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I consider my son, husband and myself to be firmly attatched to one another. I am lucky enough to have had the support to have pulled through some rough spots, however.
My pregnancy was one long nightmare and i was having too many problems to even consider a homebirth. Placenta previa, pre-eclampsia, pneumonia,a weight gain of 65 pounds on a 5 foot one, 110 lb. body, resulting sciatica, premature labor and completely debilitating heartburn all pretty much kept me off my feet the whole time. To make matters worse, I was having in-law problems and my beloved grandfather was slowly dying in Texas, where my mom had to watch him die without me by her side to hold her hand. Thank god my husband is such an angel and was so deeply supportive.

I managed to carry my son to term and delivered after 32 hrs. of labor with every medical intervention imaginable, a mean nurse whom I kept telling dh was a labornazi, and the fact of my grandfather finally dying that very same day that my son was born.

He suffered some minor complications as I kept refusing a c-sect and he swallowed meconium. They took him to NICU for the night and I was given a sleeping pill. When he came back I was told he was given formula to hydrate him, but thankfully the hospital was really pro-BF and my nurse was really good at getting me started. Oh, that little baby! I can't believe he is already 2.5! I also had Dr. Sears son, Robert, slated to be my pediatrician and he is so, so, supportive. He has been a voice of reason and humor many a time. My AP inspiration neighbor also sent the areas best lactation consultant to see me and Jackson as a gift.

We wnt home and breastfed, used the sling, coslept(well, Iput him in a Moses basket on the bed with us as I had a fear of squishing him.) I had a lot of trouble with engorgement and he had trouble getting milk out of my giant beach balls and with us both in tears one night, dh gave him a bottle.

In the meantime he had developed colic and boy was he sad! He cried nonstop every day from 7 til 7. It was hard. I went on an elimination diet to see if it was allergies and against his dr's wishes, followed some really really bad advice and gave ds hypoallergenic formula for a week while pumping to maintain my milk supply.

None of this helped. He just cried for four months, and thank god he preferred breast to bottle and I was able to resume nursing.

As angry as he was, he gained a pound a week for the first ten weeks and thus weighed nearly 19 lbs at ten weeks old! So i used the sling as MAP, but also used a stroller for long walks w ds's consent.

To me, AP is love. It is putting your children before yourself, and giving them every oppurtunity you can to discover who they are. It is providing them a peaceful environment. We never did get around to using cloth diapers by the way. I use them for dusting. Next baby for sure though, as disposables are really awful.

DS is very secure and happy. He asks to spend the night w my mom all the time even though I sleep w him alot and he is still BF. He is so compassionate and affectionate, two traits I think society really needs more of. My biggest hurdle is learning gentle discipline, as I never saw it in action before ds. I am doing better and slipup and yell so seldom now, and am very happy about that.
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Great question! I agree with so many of you have said here.

For me, when I was pregnant I knew that I wanted to nurse my ds and had never read any of the Seares books or Mothering Magazine. It wasn't until after he was born that I found a term for the type of parenting we were doing. I loved "The Baby Book" and was overjoyed to learn that there were "others" like me who parent by responding to our babies cues, using a sling, bf & nursing on demand, having a family bed and having a natural birth and using gentle discipline.

Then I began reading "Mothering" magazine and have learned even more. AP for me, isn't about cloth diapers, buying or eating organic or alternative medicine. Its about being attached and connected to our children by responding to their emotional and physical needs. Even though we do incorporate alternative medicine, didn't circ, used cloth diapers and practiced EBF, I don't think that if you do use a pacifier or use vaccinations that you are not AP. Attachment Parenting empowers me and my child. I feel as though we have such a strong bond~physically and emotionally to one another. AP is about respect and love.


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This si by far the most inspirational thread I have ever seen. Everyone is being so kind and open-minded and so generous in sharing their stories. I really needed to read this today. Thank you all.
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