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Originally Posted by prettyflwrs View Post
I am trying to make decisions that are best for me and my baby.

Go with your gut. I am also in a similar position right now, and like you I am 37 weeks and time is closing in and and I know it's difficult and gut wrenching to have to make such decisions. It truly sucks.

I haven't decided yet if we are going to have acsection, do a trial of labor, or just go for vag birth. It's a tough decision. A really tough decision, and for me one that is made even harder, because of my history of multiple pregnancy losses, infertility problems and no living children yet and at my age (40 years old) I am running out of time, I have gestational diabetes, my baby is in breech position and I have low lying placenta. Some moments I feel like the deck is stacked against me. .

And as much as I want a drug free, vaginal birth, and have one of the best Dr's in the country that is willing to try and deliver me , I am wondering if vag birth is the best thing for me and my baby? And my Dr is leaving the decision up to me. The "what if's" have been creeping into my mind and taken up residence, and I wouldn't wish these choices on anyone.

Anyway, I just wanted to give you my support in whatever you decide. I hope the result is a happy and healthy baby for you!

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Bumping this thread. I'm in the same position currently at 38 weeks and would like to hear how things are going for tprettyflwrs and jammomma. I hope your babies turned and you have the birthing experience you want. If you're still awaiting birth, here's one more thing to try...

One thing I did see was a homepathic remedy:

As with all diagnosis, it is preferable to consult with a professional to ensure the correct remedy and dosage for each situation.
Pulsatilla, a well known homeopathic remedy that is used for breech and other mal-presentations as well as prolonged labour. Here are three recommendations:
Pulsatilla 200C, one tablet. Repeat one more day if baby doesn't turn, Pulsatilla 30C, one tablet every two hours for up to six doses (during the course of one day). Don't take it for more than one day, or Pulsatilla 6X, one tablet under the tongue four times a day, up to 10 days.
Combine this with the breech tilt exercise at least twice a day for 10 minutes each time. Have Mom take one Pulsatilla tab before beginning the breech tilt.
Is fear causing tightness of the lower uterine segment and keeping the baby high? Ignatia Amara
30C, one tablet every two hours has proven effective for anxiety, depression from suppressed grief, anger or shock.
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Originally Posted by grdngdss View Post
Bumping this thread. I'm in the same position currently at 38 weeks and would like to hear how things are going for tprettyflwrs and jammomma. I hope your babies turned and you have the birthing experience you want.
Good news from me! When I went in for my dr. appt at 39 weeks my baby had turned head down! So my c-section has been canceled and I am waiting to go into labor. I am so happy! There is still some possibility that he could turn back transverse, but hopefully he will stay head down.
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Oh that's great!
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woo hoO! I am so freakin' happy for you. that is just hte best news I've had ALL day.
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Congrats prettyflwrs! That is good news!

I am 39 weeks and our baby boy is still in a frank breech position and it's unlikely that he is moving according to my Doc. And my Doc won't do a version due to placental placement.

Our baby is also expected to be quite large, most likely over 9 lbs!

We are still planning on an unmedicated vaginal birth, and our Dr is totally supportive. I go back and forth every day between thinking I am going to just go for a csection and then the next moment I am on board to do it naturally.

For me the issue is complicated because I have a history of pregnancy loss, I have no living children, and I am 40 years old, so this may be my one and only shot at being a mother. I am so afraid to lose this baby. And neither of my options seem all that great at this point.

I wish my boy was here already and I was past all this stuff.

But I am trying to stay postive, it isn't always easy, but I am trying.

Thanks for all the suggestions, many of them I have tried already, but a few I haven't, such as the pustilla, so I may give that a shot.
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Jammomma, your baby could just as easily be 7lbs. late term u/s for size are notoriously wrong, often by as much as 2# in either direction. My last baby was 10.5# and NO ONE even came close to that guess. EFW on my chart was 7#12oz (but my dr doesn't make a habit of guessing weight so I think he might have just pulled that # out of thin air just to fill in the spot on the hospital paperwork) and my MW friend thought 8.5# by palpation. I had guessed 8# as I was nowhere near as big as I was with my 9.5# baby. I'm starting to wonder if a Magic 8 Ball would have gotten it right.

I'm guessing you tried chiropractic adjustments or acupuncture to help possibly turn the baby? Are there any peri's or midwives in your area that might do a version since your dr isn't comfortable with it?

I am glad your provider is willing to give you a shot at vaginal delivery. Also, you don't have to decide now. You can decide once you're in labor to see what you want to do and then the baby & you can have the benefit of the labor hormones. There are specific risks to vaginal breech delivery just as there are risks to breech c/s delivery. If you do decide to have a c/s, you may want to consider having them do an u/s immediately before the surgery to see if the baby's turned. I read of one woman on ICAN who avoided her c/s that way.

I don't know if you're on ICAN but there is wonderful support there for whatever you choose. There are articles on recovery tips, as well as info on how to plan your c/s to be as family friendly as possible.

Many hugs and peace.
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Thanks for the advice and kind words mamatolevi!

We have a really great OB, he is well known as a VBAC DR and has tons of experience w/ breech births. He tells me not to try a version, he does them all the time for other mamas, but I guess I am not a good candidate.

He has delivered over 5000 babies and has a csection rate of less than 5%, and doesn't do unneeded inductions on principal, so I know he won't do anything unneccesary or unneeded. And I trust his judgement in allowing me to decide to do at least a trial of labor, but I'm still nervous. He totally thinks we can deliver this baby vaginally, no problem.

I know in my gut nothing is turning this boy. I was born the same way (frank breech, vaginal birth) and I had mild hip dysplasia, and I have a feeling this boy is the same and he is just more comfortable in this position. And honestly if he did move I would almost be more worried at this point about shoulder dystocia and head entrapment, which in his current position I don't have to worry about, according to my doc. His chest could get entrapment though.

Plus I can tell he is a big boy, he doesn't have room to move right now. His chest is measuring larger than his head. He is a chub, I followed the Brewer diet and had gestational diabetes during this pregnancy, and even though I was on meds (glyburide) and fairly well controlled with diet and exercise, I guess I probably ate too much.

Anyway, I am just praying that it all goes well and that however this lil guy comes into the world, i just want him to be healthy and whole. I try to stay positive and think good thoughts, but some days are harder than others.

Maybe I will come back and post a kick ass birth story, about how I naturally delivered a 10# boy that was breech, totally unmedicated, and how everything worked out okay!

Or maybe I will post about a csestion delivering, either way as long as my boy is ok, and I am ok, then it's all fine by me.
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Yay! So glad to hear baby turned for you prettyflwrs. Good luck with your birth - I hope it's everything you've been hoping for and I can't wait to read your birth story.

Jammomma - I hear you so loud and clear on the wanting a safe delivery and really struggling day to day (hour to hour!) with the options! We are practically living the same scenario. It's such a difficult decision because as much as I know natural birth is what my body was designed to do and birthing a breech baby can happen (or baby can turn in labor), I continue to think that there must be some reason baby hasn't turned yet.

I've been trying everything - chiro, moxibustion was awesome yesterday, handstands in the pool, etc. and I feel him trying to turn in there. He's moving a LOT and I do feel kicks in a different place. I go in today for an US to see if he's moved and I'm hoping for the best. Earlier in the week he was in an unusual position - diagonal with his butt on my right hip, not engaged at all. We're scheduled for a version on Monday and if that doesn't work, I'll continue with the alternative methods to turn him unless there's a medical reason (cord entanglement, short cord, etc.) preventing the turn.

If we're still in this position when labor begins, I feel like I need to ensure the safest delivery possible and will be forced to go with a c-section because of insurance at the hospital. Unless I show up with a breech baby on my perineum, they'll do surgery... sad, but true. I'm trying to make peace with this because it's not at all what I would have wished for in my last pregnancy, but I keep telling myself that a healthy baby and momma on the other side is the most important thing.

Good luck with your birthing and I will be looking for your updates/birth story!
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...a quick update...

The version worked! We did it Monday and it was not too bad at all. The worst was the heplock in the hand (ouch!) and not being able to eat or drink after 4 a.m. and not being released until 2:30 the next day.

Totally worth it if you are a good candidate for the procedure. The terbutalilne didn't do much except relax my utereus - no heart racing, no nausea, thankfully. The doctor determined the cord and placenta weren't interfering with the turn so he pushed down and gently turned him halfway. After another quick check on the US, he continued to turn him the rest of the way. I felt his head slip past my pelvis on the right which was an odd sensation. He was head down after about 3-4 minutes of manipulation. I would say it was uncomfortable, but not really painful. I did yoga breathing and had my massage doula massaging my feet and using aromatherapy during the monitoring phase to keep me calm. I think this really helped.

Overall, it was a great experience. Wearing the binder/corset thing is rather constricting and hot in the Phoenix heat, but worth it. Also, he moved A LOT the first night - more than I've every experienced in either pregnancy. I was so worried he had flipped but a visit to the midwife the next day confirmed still head down.

...now hoping he'll stay that way!
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