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Hey Mamas... I'm still here lurking occassionally. We are TTC cycle #3. F is still nursing a bunch (19 mo) and I have a feeling TTC will take some time this time... so I'm not trying to get too wound up each cycle just to be let down. I'm charting and I've been taking Vitex since January. Anyone know how long it's safe to take? I've backed down to one capsule a day.

Anyhow... thinking of you all and here's to some new news soon!!

Holly, I can totally see those positive lines!!!
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I got crosshairs today! Can I be moved to waiting to test? Thanks!
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updated list to here

I caved and bfn but only 8dpo so i might test again while on our trip, we are leaving tonight and will be home sunday or monday.

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I caved, too- BFN- 10dpo. My "excuse" is that I'm going to a "practice orientation" tonight for a midwife practice that does VBACs here. I guess I wanted to know, if it was possible to know, whether I'm preggo or not when I talk to the midwives. Whatever, I just wanted to POAS, I guess!
I'm also going away this weekend- I think I'll just pack supplies in case AF shows, and if not, test again when I get home (that will be 15 dpo!)
Sigh. I got a BFN the first time I tested with my DS, too, so I'm trying not to be discouraged...
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Sooo....FF gave me real crosshairs! :

I'm in the 2ww!
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LisamommyRN and SoCaliMommy - sorry for your bfn's, but there is still hope!!

JorgieGirl - congrats on O'ing!

Hopeful - goodluck - IDK what to think but I guess you'll find out one way or the other soon enough...

Danielle - that is a toughy - I think in that situation I might go ahead and go to the conference but then again, my DS is a little more used to be apart since I have worked part time a little bit here and there, and he has been to the babysitter. And he always does better if I leave him with family members than with a sitter... Would it be possible to go sleep at home with DD? I mean it must be close enough to home if your mom can bring her to nurse 3x/day? If you would only be sleeping at the hotel anyway, going home to sleep with DD might really help you both stay connected...

AFM- I give up on being pregnant! I am now 17dpo and got another BFN this AM. AF is trying to get started so I am just going to quit the prog cream and let it. I guess it must have been chemical, or a false pos... Ah well, having a baby in Feb in Minnesota is not such a good idea anyway... Move me back to waiting to O, please.
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Holly, I'm sorry.
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Lisa, 10DPO is a bit early, still hope!

SoCali, same for you, 8DPO is early!
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Sorry about the BFN's ladies, I hope we get some BFP's around here soon tho!!

Fiber thats WONDERFUL news mama!!! And it looks like you had GREAT timing too!!!
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Thanks Teneal!

Now I'm all anxious to see if my temp stays above coverline the next few to see if I really *did* O. I think I did...
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Hello everyone. We're going to start ttc soon.

Please move me to waiting to be ready!
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I got my period on day 33. Looks like another short LP (6 days).

You can move me back to waiting to O.
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Glad to find this thread, can I join?? My DS is 15 1/2 mos and I've had AF for 5 mo. first three cycles were def. ovulatory (and 32-36 days long) but we were TTA. Then I had a 41 day annovulatory cycle and just started my period after a 28 day cycle in which I'm pretty sure I ovulated. DS is nursing day and night still, but my temps have been pretty easy to chart - so starting this month we are officially TTC!
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Would love to join this thread. I'm frequently nursing my 19 month old, but after a long long time finally got my cycle back just last month whilst on vacation in Paris, of all times. This month seems to be normal again too, so July will be our first official TTC month. Cheers everyone!!
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Hi Everyone,

Still here--just waiting for my body to gear up! Taking Vitex and contemplating nightweaning, although poor DS is miserable with his two year old molars, so he's nursing a ton right now and I'm not going to cut back at all until he's more comfortable.

Good luck to everyone!
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please move me to the TWW! I was wondering if anyone knows why I would have light pink spotting on 3 dpo? It was just one time, but I thought that was weird. Plus, my temp didn't go up until a few days after the day I think I ovulated...should it have gone up sooner than that...this is my first time to take my temp, so I don't know what I am supposed to see exactly. Also, my dr. gave me progesteron suppositories, but he doesn't really believe in them. (I have had 2 miscarriages in a row..6 weeks, 10 weeks) I was wondering if I should take them sometime after ovulation or wait till I take a pg. test and see if I even get a positive? Thank you for your help.
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CD1 here! Waiting to O!
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: You can move me to O!!!!!!!!!!!!! :

I never thought I'd be so excited in my life to see AF, but she JUST came! My hubby took the kids to the park , and I was going to go to the gym. I made a stop in the bathroom and thought I felt a little weird in the reproductive area and wondered if I'm in the O zone or if AF would be here soon. Then wipe... (sorry, tmi)...there she was!

Now it's the countdown to O. Oh please, oh please let my body just jump back into regularity and not spend some time being wonky. If I O like I have in the past, then it'd be day 18. Only 17 more days to go!

Baby dust to everyone!
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holly -- boo! so sorry! ugh i hate when that happens.

hopeful -- yay! fingerscrossed for a nice normal O for you

and randomacts & socalimommy -- fignerscrossed for you both! dpo8 too soon, am holding out for you SCM that you just tested too early and i love your PG feeling RA. i hope you are getting the feeling for all the right reasons

AFM: tmi, stupid yeast infection here. tried to clear it up with a one day OTC treatment and that just made things worse :. so went to see a doc today hoping to get the diflucan in case O comes (cd16) so we could DO something about it. there's NO tracking CM right now. sigh. but instead since there wasn't a ton of yeast (enough to make me crazy but still only a few i guess), she gave me a 7 day cream instead! sheesh. so now i am HOPING to O late i guess?? hahaha. well, i've almost given up on this cycle i tell you. so move me to the WHATEVER EGGS!!! category. do we have one of those? hehehe.

am crossing my fingers for some BFPs from you TWWers next week
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PS runnerbean -- how was the half marathon??
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