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I'm on vista with Firefox and see no changes. I too was:

RR: fixed tv in garage to receive channel 13 which has my soap on it so I plan to get kids to swim at 10am, then some school studies, then to the TM at 1pm to watch my soap opera.

Ran 3.7 yesterday at home on theTM then went to the gym where I was to do multiple cable machine moves, but the only one our gym has was covered in men hogging it. I did have a very nice guy joke around with me a bit which made me more comfortable to be there. He was nice without hitting on me. so i did some free weights, one cable move, and one machine. it's something. I told dh that I want him to come with me to make me more comfortable and fend off the guys from the machines I need.
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Originally Posted by doctorjen View Post

Had another baby - 9 lbs 12 oz this time, no shoulder dystocia, but baby born with unexpected cleft lip. A fairly rough labor for this mama (her 3rd baby, but she felt the labor was harder than the other 2) but they are adoring him now and fortunately he so far seems to have no issues sucking and has been nursing well. He was born at 9:38 this am, after I'd been up since 2, and then I worked all day, so I'm wiped to say the least (but not as wiped as Geo!)
Can I recommend Children's Memorial in Chicago for cleft repair? That's where we had Emily's cleft palate repaired when she was 10 months old. The surgeon is a freaking artist with the mouth! Emily's ped can't really tell where the surgery site is, and she knows where to look! He took the two halves of her uvula that she was born with split on either side of her mouth and made them into one, beautiful, perfect piece. Nursing, sadly, didn't work with us, so I pumped for a year with her. If your mom ends up needing to pump, please feel free to give her my email address, and I'd be happy to give her some support (or if she needs to talk to someone who has btdt in regards to dealing with a cleft).

I've got 5 miles on the schedule in a bit. I was going to do it outside, but it is currently raining, so it is looking more like a treadmill run.: I even arranged babysitting! Pooh.
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On the laptop discussion, I just did a ton of searching for my new laptop, also considered getting a Macbook, but decided against it for 2 reasons. First was the price - they are just significantly more expensive than the pcs. Second was the compatibility - I have two different programs that I use that are based on "old" pc technology, not the end of the world, but it would mean running Windows parallel on Mac, just an added layer of complexity for me. I am not into complexity!! I heard to stay away from the Vaio, Gateway is also out for me (bad experiences!), but I toyed with the idea of a Dell because I have had 2 over the years and both have been great.

Anyway, I decided to go with a Toshiba Satellite, which has been awesome so far. Huge screen, camera, and also an AMD processor, which I really wanted to try this time. They are really not too expensive if you watch for deals through Amazon or any of the office supply stores. I got mine from Office Depot for something like 699.

Today, I am not feeling motivated. I am supposed to run 3. Only 3, but it seems ... too hot or something.

Jo, give it time. It's not easy to change your schedule like that. On one hand, I would say to plan to be flexible, just in case of last minute crazyness, but on the other hand, it is going to be hard enough to get out of the office by the time that you set for yourself. In my experience, people will probably need to speak to you and situations will arise to keep you there longer than you are supposed to be staying. If I had to do it again, I would be more firm about leaving by a certain time. I had a great relationship with my work and my bosses, and was always trying to satisfy everyone and accomplish everything ... sadly, 7 years later, I doubt anyone remembers whether I accomplished much or not - but I bet they remember that I was the mother who left at 3 pm. I hope that's not too much of a downer - it was a great situation for me and I was thankful for it, but I should have agonized less about trying to compensate for my schedule.
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JenLove - add me to the chorus of don't be too disappointed about the tri. it's nothing you can really understand before you have your first baby, but that first year is especially challenging. enjoy your time with a little baby, get out and exercise while you can. but understand that training for events will be a lot easier in another year. between the timing with childcare and nursing and the amount of food you need to eat to protect your supply etc - it's enough to make your head spin.

Jo - don't they say that you need 6 weeks to adjust to a new schedule? i can totally empathize with you though, i'm consistently running into issues with workouts and dang meetings! sadly meetings come first, but in the end it all works out.

We're a Mac family and I have a dell laptop for work. The mac is more reliable than my dell, which is good because though i have an IT dept to support the dell, there is not one for the mac. Not that there's anything wrong with the PC, but it's just not as easy to use as the Mac. Vista is supposed to be a big problem, you should upgrade to Windows 7 (or whatever the new OS is called) as soon as it's available to you.

Have to run to my sports guy this afternoon to treat my traumatized arm some more. It's hurting again and i have a big training week on my plate this week. Then tonight is ladies night ride. Tomorrow i'm planning to be out of the house by 6:30 to get my workout done prior to coming into the office.

Anyone notice that gas prices have skyrocketed again? Ouch. I need to get back on the bike commuting bandwagon, just wish it was easier to move around children via bike.
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Not completely caught up, so if this was mentioned, forgive me. I saw the new format yesterday (dell laptop) and HATED it. So, channeling Geofizz, who seems to go seek for herself before asking advice, I went to the control panel and switched it back (tan II). Looks like maybe the default was reset for some of us.
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Yeah, still not seeing any changes here. I'm on Vista and running Firefox as well. I dunno.

On the computer front, I've always had Dell laptops, and they've been great. If you look on dealnews.com, you can frequently find great deals on them if you configure them a certain way. Or, for my last laptop, we had to buy an external monitor to get the great deal, which we were then able to ebay. Just a thought. I was an apple/mac user all through school, but just can't imagine making the switch back now. Then again, I'm very resistant to change.

Raining today, in the steady rain way that is very unusual here. It's been raining since yesterday afternoon. I'm bummed because I really wanted to get out for a long run of 8 or so this morning. I might still go if it was just me, but I really can't justify pushing DS in this, even if he is in the Chariot. So I guess I'll suck it up and go to the Y for the treadmill in a bit. Maybe I can still get 5 in, although I absolutely dread the thought. I also need to run to the grocery store to pick up some things to make a meal for a friend who had a baby over the weekend. And of course, do some schoolwork. I got my first micro assignment done, a few discussion posts posted, and most of the first chapter of my micro book read last night. I feel like I can't do too much with A&P until my book shows up, though.
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oh, and just wanted to say that I can believe how many of you are already well into your summer breaks! We have a month to go.
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Ran 3.5 at a very good clip, then quit due to work "emergency," only to discover after stripping off running clothes that my mtg is cancelled.

Bright side: it was a good 3.5, and maybe I'll pick up bonus mileage later.

Other bright side: no mtg.

Mel, you nailed me. I feel like I should compensate for leaving early. I shouldn't. My contribution is mine and doesn't need to be more or better because I work fewer hours. I also make less money because I work fewer hours. I need to get over it. Surely I will.

Nick, I have a Toshiba Satellite for personal and a MacBook. Love the Mac, but I got my Toshiba for $450. My advice if you go big box store and go for a PC: ask the floor manager how much better he can do. We do this for everything and always get the price lowered, even if it's only $10. But we saved $50 on the laptop. But with someone else's money, I'd probably get the Mac.

Mandy, GL with the hand. I'm jealous of your awesome rides.
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Best of all about the new formatting is that I don't see any of those annoying ads anymore!

I've noticed about gas prices recently, too. Makes me worried about our journey to SF this summer.

geo - sounds like you're still catching up on sleep.

kerc - for you and your dd.

gaye - you can totally do 5 on the TM! Go for it!

How exciting to see so many new dingos! Welcome ladies!

I'm sitting here stalling, trying to get motivated for an easy 7 on the TM.
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Originally Posted by cornflake girl View Post
geo - sounds like you're still catching up on sleep.
I'm catching up. I just had my door closed for an hour while I napped on the floor.

I give my last lecture today until the end of September! Final exam on Thursday. Then a huge pile of grading and I'm done.
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I see the new format and it is making me a little bit buggy, not sure why.

WELCOME NEW MAMAS!!! Glad to have ya.

So, instead of Six Flags, we ended up going to a waterpark near us (in mommabelle and Cathtoria's neck of the woods, more like) and had a GREAT time. We got season passes because we knew we were going to go again, and I can't wait to go. it was just dh and dd and I, and we went down all of the waterslides and it was so much fun. They also have a beach and wavepool, and it was just a really nice day. Atl dingoes, let me know if you ever want to go! you can probalby figure out which one I'm talking about.

RR: 3 miles yesterday (and then miles of walking up to the slides!), then 3.4 today. Trying to figure out when to do my long run, and coming up with nothing. Maybe Saturday morning, but it'll have to be EARLY (convention all weekend). oh well! take care mamas.
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Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post
I give my last lecture today until the end of September! Final exam on Thursday. Then a huge pile of grading and I'm done.
WOOT! I guess one benefit of quarters is that you're done when the kids are done iwth school.

I randomly came across an extra hour this morning. Considering an extra workout this afternoon as a result. What should I do? swim? run? So many choices. So strange. I should also note that my hubby leaves thursday for a week so it's not all fun and games.
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I got my 5 in! Outside, even! It was chilly running (not what I expect for June), but I'll take it! I felt pretty smug when it started raining again about 5 minutes after I got home! Yeah, for me!
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Hey can I join you guys? I've been on MDC for YEARS but never found a community I felt comfortable in so have lurked almost exclusively (as you can see from my post count). I'm a swimmer transitioning to triathlon, and running has always been my sore spot but I'm determined to become a better runner (I do enjoy it!), so running is fast becoming my primary focus. I ran my first 5k this past weekend with a time of 29:33, which I'm pretty proud of. Slow in the grand scheme of things, but fast for me! I'd like to be as good a runner as I am a swimmer. Anyway, hi. Hope you don't mind me jumping right in.
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I have a sick..puker..dd!
I have a race on Saturday..please let it be nothing but food born illness!

mb..I used to love water parks, but I haven't been in years!

drjen..you have been very busy!

I haven't slept well the last two nights. My arm hurts and wakes me up. I wil take some magnesium tonight and see how it goes.

I don't see any changes on mdc either, but about two weeks ago my color changed automatically.

I'm kind of over the whole personal financial downturn. It's not any better, but I don't care, and worrying about it isn't going to change a thing. We are doing absolutly all we can do, and I'll just leave the rest. Feels much better! There are so many potential positive things, so we are working on those!

My SIL is in Peru. Next year she will teach here in a bilingual school, so she is down there improving her spanish. Anyway, she and another teacher are with a host family that is not feeding them enough She's pretty skinny already, so hope they can find somewhere to get more food.
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M'belle - : It's just food borne!

Bec - Can you send that weather my way? It's going to be in the 80''s by the time I have a chance to do my 8 miles today :yuck: I HATE that. It is very summery and pretty though.

Ambereva - That's a great time! Nothing to sneeze at!

new Dingos!

Um, I had thoughts but they're gone.

Oh, has anyone experienced intense wrist pain from holding a toddler on your hip? Or from general toddler grabbing and positioning? My left (nondominant) wrist is in agony any time I bend it in either direction. Doing pushups has become excruciating. Other than wearing a brace to immobilize it, any ideas? TIA mamas!
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Plady - You are welcome to the weather! I wish I could command chilly weather for my runs, to be followed with nice and hot! I feel sad for my kids, who will be having outdoor swim lessons in another 2 weeks!
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My colors are different too. Where is the control panel? Why am I such a techno-goober? I am on Internet Explorer.

If I can get a good PC for under $700, then I can also maybe start saving for a new wig (cover my hair with a good one so no one can tell, in professional situations -- otherwise I wear a cap or scarf) which are quite expensive. Hmmm. Something to think about...

I am hoping to get in a run later. I need a nap first, this head cold has wiped me out. I am highly in favor of Afrin though; it makes it so I don't have to take Sudafed or other drugs. Somehow it works for 24 hrs. for me even though it only says 12, so it seems to be good for a few days until my head clears up.

Uh oh, chocolate milk and crayons spill. More later.
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I just finished my 7.83 miler at an average pace of 10:18 : : I'm getting there! I'm getting there!
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RR: ran 6 miles in 51 minutes on the TM, sweating fool.
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