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ELVs to those still preggo!! Was there not long ago and was over due myself according to the originally EDD. It will happen soon enough bc they have to come out.
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I was supposed to have a massage today, but my massage therapist is also a doula who's been at a birth since yesterday and as of an hour ago is still there. I have a MW appt on Friday, but don't think I want to wait that long to have this baby. I'll be 41 weeks tomorrow. I knew that I would go late, but that stopped helping a few days ago!!
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Birth Update

I finally made it - my little prince was born on June 4th at 5:21 am, 7lbs 14oz - thanks to the combination of EPO, RL Tea, Acupuncture appointment and the great vibes I received from the group. We are still in the hospital .. I will be posting a birth story sometime later this weekend.

Vibes and luck to all!

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I finally had my massage yesterday and at my appt the baby was doing great. I am 41+2 and measuring 37 with baby's head nicely engaged. So now it's just up to her to decide when is the best time to make an appearance. I am not having anymore BH contractions, they are all the real thing, just fairly random and totally pain free. I am hoping with a full moon this weekend that something gets started!
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Congratulations Star!!!
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