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Originally Posted by hopeful2009 View Post
Free Shipping?? How'd I miss that? I decided against them because I looked at shipping charges and it was more than i wanted to pay. Hmmm..

Also, if you get them from earlypregnancytests on ebay it's even cheaper than that and still free shipping. I bought my 50 OPK's + 10 HPT's for $15 + free shipping, I think it was earlypregnancytests.com that I got them from. BabyHopes is located in Raleigh NC and even to drive there and buy them it's more than EPT.com
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I got my positive ladies. I'm due Feb 18th. Likely... Feb 20th with my track record of going 40w2d.

Hoping for many more positives for all of you!!!
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YIPPPEEE Zak!!! Congrats!:
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Can you put me on the 2ww?? I think we MIGHT have something...???

I posted in the general ttc forum too, but I'm clueless what's going on. I'm 20DPO (pretty sure, not 100%) and CD37, We DTD right on target. I don't get reliable temps because bbDD still night nurses and I don't get a reliable three hours of sleep every night. I mean, sometimes I do but I'm so surprised that I forget to temp anyways, ykwim? I POAS'd yesterday. BFN. I tested today. BFN. I *have* been taking B -complex vitamins, could that affect POAS???

My cycle varies from 29-32 days on average. I had VERY light spotting about a week/so ago, thought I was starting AF early. Then nada. So then I think maybe that's implantation? But then how am I BFN still?

I had (what I thought) was PMS last weekend. Cried over EVERYTHING. I mean boohooing over the freaking laundry. I've been 'kinda crampy' for several days now.
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Oh and TOTALLY TMI but my cervix is still high...shouldn't it be getting lower if I'm heading towards AF?????
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updated list to here


Theoretica~ Do you have a chart? Maybe you didn't O when you think and your not 20dpo seems like you would get a + hpt by now if you are really that dpo.

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My cm and symptoms mid cycle puts me at around 20dpo, give or take a day, at least according to fertilityfriend.

Took another test this morning, fmu, control didn't even show....maybe the tests were bad? Off to walgreens again. argh.
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Yea, that sounds like a bad test!! KUP!
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Hope it was just a bad test Theoretica!

Congrats Zak, HH9months to you!

And for my own little blurb... I have NO idea what's going on here. I've run out of test strips (big surprise!) and I'm fighting the urge to order more because I am so obviously NOT pregnant.
I keep getting fertile CM every 4-5 days, then it fades out, cervix gets low but closed then goes back up, fertile CM on and on. I'm on CD36. Since everything looks good again, tried to dtd last night but...err...didn't exactly work out. Then of course DS2 wouldn't get out of our bed all night.

Know what I hate the most about this? I worry that if we don't dtd every single time things look even a little bit like I'm going to O, then we'll miss it and I'll have to wait ANOTHER month.
Oh and I should add that I've had several days in a row when DS2 has just nursed once or twice, but mostly he only nurses 3 times (twice overnight and once at bedtime). That shouldn't be enough to keep AF and O'ing away. But it is. Blech!

I just wish I knew exactly what was going on instead of winging it like this.
Okay, rant over
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Yay Zak!

randomacts: I'm cheap too!!! I went to the grocery store today to buy things that I can actually eat and left almost empty handed! I'm pretty much going to be a vegetarian for a while... can hardly bring myself to shell out for the good stuff!

Little grey mare: sounds like your body really *wants* to O! Here's hoping for you!
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AF crashed the party today. At least my LP is a bit longer now at 12 days instead of 7 or 9. Can I be moved to waiting to O, please? Thanks!
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Randomacts: Not sure if I responded to your news earlier, but really so sorry this month turned out to be a bust for you. :

LittleGreyMare: That's so frustrating! I hope a nice 'o' is right around the corner for you.

Zak: Congrats!!!!!:

Theoretica: Good luck! Can't wait to hear what's going on. Sounds promising!

AFM: I started myself on progesterone suppositories yesterday. I know it's naughty to manage my own care like this (had a friend call in a Rx for me), but I guess I couldn't resist. I've tried everything else, it seems, and I'm only nursing (usually) 3x/day. I'm going to finish out this cycle with the shatavari and vitex as well, and then I think I'm going to bag all of the supplements next cycle, if I'm not pregnant yet. And weaning is not far behind.

Good luck to everyone!
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zak congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lgm -- boo!!!! hope you O and catch it soon!!!! *HUGS*

theoretica -- did you get those new tests yet??

mm -- i sure do hope you caught the egg this month! especially so you don't have to wean!

afm -- our big news -- last night DS slept from 2345-0720!!!!!!! that is THE LONGEST STRETCH EVER in his entire 28 months!!!!! we drove 7 1/2 hours today home from my brother's (to visit my niece! 6 1/2 mo! SO CUTE) and i am barely tired. OMG mamas what a difference a little sleep can make...!! and the other good news for us -- DS just went to sleep by my stroking his head! ok it is early for me to get excited about his not nursing to sleep, he's probably just exhausted from the trip. but it was SO NICE. we nursed for awhile and then he pulled off and then i stroked his hair and then he conked out. YAY! i would LOVE if his papa and i could start trading off laying down with him at bedtime. whoo!

but NEW babywise.. i am already spotting??? dpo 4 and cd24..!!??? grrr. O moves up (closer to pre-DS, used to O between 14-20 cd) but so does AF?? aargh. am annoyed and hoping it's just some dumb hormone thing and real AF won't come before next sat (that would be dpo 10).
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rollergirl - maybe it's implantation spotting?
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I was even thinking it could be from ovulation - just got delayed a little? Seems too early to be AF.

Taking my temp isn't working as well as it used to - ds wants to snuggle in the early morning and I'm waking up super-warm.
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I haven't been keeping up with this thread as much as I'd like to sorry mama's. DD hasn't been sleeping well lately and I've been wrecked! I do see that there has been a couple of BFP's so congrats! :

I typically have three to four days of O pain. It started on Friday this week and still have it today (Monday) though it seems to be disappearing now. My cervix is still soft and high today, so I'm unsure on which day of the four is best to BD...We did on Thursday night and Sunday night so hopefully we caught it.

Please move me to the 2WW. I'll try to keep up with this thread from now on.
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updated list to here

rollergirl~ maybe implantation spotting.

Theoretica ~ Did you test again yet?

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littlegreymare and socalimommy -- i like the way you think! of course i immediately went to my charts hoping i could figure out a way to make myself believe the same thing, but alas, no. we definitely did not catch the egg this month.

i really am not sure what it is, but i didn't have any other spotting the rest of that day and none yesterday, so i am wondering if my cervix just wasn't a little sensitive and i just gave it a little scratch or something when i was doing a swipe for CM? or..? whatever. i suppose it could have been late O spotting, anjanetteopal??

in any event, it looks like no AF here yet! so that is very good! just hang in there a few more days baby and maybe LP will be long enough next month and we'll get lucky with the egg catch, etc..!!

and anjanetteopal -- sorry you are getting bad temps, but it is pretty cute about the morning cuddles!

melly24 -- good luck!!! *fingerscrossed* for you!

theoretica -- seriously girl, don't be holding out on us now!
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Hey Mamas!! Remember me? I haven't posted in a while and was just waiting to be ready! Well. . . I think I'm ready! My ds2 is now 6mo (today!!) and I just feel like it is a good time! I am on CD6 just got over my period, and hoping to ovulate before our camping trip in 2wks! Please move me to WAITING TO O

And congrats to the new BFPs!

Hoping there's tons more!!!!!!!!!!
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Still waiting for the progesterone level results. I hate playing the waiting game. Why can't someone just call me as I know they had the results in last Thurs. Still bleeding from the chemical pregnancy (day 8 now if you include the spotting) and no signs of tapering. Sick of it. I am wondering if I should just be trying to avoid conceiving at this point because I would rather not conceive than to have repeat chemical pregnancies with weeks of bleeding.
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