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Talk to me about decreased movement...

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This morning I was getting a little bit worried. The babe usually wakes me up every morning at 5:30 and is SUPER active for about an hour and then I fall back asleep for 30-45 min. After waking, I eat and baby is pretty active all morning. Today, I woke at 5:30 (like every day) and went to pee, but I came back to bed and NO movement. I was awake and waiting for my crazy, flippy baby to wake up and nothing... From 5:30-6:30 I felt 2 movements that were more like pressure than a kick or punch or rolling (nothing like normal).

I have no idea what my midwife's protocol on movement is, so I looked online and there is no consensus there. Her office doesn't open until 8, so I decided to keep counting until then. From 6:30-7:30 I felt 4 "kicks" and then from 7:30 to 8 the baby's movement seemed back to normal, so I didn't call.

So, was babe just sleeping in? Could I have slept through the big movements this morning (not likely since I was up at 4:30 and 5 to pee). When a baby's pattern of movement has been so regular, what would make it change? Should I have called? I am still a little freaked out...
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I have noticed decreased movement in the past couple of weeks. It gets harder to move, the bigger they get. But as soon as it worries me, I feel something. I think it sounds normal.
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I noticed a fairly sudden change in movement patterns a week or so ago - I think she flipped and started kicking the placenta or something. I was freaking out and was using the doppler steadily for a few days, but everything was fine. Odds are your baby is simply running out of room.
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I noticed a big change in movement when my baby turned totally anterior. So chances are everything is fine. However, I'm a big believer in instinct, so if you think something might be wrong, don't hesitate to call your midwife and get a quick check. That's what they are there for!
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Do you know where your placenta is? Mine is posterior and when she flipped posterior a few days ago I started feeling MORE movement, like a lot more. I'm guessing, like others have said, that she's just kicking the placenta instead of you. I'd probably call your midwife/doctor just to make sure and be reassured, but it's probably not a big deal.
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The general suggestion is that if you notice decreased movement you should lay on your left side sipping water or orange juice and count how many movements you feel. If you feel less than twelve, contact your care provider. The water is for hydration, because dehyrdation can cause decreased fetal movement. The orange juice would be for sugar, if you suspect your blood sugar may be low.

Most babies do move less toward the last few weeks due to having less space to move around, but it's still very good to be cautious. It's most likely fine and the majority of the time there is nothing wrong, but just in case it's good to be careful and check up.
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We had a very similar situation a few days ago - this baby has consistently been very active and extremely responsive, I just have to rub my belly to get a reaction. The other morning I was feeling no movement despite all our efforts and was about to just walk to the nearest hospital at 6:00 am. Finally, the baby "woke up" or something and was back to his or her normal active self but we really panicked!

I did notice that the little bum was in the middle of my belly and much lower than usual so I think I just wasn't feeling any movement since the baby was low and anterior in the middle...usually this baby is either right or left anterior so I feel a lot of kicks or wiggles on the opposite side. He or she has returned back to this since that morning and hasn't been "low" like that again.

I definitely drank some juice, got up and moved around a bit, and then went back to my left side - I would have headed to the hospital if I hadn't felt good movement within an hour and called my midwife along the way. For some reason I have heard too many stories about what decreased movement can mean but some of the stories have been positive in that the mothers responded soon enough to save their babies...I guess it makes me especially tuned into how this little one is moving more than I ever remember being with my first pregnancy.
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I have heard that it is normal for babes sleep pattern to change near the end of pregnancy. If baby moved just fine a little later than usual, it could just be that. Mine's changed recently. I was a bit worried at first, but she seems to have a new schedule now. I just had to get used to it.
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DDC crashing.

I'm 42 weeks tomorrow and have definitely noticed baby has a new schedule now. As long as I can feel a little movement every now and then, I don't panic, but it did get me worried at first. He seems to have picked up movement again now after a couple of quiet weeks.
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So, I really think y'all are right about the new schedule. This morning was pretty much the same as yesterday! Tons of movement the rest of the day yesterday, and so-far tons today!
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