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We might join you, I've lost my exploria card and have no idea when it expires. His phone interviews are with local companies right?

So M just helped herself to a banana, she pushed one of her little chairs over to the counter, climbed on, and grabbed one off the counter, now finding the banana might have been a bonus but still. Once she had it she took a bite out of the skin and then started to peal it away to get inside.
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We might be up for that. What time?

Eman, that's hillarious.
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does anyone know how much $$ explora is? We might be up for it (depending on how tonight goes - ds nursed 6 times in 8 hours last night) but have no membership
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It's $7 for adults, $3 for kids over one. I could get your kids in for you, and possibly you if they don't ask for names. Last time I went though they did.
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It doesn't matter what time for us. I just have to be out of the house from 1 -3pm. But, I don't mind going earlier. I was thinking I'd pack a lunch for the kids to eat on the patio there. 11am maybe? How does that sound?
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11 sounds great. We'll be there.
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man, i wish we could go, but we have a packed day tomorrow We may be able to fit in the Friday park day if y'all are still going there

crazy - I hope it is nothing!!

emans - what a hoot that girl is! Z just started climbing the last few days...the couch, getting up on step stools, the dog, whatever he can to get after what he wants (usually food related : )

burke - I hope your pup comes back soon
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elm - i will call you if we are going

so today ds was naked and i walked around the corner and he had a hair tie around his penis and a popsicle stick in his belly button. Dd was asleep so he did it to himself. He thought he was so funny.
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He is hilarious!!
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I don't think we'll be there, but we might. E wants to go to the Natural History Museum, and since we were just at Explora, we may go there instead. But there's still plenty of time for her to change her mind. I'll call someone if I'm coming.

Thanks for the suggestions on E's foot issues. E wants water shoes, so I may try those, but I'm concerned shew won't like them because they still get wet and squishy inside, which is the thing she doesn't like. The rainboots idea may actually work, in fact. I'll run that idea by her and see what she wants.

I'm so spitting mad at UNMH. I've always received good medical care there, but their staff is so incompetent I don't know how they wipe their own asses. I had a new adventure yesterday and today related to the MRI and I'm beyond pissed. In fact, I'm so stressed with everything going on in my personal life that I just lost it on the way home tonight. I was alone driving back from the hospital and just started bawling in the car. I looked like a psycho woman, I'm sure. I just have a hundred million things that are stressful right now and I just want to get away. . alone and with a lot of money.
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Oh Crazy I'm so sorry, it's ok to break down and loose it.
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Crazy. I've broken down over a lot less.
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crazy It is perfectly understandable to break down! You have a lot going on right now.

asf - hilarious!

On a different note, does anyone know of a good mechanic? We need to get the truck's AC dealt with, ASAP or we will melt this summer!
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Crazy, I sob in the car a lot! It feels private, even with all the others on the road.

My dad was in Amarillo last night, but still hasn't said if he's coming in today or tomorrow, nor said what time! I'm glad he's enjoying his languorous road trip, but I need SOME information to make plans.

ASF, little boys are such a funny, funny treat. It only gets better. F is SO PROUD of making it to the toilet to poop that he drew a picture of the event -- the poop, coming out of his butt. The older kids are totally grossed out!
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Don't go to Quantz.
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emans - we went their once years ago, and won't ever again. Horrible experience!
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What happened at Quantz? I went there a few years ago after my accident and had a good experience.
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I'm feeling better today, btw. It's a new day and I'm trying to stay positive. But one thing is for certain. . if I have to have surgery, I will not go back to that hospital. Period. The stress of the constant misinformation, billing snafus, etc is just too much.
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Blue, we go to Competetive Auto Care over at Menual and Morris. We like them.

Crazy, do you have any REAL information about what going on inside you? And I don't blame you for avoiding UNMH. But Pres isn't much better.
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