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Can your water leak?

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Last night I got out of bed and when I stood up a gush of fluid came out; enough to soak my panty liner and dribble down my leg.
At first I though I peed myself, but it was an awful lot of pee to just gush out like that.
On further inspection it was clear, (my pee has been bright yellow because of my prenatals) and had no odor.
It happened again about ten minutes later, but not as much.
Could this be my water leaking? Can it do that? I just don't know.
Are there precautions I should take if it is?
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That is what happened with me right before I went into labor with DS1! Get a good meal and do as much as you can to prepare before labor starts! :
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uhm, call your care provider?!
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Sounds like water breaking/leaking too, I'd call your provider and get the rundown on what they want you to do.
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Yep. I had a high leak with #2 and even though I periodically gushed clear liquid I still had enough that the OB broke my water down low the next day. Good luck!
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The bags of water have a very distinct smell in my opinion. When my water broke it smelled similar to semen.
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