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Is this your last pg?

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Anyone else planning on THIS being their last pg? I'm so over being pg. And I'm not even in pain and misery like I was at the end of my pg with ds1.
If this birth is as traumatic as ds's birth (it most likely will be fine, though), I may consider permanent bc. Or at least the 5 year thing.

So barring a "pleasant surprise" or some wierd change of heart, this is it. I'm done with babies coming from my body.

Dp has been talking lately about trying again for a girl, and wanting to have 2 kids that are close in age (DS1 is almost 5yo, so there'll be a big difference here). (I'd still love to adopt though, so this may not be the last child for us).
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Unless something freakish happens and my tubal fails, this is my last PG ever. And I am thanking god for that.

i have had easy deliveries, and easy pgs for the most part until this one. I was sure I was done before I had any problems with this pregnancy, but now I am beyond sure. I even asked my OB to just take my uterus. I am THAT sure.
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Yes, we are 99% sure we are done. I don't want to say 100% as this babe still has to arrive safely and be healthy, but yes- this is the last.

I have difficult pregnancies and honestly, my ONE child keeps me busy. Two? We'll see! I wanted him to have a sibling, and so he shall. I think two kids for our family is reasonable. I'm overwhelmed at the thought of any more after this.

Of course, there is still the issue of birth control. We've not agreed upon anything mutually satisfying yet.
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I think so. We haven't made a permanent decision yet, but it's on the table as an option. Pregnancy is just too hard on me. I've been so sick this whole time and I just do not want to do this again. Dh is very sure he can't handle watching me go through all of this again. For some reason though I keep hesitating on taking permanent measures. It just doesn't feel quite right. I'm sure that I do not want to be pregnant again, but closing that door ... something feels off kilter and I can't quite my finger on why.
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I think it is.

We are not ready to take a permanent step yet, but we feel that 6 is all that we can handle.
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I told DP that I would have 1 more- IF he is willing to go to a clinic and pay to make sure it's a boy. DS is not his biologically, and therefore cannot carry on his last name. I am just so miserable, I can't see doing this again without that being the reason.
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We always imagined we'd have two...lately I have thought that 3 could be fun but we dream of adopting too so perhaps this will be my last pregnancy but not my last child!

We haven't thought about the birth control issue either so that definitely needs some discussing if we don't want to have anymore!
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Yes, this is my last pregnancy and Fane is the last addition to the family. We feel like we're complete now. Honestly, I'm glad. This pregnancy was hard and the labor was hard - as painful as the first time but more intense in terms of the speed. I just plain can't go through that again. I don't labor well, no matter what I try to manage pain without meds.
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Originally Posted by dmariev View Post
DS is not his biologically, and therefore cannot carry on his last name. I am just so miserable, I can't see doing this again without that being the reason.
Perhaps your husband could legally adopt him. Then he'd be able to carry on his name. Also, in this day and age, most women don't change their last name at marriage, so odds are your daughter could just as easily carry the name on.
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yes, I'm done. We have a 4 yo, a 2 yo and soon a newborn......I find it hard to cope now! I'm also almost 37.....
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My plan is that this was my last pregnancy, I feel blessed that I got to experience it, I was very very close to getting something permenant done when I fell pregnant accidently. We'd always wanted more than 2 children, but with the complications of my 2nd pregnancy we'd pretty much decided it wasn't worth it.

However, despite feeling that way, I turned down getting a tubal done during my c-section, I wasn't tempted and my mum confirmed my feelings saying I shouldn't do something permenant whilst depressed. My psychiatrist really wanted me to get it done though!

The hardest thing for me is knowing that you can never think through all the possible permutations of how life might pan out, would I still feel this way if I lost one of my other children?

I need to do more research on some of the longer term hormonal options, I need to look at the evidence on whether or not embryos are formed just not implanted with a Mirena IUD.
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My husband is having a vasectomy this summer, and thus the plan is for this to be our last pregnancy.
I am freakishly fertile, though, so thats why I'm not saying 100%
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I think I am leaving this up to fertility fate. I am going to get another Merina IUD at about 6 months pp--which will take me to age 39. If I can still have another baby at that point, I probably will, but I won't go out of my way to try.
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Yes this will be my last pregnancy.

I have a blood clotting disorder that flared up this pregnancy. I'm looking forward to being finished with this part of my life, especially as I TTCed for so long for dd1.
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I haven't decided. It should be, with how uncomfortable and miserable and worhtless I am while pregnant ... but my DH actually wants more. Sometimes I am open to it, sometimes not.
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No, I"m willing to do this once more.

Before we started trying we wanted a big family, minimum 3 but we'd be fine with 5 or 6. Then infertility struck, and then this pregnancy turned out to be VERY hard (hyperemesis, SPD). I'm willing to do this once more because I want a second, but if my next pregnancy is as hard as this one DH is getting snipped.
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Defintiely not our last pregnancy... we want at least 3, I would love 4-6 but DH isn't as sure. When he feels done he is getting snipped, but definitely at least one more.
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We always said we wanted two, and this is our 2nd. DH said he would get the V, but he might be changing his mind. I can't do any other BC, and we got PG this time on FAM/NFP.
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this will be our last. we always said we wanted three, and now we will have them all. DH is getting a vasectomy this summer, so it will be permanent. i have Fibromyalgia, which makes the end of pregnancy very painful for me. i just cant imagine doing this again, when we feel so complete as a family now.
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