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Well, for me right now, what I have been trying to do is when I get up in the morning, sitting up tall and trying to think posative thoughts, sort of meditate a little, get some good energy flowing.
The problem I was having was that, I felt that we had made a HUGE mistake getting pregnant right now, and that I had really only had negative thoughts. I mean even when I first heard the heart beat, which in all my other pregnancies has been a HUGe big happy deal, it was like I didn't even care. I didn't even have the kids come into the living room to hear it. My daughter was really upset by that. Part of that was the fact that I was just meeting the midwife and just got done talking price... which about made me puke. And the whole time I was think "I really screwed up", so I wasn't really happy with the whole deal.
Which all though I never "said" anything out loud, I had a lot of bad energy and feelings toward the baby... and really towards myself.
My DH and I have talked and this is most likely the last baby we are going to have, so I would really like it to be a good and healthy and posative emotional experience.
Was that TMI???:

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I'm at 16 and a half weeks right now. WOW! I can't believe it. All through my pregnancy with #1, I counted every day, and I always new the precise "amount" I'd been pregnant. With this one, I just had to look at a calendar to count the weeks. And I'm 16 and a half weeks??? Holy crap. I'm almost halfways there.

I'm busy with my baby most of the time. I don't have many me-moments to reflect and send good vibes to the little baby, within me. I try my best, though, and I think every positive thought and feeling *does* do more than you think. We are conscious beings, after all.

I can't wait to be large and lovely in the summer-time. I'll shock everyone with my huge belly hanging out. Haeven (baby#1) was born december 5 th, so I'm doing opposites here.

I've been feeling the baby move more and more, but I can tell this one is going to be as laid back as #1. I also think it's a boy.
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Hi everyone,

I have missed the boards so much...I've also been extremely busy and haven't had time to post anyway. I had another appointment with my midwife last night. I just love her whole way of being...very relaxed and positive. She really listens to me...asks how I'm doing and then just waits to see what I'm going to say. With my first daughter and the GROUP of obs I used, I always felt like asking how I was feeling was just a formality and they weren't really listening. Anyway, so glad I found her.

I have felt movement every now and then for about 2 to 3 weeks now (I am almost 17 weeks). I have to be doing absolutely nothing and be lucky to catch it at the right time though so still not consistent. I love when I feel it though...

We are planning a hospital birth with my midwife mentioned above. I'll be taking Bradley with a dear friend who has had 2 beautiful natural births since Dh is not equipped emotionally to be the positive force I know that I will need during labor and delivery. I am sending in my registration and deposit today so excited to find out when classes start.

Hope you all are well rested and feeling strong

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I don't think it was TMI. And, I am positive that you are not the only person who has had a negative thought or two about being pregnant or about the timing or about any aspect of being pregnant. My pregnancy was not planned and I really never planned to be pregnant at all in my life. It has been an adjustment, as so many things in life are. That is also why I was curious about sending postive energy and thoughts to the baby. Don't be hard on yourself. I am sure you will love this baby as much as your other children and he/or she will know just how much they are loved even if the timing of their arrival was not perfect.
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Hi ladies!!!

I am also sixteen and a half weeks. I hate this limbo period of pregnancy.......I'm not nauseous and sick anymore (which is nice) but I'm not big and obviously pregnant and not feeling huge movements constantly....I have to remind myself that I'm pregnant. I do feel the baby move probably once a day or so....but really, really light movements that I can't be totally sure about. Every few days I'll feel a definite, bigger baby movement..so I mostly wait and anticipate those moments. After having months of feeling like "I can hardly deal with the three kids I've got....what happens when this fourth baby is a toddler!!!!" I am starting to feel SUPER excited about this baby coming....I can't wait to cuddle and nurse a fresh, tiny baby....I can't wait to tote the baby around in the sling..... I am still dealing with some apprehension about labor because of my last birth ....which was long and hard (although drug and intervention free) and SUPER painful....all mostly due to the fact that I was not working with my body. But I am getting over that and am determined to make this labor and delivery a good one.

I just heard the heart beat yesterday for the first time. It was actually a scary experience....she couldn't find the heart beat right away and had to search for a few minutes and then when she finally found it it was really faint and quiet....but it was there. I know this baby is fine and will be born healthy....but it was still scary. This happend at the clinic orientation. I can't wait for my real appointment next week with the midwife to hear it again and get some reasurrance, etc.

We have sort of decided to do another hospital birth with a CNM. All our kids have been born that way. In my heart I want a homebirth, though. We are poor and on medicaid which completly covers a hospital birth, and homebirths in our area are at least two thousand dollars....so we really can't afford a homebirth. Plus, I have to admit that with my last baby I REALLY enjoyed the two days alone with my baby in teh hospital.....I still think I am going to call around to see if there are any midwives in my area who are feeling really giving and will do my birth for cheap...we'll see.

I've been wearing maternity pants for almost a month now....anyone else? I feel obviously pregnant...but probably am not totally to a lot of people because I am also overweight....any other overweight mammas who can't wait for their bellies to be sticking way out for the right reason? I am about a size 14. I actually lost 40 pounds before this pregnancy and plan on restarting my exercise regime in the next few days (during first trimester I did NOT feel like exercising at ALL!) and plan on building more muscle and loosing more fat even though I am pregnant. I did this with my ds#2 and I had the most wonderful labor and delivery becuase my body was healthier.
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[....I can't wait to tote the baby around in the sling.....

This cracked me up, because I am the same way! I make slings and have all these cool fabrics! I keep thinking, I want one in this fabric! No! This fabric! Oh wait! I don't have anyone to carry in it! LOL! My 2 year-old is not having any of that these days....

And I can't believe how huge my belly is at 14 weeks. I guess it's a result of the second pregnancy. My friend lent me a pair of pants with that wide underbelly elastic feature and they are great for this stage! My maternity pants from my 1st pregnancy are still huge.
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Snowbaby - I tried to answer your question the other night, but bath time ended early. I make sure I'm out of the computer room before ds finds me. Otherwise I'm stuck nursing in the computer chair. Not very comfortable!

Here are some of the questions that I have for my midwife. I want to ask her about Beta Strep. I want to know when she tests, and how she responds to positive tests. I'm hoping to hear that the level of colonization and the degree of symptoms affect her decision to medicate. I don't want an automatic hook up to IV antibiotics.

I also want to know if she will help me have a private, lowkey birth. I don't want the cast of thousands at my feet chanting "PUSH PUSH!" I want the hospital staff kept to a minimum.

I'm also going to ask about fetal monitoring. I had a gazillion medical interventions with ds. I had preeclampsia, and had to be induced two weeks early. So there was cytotec, pitocin, a catheter, continuous blood pressure cuff, IV, and internal fetal monitoring (the worst pain of the entire labor!). I don't want to be strapped down or stuck with sharp objects! I don't want a single shred of paper tape touching my body - I hate that stuff!

On the lighter side, I want to know if she has any recommendations for a Bradley Method instructor. I already know that she considers a doula unnecessary, since she will be with me during the entire labor.

Time to head out - I just got a whiff of poopy diaper from the next room.
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hi all! Talk about belly poping out - holy cow! Yesterday i felt huge! I'm not sure how i feel today yet. It official. i can't button my biggest pair of jeans. oh well. baby is doing well and was very active yesterday but i am so sad 'cause my big baby, my 2 yr old, is weaning! I don't know that i am ready to give up nursing him. i love holding him and watching him nurse! he did nurse a little this morning but that was the first time in 2 days! right now i just can't even think that he will never nurse again - it's too sad!
anyway, i have a lot to do today so i better get moving!
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Hi everyone. I'm 16 1/2 weeks now with #2. I've been in maternity clothes for a while now. I felt the baby move at 14 weeks and have been feeling daily movement for a week or so now. I just love the feeling. With ds, I felt the first movement at 15 weeks and then nothing until 20 weeks. He was never much of a kicker and always worried me. He's 18 months now and doesn't stop moving!

I'm trying for a vbac and will be in the hospital. My regular doc was on vacation when ds was born and he was delivered by a doctor I had never met. There were alot of factors leading up to my c-section. My regluar doc is going to allow me to go for the vbac although he doesn't usually recommend them. If he starts to talk repeat c-section, I'm finding a new caregiver. There aren't many doc, midwives or hospitals willing to do vbacs anymore around here.

With ds, I had an ultrasounds every 4 weeks to check my cervix. I had a cone biopsy done years ago and we were afraid of a weak cervix. I never had any problems. I went to the specialist a few weeks ago for an ultrasound to check my cervix this time around and he told me since I had no problems last time and everything looks good this time, there is no reason for me to keep going to see him. It was very cool to watch the baby grow last time (ultrasounds every 4 weeks from 7 to 27 weeks) but I'm very glad not to have that many again.
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I wanted to add that my ds is still nursing, and secretly, I hope he weans himself very soon. When I was around 6 weeks pg it started hurting so bad to nurse. At the time I didn't know I was pg. I went to my doc cause I was in so much pain nursing. My nipples were cracked and bleeding. I though I had an infection or something. Well my doc said "did you know you are pregnant?" Um, no I didn't. This was a surprise. About 12 weeks, the pain did get alot better but it still hurts. Ds nurses alot less now. First thing in the morning (this is very important to him) and before naps and bed. I can tell my supply has really dropped. I don't want to wean him, but if he weans himself, that's fine. It will be a sad day though.
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Having a much better day today. Feeling good and happy. I wish I was feeling my babay move, but I haven't felt any of my kids move until I was like 17-18 weeks. So I still have a few weeks to go. I keep laying on my tummy at night hoping to catch a secret movement! :LOL

Lastnight was so bad! I made veggie manacotti and put in just 1/2 a zucc. and I thought I was going to die! (Over the past couple of years zucc. has been hard for my belly to deal with, but it has always been the raw stuff, not cooked.) Well apparently it wasn't cooked enough! I was in misery for 3 hours until finally my body rebelled and I threw it up!:Puke I couldn't lay on my tummy because it felt like someone was trying to exit my body with a knife, my hips and back were killing me. So I was just wiggling around and moaning and crying like a big baby! UGH! I hate puking, just hate it, but last night I was begging my body to just do IT!!!! What a relief!

Wasn't that a nice picture for me to share with all of you! :LOL Sorry!

Anyway, today I feel pretty good. My M/S is SLOWLY going away, and today it seems like it is a lot less than it has been. Which gives me a lot of energy. So I get to do the wash!

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too bad about the zuccini and subsequent events, mamaofthree!

I just weaned my dd. Yes, I initiated it. I haven't had much milk at all for the last few months which was making it such a pain to nurse!!!!! Plus, none of my kids sleep well at night until they wean and I was sick of waking up numerous times a night to nurse her in pain and then have her get upset after I de-latch her after 15 minutes or so of using me as a paci (which, if it wasn't so painful, I wouldn't mind)...I tried night weaning her over a month ago....it went beautifully and painlessly for almost a week and then she started waking up again and wanting to nurse and crying for hours (in my arms) and hours until I would finally give in and nurse her. Anyway, it just hit me yesterday that I will never nurse her again and I was very sad...she does still ask once in a while and I remind her we don't do that anymore and she is fine...but I know I don't want to tandem nurse so I am thankful she has done so well (no fussing and crying about it at all...it has been very gentle and smooth, thank goodness and thanks to my dh). It's been about five days now. I really also miss being in the ranks of nursing women....whenever I see another mom nursing I feel like latching dd on just for the heck of it. But, I only have 5 more months until I have a new nursling...I guess I can wait.
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Hi all,
I sure haven't been able to post here as much as I'd like, cause of this darn problem I've had since the new server switch. Now that my morning sickness is almost gone I find myself tossing my *virtual* cookies several times a day! :LOL

Seeing midwife in a week for first time. Still considering ultrasound (never had one before, but might this time)

DD has come down with what seems to be the flu. Fever, coughing, the works.

My appetite has really started to increase lately. I practically have whiplash from this sudden change from utter loathing of almost all food to whipping up huevos rancheros with extra cilantro in the morning...

younghappymama, when I weaned dd a couple years ago, I didn't lose my milk/stop lactating for more than six months. Not a large quantity, but I was surprised. I wonder how being pg will effect this in your case?

calla lily, what an interesting story. I always think 'surprise' pregnancies like that are kind of exciting. Sorry to hear about the nursing pain, though.

I too am very excited to start using a sling again. I don't have the one I used to, so it will be time to shop for one soon. Hmmm, maybe I'll order one online...

I'm at thirteen weeks, three days, and only the subtlest of movements so far. When I'm very still and the moment is right...almost like a hum or purr in my womb...it's gotta start with something and I think that's it.

By the way, Happy Chinese New Year, you crazy monkeys!
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My name is Foo and I am due in early July.

I have felt the little one since week 14 and everyday I get a reminder. That is nice.

I am in maternity clothes, but not really showing unless you look hard (I'm a small person)

I am planning on a hospital birth. I had no issues with my last birthing experience and I trust the medical profession. I love my OB and she is great about me picking and choosing the tests I want. (I skipped the AFP and she had no trouble with that).

I am dealing with depression in this pregnancy. More on that subject on the PPD board.
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I seem to show more on some days than others. I blame it on bloated belly from eating things that don't agree with me. but I can feel the top of my uterus sometimes in the middle of the night, way up high. Does anyone else have a migrating uterus? I can feel it at my belly button, or higher, which is where it is supposed to be when your 20 weeks, right? Maybe it's just a big huge baby....

I know the bigger they are, the harder it is to give birth to them, but I want a big baby! More than 9 lbs, please. Maybe I like achallenge.

This tiny woman that I know just gave birth to a 8 lb. 11oz. baby with no tears, and 16 months earlier, gave birth to a 7 lb. 7 oz. baby. How did she do that? I thought that babies are smaller, after the first one. Come to think of it, my bro was bigger than me, born 2 years after. So hmmm? Ladies, what was your experience? Should I expect yokazuma?
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Can someone please make potato chips healthy? I am trying to be good and eat my carrots, but I would rather have some potato chips....
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Originally posted by happay
Can someone please make potato chips healthy? I am trying to be good and eat my carrots, but I would rather have some potato chips....

I forced myself to eat broccoli tonight specifically because I have to write down everything I eat this week for my next midwife appointment, and trust me, she looks at everything!
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make your own fries!

On the topic of potato chips... what I do is cut a bunch of potatoes into spears, dry them real good with a dish towel, coat them with olive oil, and BAKE at your ovens hottest temp (might have to turn it down). then when they are done cooking, you can put on them whatever you desire. I like to make miso gravy with toasted flour, water, bouillon, tahini, and miso. :licklips and then put some cheese on top, and you gave *healthy* vegetarian, organic poutine! Really quenches the potato-craving.
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Good afternoon beautious pregnant ladies!
I'm 15w5d the nausea has mostly subsided and I'm staying awake past 8. Yippee! I just recovered from a nasty flu. I lost 4 pounds in 2 days of it. But my belly didn't look any smaller for it :LOL I am better now tho, and eating LOTS. IKWYM Snowy Owl, about the appetite whiplash, I've been questioning myself "C'mon, can I really be hungry AGAIN? Already" Fortunately I mostly want healthy stuff.

Potato chips/fries: Before I quit looking at my WTEWYE book, I tried their Best-odds Fries. You dip the taters in whipped egg whites instead of oil. They were tasty, I added Johnny's (not in recipe) but they were hard to get off of the cookie sheet.

I'm giving birth at The Birthing Inn, a birthing center. The only drawback, and I'm not too bummed about it, is that I see all 5 of the center's midwives and then when I deliver, whoever is on call will attend. In a way it would be nice to know who will help me, but I think that they are all teriffic, so it doesn't really matter.

Jenny, my EDD was changed to 7/12 so we have the same dd now! I wonder if we'll actually deliver on the same day....

Happy Healthy Thoughts to All
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hey brandi! I doubt we will have our babes on the same day unless you go really late too! I am actually going to try to get my midwives to change the official date so i have more wiggle room. i fully expect this babe to be nice and "late" like my son. of course most people's definition of late is my family's normal gestation period but nobody listens to that!
anyway, this babe is moving like crazy today and it is so nice to feel. i also feel huge these last few days. the news is spilled at work so we'll see how long it takes for the obnoxious/rude comments to start. if they are anything like last time i will be able to keep you all in stitches about how amazing stupid the people i work with can be.
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