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Rach don't listen to the "It's only hair" people.
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rach - oh no! I hope you took photographic evidence to show them later
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A bit OT but I posted a few pics that R and C took at Explora the other day of themselves, on the photo site
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Rach- C's bangs are finally back in. Six months after the cut. I can tell you where I went to help the damage control if you want. Please take pictures. C cut her hair and her clothes that day.
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C's event was a bit scarier because of the clothes cutting. I'm glad she didn't cut herself too!
Eva's explanation was that she was a little hot and wanted to cool off so she only cut a little off. Nevermind that she was wearing just a skirt (no top) in our house that Adam keeps at 75. And that doesn't explain why Ana's hair was cut. Ana maintains that she did not LET her sister cut her hair but can't explain why she sat still long enough for it.
We put their long hair in a pony tail, closed our eyes, and cut. We'll take them in to get it fixed later. Ana is a bit fidgety, so if your place is good with kids who can't sit still or hold their head up for longer than 2 seconds, then I'd love their info!
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Oh Rach, that sucks.

Are we doing anything tomorrow?
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Oh Rach! Ugh... How bad is it?

I'm out for tomorrow. I've just been running around like crazy. I might take the kids to the free movie up here near my house, but other than that, I'm going to stick close to home.

Dh's first official day is tomorrow.
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COMommy, we went ahead and cut to just above the shoulder to even it all out. And Ana now has bangs because Eva cut bangs on the right side but not the left..
Pictures on the other board.
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Glad to hear it Comommy :

I love the rain
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Have a good trip Eman!
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good luck emans! Just order a drink for each of the 4 of you on the plane and it will all be fine
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As long as you have DVD's for the older two you will be fine.
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Thanks doularn! You're very kind and sweet! I'll let you guys know how things are going the next time I see you. I don't have internet at work so I can only get on at home, and so far I'm much too exhuasted in the evenings to do much surfing.

Emans - good luck! I hope the trip goes well!

Comommy - I'm so happy he has a job now! How'd the first day go??

Rach - sorry about the hair! Thankfully E hasn't attempted anyting like that, but I suppose its coming at some point.

Sorry if I missed other people's updates. As I said, I'm not on very often anymore and you girls post way too much for me to try to keep up with everyone.
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Crazy - We sure are going to miss you this summer!

Not sure if we're going to be at the park tomorrow. B and C aren't feeling well today. Isn't summertime when we should NOT be getting sick??

Dh's first day went well and he sounds really optimistic about the job. He feels like he can make some improvements quickly that will be noticed. Phew! I think I'm having post-stress exhaustion. I feel so tired and unmotivated.
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Sounds like Comommy needs some happy hours.

Okay so its almost a done deal. Met with my precepting midwife today, need one more meeting to get some papers together and then it will be official. I am over the moon excited. Elmh- we talked about you and you are covered if you wanna do it. She agreed with what I told you the other day and added some more. Not sure what to do about work hours at the hospital but I will figure it out!!
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Excellent Doularn. Now all I need to do is talk dh in to it. I think he'll agree if I agree to a "land birth" so he doesn't have to pull me out of the tub again. That really scared him.

COMommy, that is wonderful news!
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we are doing the usual tomorrow right?
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Elm- One of the things we talked about is getting out of the tub before the placenta comes. And active management of that stage, not waiting to see how it goes... but we have lots of time to work on him
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10:30 at the park? We're there. I've been needing a playgroup day since Tuesday.

Doularn, will you be at the park today?
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we should be there but not till 11ish

we got to bed reaaaaaally late and now i am sooo tired
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