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I'm glad you finally have a definitive result SteelerMom, I'm sorry for the situation going the way it did tho mama!!! If you've had several early losses, it might be a good idea to sit a cycle out, but it is totally up to you of course (I never did when I was having recurring miscarriages) BTW, I had a polyp in my uterus that was causing my miscarriages and or preventing implantation all together, just a thought since you are going to chat with your doc.

Roller~ YAY for 8dpo mama

So it's CD17 here and I still only have a light OPK, I had some pretty intense O pains yesterday (or so I thought) but no OPK changes to speak of so I guess not. I also thought I had a bit of EWCM yesterday but it didn't last long so it could've been left over......erm.....semen......either way, we've been BD'ing every other day (5 times now) so hopefully we'll catch that egg!!!
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Quick question for all you experts! Are you taking any special supplements while TCC while nursing?
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Originally Posted by DeChRi View Post
Quick question for all you experts! Are you taking any special supplements while TCC while nursing?
My prenatal and 100mg of b6.
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Originally Posted by ammiga View Post
My prenatal and 100mg of b6.
Tnx. Any reason not to just take the B-complex i have sitting around?
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I *think* you can move me to 2ww. I've had cramping the last 2-3 days and EWCM today. I'm on CD 23ish?. How many days after you O do you test? Can I count 10 days from today and start testing then? I'm not even sure if I did O or not.
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update list to here

gottecat~ If they are going straight down like this l they are diving low fertility/fertile/infertle windows When you O you will have a line long ways across the chart with temps above it.

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I'm sad ladies.....

So for the last 3-4 months DH and I have been talking about having another baby, getting pregnant now versus later on, being pregnant with my BFF this time around, lots of things. We've picked names again, we've talked about how much taking clomid will cost with our new insurance and how soon we'll start it if DTD doesn't work on it's own, I bought preseed, and OPK's, the whole freakin 9 yards. We BD'd every other day for the last 11 days (since AF left) because we didn't know when/if I'd O being 1st cycle. I was even using OPK's and asking him did he see a line (dark or not I mean) then last night I said, **stupid me for saying it this way, but he did just the night before*** "I need your seed" (I know, it's terrible, but the night before he stated it just that very way) and I laughed it off. Then he started on, I know we aren't going to use BC but I just don't think we need to go down the road of timed anything here and using those stupid test strips) so NO BD'ing, and I'm O'ing RIGHT NOW...... blah ...........I feel so sad, we BD'd 3 days ago (we should've last night to keep up with the every other day thing) but he didn't want to because of my stupid comment) so now, we have no chance of conception this cycle and I feel like it's my fault. I'm not mad at him, I totally understand how he feels with the 'timing' of things because we HAD to do all this with Bodie.....ugh what ever. You can move me to waiting to know because if I say waiting to be ready, in 2 days he'll tell me "lets make a baby" because he's so, I don't even know the word.
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ugh! hope your fella was just "in a mood" and maybe you'll get a chance tonight?? *HUGS*
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Originally Posted by rollergirl View Post
ugh! hope your fella was just "in a mood" and maybe you'll get a chance tonight?? *HUGS*
Well he was, because right after I posted this, I went up and we DTD. That's so frustrating for me!!! But we did at least!!
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well YAY for the DTD sorry for the stress. men hehe
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Hello Everyone!

I don't 100% know where I am with ttc, but I was hoping someone could answer a question I have!!

Ash is almost 9 months now and 115 days ago (thanks ff lol) I had a tiny trace bleed. I thought it must be AF, but nothing came. Since then I have been charting my cm, which wasn't apparent at all up until then (Ash's famous waking every hour all night + and then getting up anywhere between 4 and 8 every morning would interfere with temps I think!)

But it *seems* like I am O at regular intervals. It took 13 months ttc Ash so from what I remember about my obsessive monitoring of anything that happened to my body it seems so anyway

Is it possible to tell you are O without AF and without taking temps just relying on CM alone?

BTW Ash is still bf very regularly (day and night lol)

IF I am indeed O *then* I think I will be about 9 dpo right now on our first attempt at baby #3!!

Looking forward to getting to know you guys!

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Please move me to 2WW! :

I'm almost positive I O'd yesterday and today I feel crampy and tired (though the heat here is enough to do that!!) SO we'll see. BD'd 2 days before and on the day I thought I O'd.

Need some advice for a friend: If all signs point to ovulation (CM, cervical position, cramping) but temps don't go up, should she assume she ovulated or no? This process sure has a lot of exceptions for being so seemingly straightforward! symptoms but no o - o but no symptoms. geesh!
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Thats a point! I should buy some OPKS!
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katie, welcome! well, without AF there really no O'ing. but from what you are saying, it sounds like your body is definitely gearing up for it! your body will often go through a CM cycle similar to a normal fertility cycle before the first real AF. while it certainly is possible to catch the first egg before the first PPAF, changes in CM before the first when you are still nursing on demand are not an indicator of ovulation.

anjanetteopal, good luck for the 2WW! but i would say your friend should assume that she hasn't o'd yet. you really need the 3 day temp rise after 6 days of temps 2/10ths lower than your high temps to know for sure you've o'd.
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Hi Katie! I'm from NZ too..where bouts in NZ? Your kids' names sound soooo familiar. I'm in Whangaparaoa by the way.

Quick question ladies - I'm about 8 DPO and my cervix is long and hard. Went this way about two days ago. Prior to that its was quite high and soft and slowly getting firmer, but today is very low. Good sign or bad???
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melly, that's what should happen -- high and soft when you are fertile and then low and firm before and after you've o'd. so sounds like your cervix is just doing what it should

cd11 here and pretty sure AF is coming today. 10 day LP this cycle yay! this is my excitement this cycle since we missed the O

i know we have some people hoping to have caught some eggs coming up for test time soon! anyone have any BFPs yet? or is everyone testing early next week? come on mamas, living vicariously through you this cycle don't let me down
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Melly, I think it's very difficult to tell what's *going* to happen (after O) by your cervix status. I only say that because, at AF your cervix is normally LOW and OPEN, but it can stay high until AF actually starts, that being said, when you are pregnant your cervix will be high and closed but can stay low for weeks into your pregnancy. I know this doesn't help, but there's honestly no way to tell, unless you're O'ing what the cervix is representing.

Katie, I must second the comment about not really O'ing unless you're bleeding too. You could O 1 time before AF comes but it would be very very uncommon to O every cycle with no AF. That being said, you could be gearing up for O having EWCM (for weeks even) before that 1st egg is released. I had EWCM for 6 weeks (at least) before I actually O'd then had AF 9 days later. Just O'd yesterday morning and we'll see how long my LP is this cycle OR if we caught that eggie.......good luck to you mama!!
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Thanks you guys! It does seem like my body is gearing up for it. I guess I would be on my 4th 'cycle' then Wow it's crazy that it can take so long . . . I got AF only a few weeks after I had Kaspar.

Melly I live in Silverdale! Teehehe. I used to live in Whangaparaoa 3 years ago . . . . . I wonder where we would know each other from? There is a link in my sig to Ash's hospital photos from his heart surgery(ies) and there are some photos of me in there too. You might recognise me?

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ooh mamas, i have been meaning to share this with you but i keep forgetting.. so the shatavari is working, maybe? i have been having some SERIOUSLY crazy dreams in one, i had the hots for kelsey grammer and was asking him to go on a date with me (???!!) and in another, i had a really steamy dream about this guy from that tv show reaper (!!!!!). hahahaha. umm.. so was not expecting THAT side effect. it's like the 2nd trimester all over again!

anyway, just a word of "warning" in case anyone else decides to try it
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Thanks Tenk and Rollergirl! This 2WW is torture. Wish there were some more definite signs. But at least my cervix position isnt a bad sign I suppose. I tested today and BFN. Will wait a few more days and test again....

Katie - wow you've sure been on a journey with little Ash. What a gorgeous little strong man he is! And I so know you from somewhere! Maybe mutual friends from over the years....? I recognised you from one of the pics definitely. I think I've seen you in Orewa babywearing (must've been Ash) in a sling or wrap. I kinda scan the crowds when out and about looking for other babywearers... You should come to our local LLL meeting one time! We meet in a couple of weeks at the library
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