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Pink eye?

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DD has pink eye and everyone suggests taking her to the doctor... (I think that's where she got it in the first place, so I'm not too excited about going back there or giving her meds)

any suggestions for natural treatment?

she's almost six months old

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We just dealt with this. Keep her hands clean and away from her face, and clean them out periodically with a cotton ball soaked in water. Personally, I would not go to the doctor unless there was a great deal of pus continually coming out, that's the sign of a serious infection. (BTW, tried breastmilk in one eye, as a sort of experiment, on the recommendation of many people. Didn't help.)
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Our sure fire remedy.
Squirt a couple drops of mommy milk into her eyes, full of antibodies and relieves itching.
Next make a tea with eyebright powder in cup of hot water, strain and wash her eyes out w/tea using a cotton ball or soft washcloth several times a day (you can use the same solution for a couple days, just keep it in the fridge). Make sure not to use the same cottonball/cloth on both eyes, the infection can travel back and forth.
If it isn't getting better with this then add golden seal to your tea, I usually use one capsule of each(goldenseal and eyebright) in a cup of water.
This combination has worked every time for us, I swear by it!!

Good luck!

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We, too, just dealt with...twice in about a 3 month time period. All three girls got it (5 1/2 yrs., 3 yrs., and 18 mos.) one after another. Unfortunately, my youngest had just weaned so I didn't get to try the breastmilk and I live in a small town where there was no eyebright to be found.

Pinkeye is very heat sensitive. The older ones can hold hot cottonball compresses over their eyes but with my little one, I just wiped out her eyes several times a day with very warm water. It took a good week plus for it to go away...more of a nusaince than anything.

Everyone told me to go to the doctor for "drops" but the problem is (as any basic health nut can tell you) they only work for bacterial infections...not viral. And most pinkeye cases are viral. If you go to the doctor, chances are they will give you the drops anyway...in case...just to cover all the bases. That's not the kind of doctoring I want to pay for.

Relax...and keep everyone's hands washed. Baby's primary caregiver might get the next case!
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I can't believe my luck!!! I logged on hoping to find a thread on this issue. I need help too!!!

DS, only 3 days old, is beginning to show mild pink eye symptoms. (gooey eye junk) Ironically, DD had the same symptoms after she was born so this time I declined the eurethromycin ointment thinking that contributed to DD's problem. I discussed this decision w/ my Ped. and she was fine with declining the ointment so long as I tested neg. for Chlamydia (sp?) and had a sceduled c-section. (wanted a VBAC, but ds was also breech. anyway..) Now I'm looking for reassurance and help. Has anyone out there declined the antibiotic ointment after delivery and subsequently battled the gooey pink eye dilemma? I'm happy to try the breastmilk, but I'm still taking some meds for the c-section pain. Should that be a concern?

Feedback anyone? Would love to hear from anyone on this issue. The above posts have already been helpful!! Thanks a million.
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Just the opposite here. I declined antibiotic treatment with all 3 girls and had no problems at all. Hate to say it, but it just sounds like a fluke to me. Of course, it's hard for me to really say, not being there. Just my two cents. Good luck! I wouldn't worry or let people heap guilt on you.
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I don't know about the meds in your milk. Maybe ask your ped if you trust their opinion.

Eyebright tea is very gentle, I used it on my youngest ds at about a month old. It was recommended by my best friend who is also a midwife. I would definitely recommend it as it worked GREAT, and has every time we have used it. It would not hurt for you to take some eyebright internally as it would come through your milk.

Good luck, and Congratulations on your new little one!

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I have found it soothing and helpful to wash out the eye with just plain, lukewarm, Lipton's tea--something about the tannic acid.

I don't know if I would do that with a 3 day old though. One of my babies had gunky eye as newborn and while I did use the antibiotic ointment, looking back, I think it was just that her tear ducts weren't draining very well. I think if I had the problem now I would just try some squirts of breast milk.
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