isn't covered. My insurance is very clear on that. It states no infertility coverage for treatment or diagnosis.

I have gotten the order for one for the next cycle through my OB/GYN who is an advanced fertility guy.

I will let you know how much it was when i get the bill.
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I really hope it brings you some hope or good news or something
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I am going in for an HSG tomorrow. My insurance also does not cover any treatments related to infertility. My doctor has agreed to submit the charges to the insurance company as a diagnostic due to pelvic pain or something like that so my insurance might cover it, but it is most likely that we will have to pay for it out of pocket. They told me it will cost $1200. It's alot of money but I feel like it's definitely time to do this. If need be we will probably just have to pay it in parts. I still am in denial and wish this wasn't happening to us- it has taken me several months to feel ready to have this test. I'm trying to remain positive but there is a huge fear that if a problem is found, without insurance how will we be able to seek treatment. This whole experience is making my partner and I feel like we're in no man's land- infertility is really not that uncommon of a problem but it is so isolating.

sorry for venting- it 's been awhile since I have been on these boards.
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I'm planning on seeing an RE next month and i'm told this is one the tests he does before he will do AI/IUI to help make sure your not just wasting your money on AI's that wont work. I was told to expect it to cost around $400.
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I got the bill from the HSG and it was actually about $800 instead of the $1200 that they initially told me. There really does seem to be a wide variation in costs for this procedure. BTW, my HSG went well and showed no problems with tubes or uterus. Good news, but it still leaves so many questions. :
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Don't lose hope. Call around. My insurance would not pay for it and I called around for CASH prices and paid about $180 for it.
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Adina - I'm a little worried about that too. Our insurance is very clear, they cover NOTHING. I didn't have them submit my meds to insurance because my doctor is getting some of the testing paid through by other means (i.e. not letting on we're ttc). I haven' t seen the bill yet, but I'm a little concerned. Our doctor just sends it off to some lab and they send you the drugs in the mail. I got Clomid, Hcg shot, and lots of other stuff, so I'm expecting well over a grand. If we do it again, I might have them submit to insurance just in cast there is a possiblity they cover some thing. Any thing would help. Of course, I run the risk of them figuring it out and every blood test being out of pocket instead.

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Adina and Cate: I'd urge you both to talk to your doctors about the price they're charging you. The way that physicians schedule fees (at least here in the US, which I'm hoping at least one of you live in or I'm going to feel real dumb. ) is insane... they charge people who are 'private pay' significantly more than they charge insurance companies because insurers negotiate a 'reasonable and customary' rate for each procedure, and that's all they're willing to pay, so the doctors have to deal.

Private pay patients often don't ever try to negotiate fees with the hospitals because they assume that "That's just how much things cost". I'd mention to each of your hospitals that you're paying for this yourselves, that you know that they charge insurance companies significantly less, and that you haven't got deep pockets and see what they can do. Especially if you're planning on paying the whole treatment upfront.

I might have some information on negotiating strategies at work, PM me if you want me to look.
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Actually - I got mine done almost a year ago and the total cost turned out to be $234. Not nearly what I thought it was going to be.

So all is well.
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